Apr 13, 2016

15 Awesome Galaxy Themed Products.

Collection of 'Awesome Galaxy Themed Products' for stargazers, astronomers, sci-fi geeks, and new age travelers.

Planetary Glass Set: The Planetary Glass Set consists of ten glasses each glass representing one of the planets in our solar system. Buy Now: $49.99.

Planetary Glass Set
Solar System In My Room: Now you can build and explore a working orbiting solar system right in your room. It's easy to build; the motorized planets orbit, it comes with remote and features auto-shut off after 20 minutes. When constructed, its overall diameter measures 29". Buy Now: $35.46 .

Solar System In My Room
Planet Lollipops: These are the original planet lollipops by Vintage Confections. Handmade in US, these treats consist of 10 exclusive flavors, each flavor for a planet. The backs of these lollipops are black. It comes with a flavor card and a planet ID card that lets you know which planet you are enjoying. Buy Now: $30.

Planet Lollipops
Mars Plate: Designed by Diesel Living and Seletti, this Mars plate is a part of 'Cosmic Collection' that brings the 'entire solar system on your table'. Buy Now: About: $ 43 (€ 37,50).

Mars Plate
Solar System Pillow Set: These planet pattern pillows give a cosmic element to your home decor. These handmade pillows measure 18 x 18 x 8 inch, features a concealed zipper. Buy Now: $379.

Solar System Pillow Set
Galaxy Print Wrapping Paper: The Galaxy Print Wrapping Paper is perfect for wrapping gifts for family and friends and its perfect for stargazers, astronomers, sci-fi geeks, and new age travelers. It measures 50 x 70 cm (19.6 inches x 27.5 inches). Buy Now: $ 6.25.

Galaxy Print Wrapping Paper
Starry Light Lamp: The Starry Light Lamps are available with the celestial constellations of the Northern Hemisphere's two equinoxes and solstices. These lamps are handmade, and can be customized according to a given day, time and geographical location. Buy Now: $1,036 (€907.09).

Starry Light Lamp
Nebula Necklace Pendant: This beautiful round bronze plated picture pendant features a Hubble space telescope image of a Nebula. It measures just over 1 inch in size, and its artwork is printed on a high quality heavy matte paper stock. Buy Now: $ 13.45.

Nebula Necklace Pendant
Space Keyring: The Space Keyring measures 1 inch / 25mm in diameter, comes with silver plated bezel, and the image is encased behind a glass dome. This handmade keyring is perfect for stargazers, astronomers, and more. Buy Now: $ 19.

Space Keyring
Solar System Throw Pillow: This solar system print throw pillow is handsewn, comes in five sizes, and features double sided print and concealed zipper. Buy Now: $17.94.

Solar System Throw Pillow
Intergalactic Bathbomb: Just drop it into your bath water, and it turns your tub into a starry filled galaxy. It gives a mix of refreshing peppermint and neon color while inviting the cosmos into your tub. Buy Now: $7.5.

Intergalactic Bathbomb

Moon Land iPhone Case: The moon surface pattern goes all over the case including sides and back. It's made from thin plastic that keeps your smartphone safe and secure. Buy Now: $19.

Moon Land iPhone Case
Orion Constellation Glasses: These Orion constellation glasses are handmade, and are best suited for those who like astronomy, outer space, and more. Buy Now: $ 34.

Orion Constellation Glasses
Galaxy Keychain: This handcrafted antique bronze tone keychain measures 1- inch (25mm) diameter with 20 mm keyring, and the image is encased behind a glass dome. Perfect for sci-fi geeks, new age travelers and more. Buy Now: $ 11.99.

Galaxy Keychain
Galaxy Bedding Set: The Anlye 3D Galaxy Bedding set consists of a galaxy graphic duvet and two matching pillowcases; that makes you feel as if you are sleeping among stars. Buy Now: $139.

Galaxy Bedding Set
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