Mar 28, 2016

15 Useful Butter Gadgets.

If you are among those like most of us who find it tough to butter your bread without tearing it or among those who don't want to wait out for the butter to get softer and want to use the butter right from the fridge, read on.

Butter Sprayer: The Butter Sprayer is perfect butter tool you will ever need. All you need to do is drop a stick of butter inside the device and store in the refrigerator. It comes with smart on/off; its integrated accelerometer detects when you want to use and heats to a temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for using the butter spray. Use it on your toast, popcorn and anything you need to butter. Reserve Now: $129.

Butter Sprayer

SpreadTHAT!: This heated butter spreader works on the principle of heat transfer, its made from copper alloy, draws heat from your palm and transfers it onto the butter. Buy Now: $19.95.


ButterUp: Now you can quickly turn the solid butter into sumptuous easy to spread ribbons of dairy goodness with ButterUp. ButterUp lets you enjoy real butter straight from the fridge. Its built-in grater aerates and softens the butter making it easy to spread. Buy Now: About $11 ($15 AUD).


Butter Mill: The Butter Mill with a few simple twists grates your butter and lets you spread with ease. What more you can use it straight out of the fridge. Buy Now: $29.95.

Butter Mill

Butter Boss: The Butter Boss is a rectangular-shaped container sized that can hold a standard 1/4lb stick of butter. This butter dish doubles as a spreader and is easy to use. Just rotate the dial on the bottom to push out a portion of the butter. Use it on your toast, BBQ grill, and more. Pre-order: $18-$20.

Butter Boss

Plastic Butter Mill: The Butter Mill with a simple twist gives you a smooth ribbon of butter. It works right out of the fridge. Buy Now: $13.72.

Plastic Butter Mill
Stainless Steel Butter Mill: The Stainless Steel Butter Mill works similar to the plastic butter mill. You can use it straight out of the fridge. Buy Now: $99.99.

Stainless Steel Butter Mill
Easy Butter Grater: The Easy Butter Grater make buttering your toast really easy. Just place a brick of butter into the grater and with simple twist you get spreadable butter. You can use it straight out of the fridge. Buy Now: About $22.

Easy Butter Grater

Butter Spreader Stick: The Butter Spreader Stick is a storage container for butter and doubles as spreader. It holds 1/8 of a stick of butter; use it to apply butter to your toast or corn on the cob with ease. And you can save the unused butter in spreader with built-in cover. Buy Now: $4.4.

Butter Spreader Stick
EasiSpread.: EasiSpread is a heated butter knife. More info.

Butter Saver: The Butter Savers are durable and reusable butter stick end covers that are designed to keep your butter stick protected. Its patented design lets you easily measure out one tablespoon of butter. Buy Now: $6.99.

Butter Saver
Butter Knife Spreader: The Butter Knife Spreader functions as a grater, slicer and curler. It curls, twirls and slices butter to easily butter your warm bread, bagel, toasts, pancake, baguette, waffle, English muffin, croissants, crumpets, sandwiches, muffin, coffee cakes, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, vegetables, or anything you feel like buttering up. Buy Now: $25.99.

Butter Knife Spreader
Spredo Butter Spreader: Spredo Butter Spreader makes adding butter and salt to your corn easy. Just fill it with salt and butter and use the Spredo to spread the goodness on your cob of corn. Buy Now: $13.

Spredo Butter Spreader

Double sided Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader: This 11-1/2-inch peanut butter and jelly spreader comes with color-coded ends to keep track of scooping and prevents mixing in jars. Buy Now: $4.59.

Double sided Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader
One Click Butter Cutter: With each click, you get a standard pat that's equal to 1/4th of tablespoon. Buy Now: $13.58 .

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