Apr 26, 2016

15 Best Gadgets For Cats.

Collection of "Best Gadgets For Cats" from around the globe.

Katris: Katris is modular furniture - cat tree, climbing tower, coffee table, bedside table, bookshelf that gives cool space for your cats to relax. It's made from cardboard, holds up to 300 lbs, and its modular design lets you arrange them in variety of shapes. The set consists of 5 blocks; create your own play area for your feline friends. Buy Now: $235.95.

Bean and Pea Smart Trackers: Bean and Pea are tiny monitors and tracking devices that make it easy for you to protect your furry friends. It lets you track your cats/dogs activity levels, weighs 0.1 oz and are long-lasting devices that can be of good use to locate your furry friends. Pre-order: $30 - $40.

Bean and Pea Smart Trackers

Cat Sky Track: The Cat Sky Track keeps your feline friends active and keeps them away from scratching your furniture. It comes with a hammock, measures 54 x 54 x 11 inches, and holds 62 lbs of weight. This wall fixable activity center challenges your feline friends and gives them perfect surroundings to play and relax. Buy Now: $348.

Cat Sky Track
Pawssphere: The Pawssphere is a durable jute wrapped sphere that encourages your cat to scratch; and comes with toy. This feather-tipped tassel gets the attention of your cat to play while stretching and toning itself and keeping its nails groomed. Buy Now: $32.40.

Sophia Cat Tree: The Sophia Cat Tree provides the perfect setting for your cat to play and relax. It looks like a bookshelf, comes in a set of two pieces which can be arranged in numerous configurations. These shelves supports cats up to 25 lb, attaches to wall, provides a place to climb through and rest. One of these shelves features a hole for cats to climb through, and features carpet on both perches for relaxing. Buy Now: $104.95.

Sophia Cat Tree
Kittypass: This interior cat door lets your cat in and out without you intervention. It features a wide opening that can accommodate cats up to 20 lbs safely. Said to easy install in less than 25 minutes. Buy Now: $41.96.

Cat Condo: This space saver can be fixed on to your door and gives place for your cats to play and sleep. It comes with 7 holes for your cat to go in and out, 5 layers that are all connected, and is available in 2 sizes - 16" wide and 24". Buy Now: $59.99 - $69.99.

Cat Condo

Pawbo Wi-Fi Camera: This smart device features two-way communication, 720p HD camera with 110-degree wide-angle view, interactive laserdot game, multiple sound effects and more. Its app on your smartphone lets you connect with your cats from anywhere, play and communicate with them. This smart camera is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $199.

Pawbo Wi-Fi Camera

Tailio: Tailio is a smart health monitor that needs to be placed under the box, and lets you know what your cat needs by monitoring its weight, visits, behavior and more. It can detect early signs of trouble, and send alerts to its app on your smartphone. Buy Now: $ 199.


GPCats: GPCats is a lightweight collar that tracks the location of your feline friend no matter how far it roams. Use your smartphone or web browser to see where your cat is. Pre-order: $89.


Landmark Playhouse.: The Landmark playhouse provides a play area for your cats. Made from reused cardboard, comes in 7 beautiful designs from all around the world to choose from. Reserve Now: About - $ 44 (€39).

Landmark Playhouse

Blocks: Blocks let you build your own cat playhouse; you can create virtually any structure and let your cat play and sleep in it. Create structures simply by clicking various elements together and simply unlock to start-over. Made from reused cardboard. Buy Now.


Canhefit: This smart wearable device attaches to your cat's collar and works along with its app on you smartphone and lets know the optimal levels of nutrition needed by your feline friend. It also lets you know how active you cat or dog has been, and doubles as a finder. It features Bluetooth LE, is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and has a lightweight waterproof design. Reserve Now.


Meyou: Meyou gives you classy furniture for cats; three options to choose from the ball, the cube and the bed. Gives your cat a place to hide, play, and relax. Pre-order: About - $169 (€150) - $337 (€299).


Petbo Cat Playhouses: These playhouses provide a safe and playful space for your cat and also serves as a home decor element. Made from cardboard, comes with a scratchboard and assembles in less than 1 minute. Buy Now: About - $33 (€29) - $39 (€35).

Petbo Cat Playhouses

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