Apr 15, 2016

15 Awesome Star Trek Themed Products.

Space: the final frontier - for the Trekkie's we have these 'Awesome Star Trek Themed Products' to make Star Trek a part of daily life.

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set: This sushi set is shaped like the U.S.S. Enterprise, features wood sushi plate, chopsticks, and soy sauce dish. Buy Now: $34.99.

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set

Star Trek Universal Remote Control: Now control your TV, iPod and other gadgets with multiple gestures using this Star Trek universal remote control. Buy Now: About: $170 (£ 119.95).

Star Trek Universal Remote Control
Starfleet Academy Capri Yoga Pants: These Starfleet Academy Capri Yoga Pants feature the Starfleet Academy design with a gold foldover waist and "Star Trek" printed on the back. So next time when you are doing Yoga, don't forget to wear these capri-length yoga pants. Buy Now: $23.99.

Starfleet Academy Capri Yoga Pants
Star Trek TNG Uniform Underpants: These ladies' underpants are designed to look like the uniforms from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Comes in pack of three, and features screenprinted rank pips and communicator badge. Buy Now: $24.99.

Star Trek TNG Uniform Underpants
Star Trek Captain's Backpack: This Star Trek Captain's Backpack features easy-access open meshpouch covering the front, a separate laptop pocket, a metallic command emblem, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 stitched into meshback and comes with the name stitched into the gold fabric at the top of the bag. Buy Now: $69.99.

Star Trek Captain's Backpack
Star Trek Jewelry Set: This fantastic Star Trek Jewelry Set consists of a necklace and a set of earrings in the shape of the Starfleet Insignia. Buy Now: $30.

Star Trek Jewelry Set
Star Trek TNG Uniform Messenger Bags: These Star Trek TNG Uniform Messenger Bags feature the red, blue, and gold division colors of ST:TNG and comes along with a metal communicator badge on to the exterior. Buy Now: $69.99.

Star Trek TNG Uniform Messenger Bags
Star Trek - The Next Generation Scarf: The Star Trek The Next Generation Scarf comes in red, gold, and blue color options. It features diagonal cut ends and black chevron on both ends and the communicator badge embroidered on one end. Buy Now: $19.99.

Star Trek - The Next Generation Scarf
Star Trek "Spock" Socks: These Spock socks comes in bright blue with a detailed rendition of Spock's face and 3D ears that stick out. Buy Now: $14.

Star Trek
Star Trek Communicator Necklace: This handmade sterling silver communicator pendant looks really beautiful. Buy Now: $ 12.

Star Trek Communicator Necklace
Star Trek Aprons: These handmade Star Trek Aprons are perfect for serving meals for friends and family. Buy Now: $ 40.43.

Star Trek Aprons
Star Trek Coaster Set: This stainless set of five 4" Star Trek coasters are handmade, comes in 3 different colors with .050" thick felt backing to protect your furniture. Buy Now: $ 49.

Star Trek Coaster Set
Star Trek Clock: This Star Trek Clock comes with 12 vintage classic Action Fleet Micro Machine starships, and more. This handmade-brushed metal clock comes with beautiful glass and features handfinished in a black and silver pewter-like color. It measures 11 11/16" in diameter, and 14" diameter at its widest point. Buy Now: $ 129.99.

Star Trek Clock
Star Trek Talking Bottle Opener: This Star Trek bottle opener comes in the shape of the Enterprise ship, and every time you open a bottle you get a Star Trek sound effect. And when not in use, just stick it to your refrigerator. Buy Now: $16.75.

Star Trek Talking Bottle Opener
Star Trek Bathrobes: Beam yourself to the bathroom; these bathrobes are the perfect addition to any Trekkie's wardrobe. Buy Now: $39.99 - $47.99.

Star Trek Bathrobes
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