Apr 2, 2016

15 Best Head-Up Displays (HUD).

When you are driving you need to keep your eyes on the road, but many of us focus on our smartphones, that's when things turn unsafe. We have Head-Up Displays (HUD) to keep things safe for you and others while you interact with your smartphone while focusing on the road. And then we have some other Head-Up Displays for your outdoor adventures.

Navdy Car HUD: Navdy is a smart car gadget that lets you interact with your smartphone while keeping your eyes on the road. It's transparent head-up display (HUD) that projects information in front of you. It connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth, and displays the information from it on your windscreen. It features touchless gestures, and voice recognition that means no more looking down for buttons and voice commands make things easier. Buy Now: $499.

Navdy Car HUD

Carloudy: Carloudy is a smart wireless head up display for your car that provides you with the necessary information for your on-road experience. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, features transparent display and voice control, and works perfect under bright light and in evenings. Just place Carloudy on your dashboard, and it displays information directly in front of you on your windshield, provides turn by turn navigation from Google Maps and more. It makes driving with smartphone safer and more convenient. What more, you need to recharge it every two weeks. Pre-order: $259.


Sygic Head-up Display: The Sygic Head-up Display projects navigation onto the windshield of your car. It requires no additional devices; it's an addon feature in Sygic GPS Navigation and once you get your lifetime license you are good to go. Just flip the Head-up Display and place your smartphone under the windshield, adjust the distance of the smartphone from the windshield for best Head/up Display to appear. It projects distance to the next turn; turn indicator, your current speed and speed limit. Apart from these you can include alerts for speed cameras and estimated time of arrival also. Buy Now: About: $3.5 (2.99 €).

Sygic Head-up Display

Hudway Glass: Hudway Glass is a smart device that turns your smartphone into a Head-Up Display for your car. It displays all the information you need while you stay focused on the road ahead. It's simple to use, just place your smartphone on the cradle with its display up, and you are good to go. It lets you use any head-up display app on any smartphone in low-light visibility or on a clear day. Use the navigation apps on your smartphone to get directions for your heading. Pre-order: $49.

Hudway Glass

Continental's Augmented Reality Head-up Display: The augmented reality head-up display will be capable of alerting you in advance of various situations like if you are about to leave the lane unintentionally, a line of virtual red light will appear to alert you. AR HUD displays virtual markers in front of your car to mark the lane or the street you have to turn into making navigation easier. And with the optional adaptive cruise control in combination with HUD makes driving more comfortable. More info.

Continental's Augmented Reality Head-up Display

Vinet: Vinet is a vehicle head-up display device that wirelessly connects to your vehicle's onboard computer and your smart phone, collects data from them and displays the data on its transparent screen. It lets you keep your eyes on the road while the data such as; speed, navigation, mpg, engine rpm, time and more are displayed in easy to access screen. It's compatible with Android and iOS smart devices, its app gives you the entire vehicle information, creates a driving score system, useful tips, and more. Pre-order: $199.


Exploride: This smart device turns your car into a smart car. It features a transparent display, provides safer and smarter way to use maps, listen to music, call, text or access infotainment in your car. You can stream music from Spotify, Pandora, and other music services. It supports gesture and voice commands, Wi-Fi hotspot (inbuilt 4G/LTE), is cloudserver enabled and lets you record video on the road. Buy Now: $ 299.


Garmin HUD+ Navigation System: To make Garmin HUD+ Navigation System work, you need to install its app on your smartphone. It connects to your smart device (iPhone, iPad, Android device or Windows Phone 8) via Bluetooth and projects turn-by-turn directions right onto your windshield. It provides turn indicators, current speed, distance to your next turn, and speed limit, estimated time of arrival and more. It automatically adjusts its brightness level, to keep its projections clearly visible in bright light or at night. Buy Now: $179.99.

Garmin HUD+ Navigation System

GogglePal: GogglePal turns your goggles into an augmented reality heads-up display, and lets you track your stats like vertical, speed, acceleration, time and direction, calories used, and more. All you need to do is simply attach the small GogglePal AR-HUD device to your lens and you are good to go. Its compatible with any pair of goggles, provides you augmented reality and a real-time heads up display. Perfect heads up display for skiers and snowboarders; it's your GPS, altimeter, trail map and more. Pre-order: $145 - $225.


LiveMap: The LiveMap is a hi-tech motorbike helmet with built-in navigation system and voice controlled interface. It uses augmented reality for navigation; full-color, translucent picture is projected right on the visor. It features two 3000 mAh, smartsensors, gyroscope, digital compass and microphone and earphones for voice control. Pre-order: $1,500.


Recon Jet: Recon Jet is a smart eyewear that displays all your metrics live, just below your right eye. Buy Now: $499.

Recon Jet

RideOn: RideOn goggles are augmented reality ski goggles that use a see through display to project AR graphics and features as if they're floating 15 feet in front of you. It lets you see your friends' locations around you; audio and video chat, post videos and stats online for your friends back home. You can navigate, see your location on a map, and find lifts and lodges. You can compete against yourself and your friends in various games and improve your time and accuracy. Pre-Order: $629.


Skully AR- 1: The AR-1 is a smart motorcycle helmet that features a built-in 180° blindspot camera and heads-up display. It provides real-time data at a glance, MPH in your heads-up display while the camera provides you ultrawide rear view. It also features turn-by-turn GPS and audio and visual navigation when you need it. Pre-order: $1,499.

Skully AR- 1

A8 Heads Up Display (HUD) OBDII: This head up display windscreen projector features 5.5" screen and high-definition display, automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode, and auto power on and off with vehicle started and shutdown. It displays data like speed, engine RPM, fuel usage, voltage, water temperature, reminder function for over speed, shift and more. This Plug and play unit automatically adapts to the automobile models with OBD II interface. Buy Now: $48.99.

A8 Heads Up Display (HUD) OBDII

Head Up Display OBDII: It projects data like speed, RPM, voltage and coolant temperature onto the windshield of your car. Comes with alert setting for all the four monitored parameters, and three level automatic brightness adjustments. Buy Now: $99.

Head Up Display OBDII
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