Mar 16, 2016

15 Must Have Smart Cups For You.

Collection of 'Must Have Smart Cups For You' from all over the world.

Ember: Ember keeps your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature and let you enjoy your beverage exactly the way you like it. All you need to do is pour your beverage, adjust the temperature by rotating the dial at its bottom. And it keeps the content at the perfect temperature for up to 2 hours on the go, or all day when used with its recharging coaster. Using its app you can name your cup, create temperature presets, choose notification preferences, and more. Apart from these you can remotely adjust it to your ideal temperature. Pre-order: $ 149.


Muki: The Muki smart coffee cup comes equipped with a heat-activated e-ink display, and uses the thermal energy from your coffee to power it. Using its app on your smartphone you can upload the images. Pre-order: Price expected to $50 - $75.

Muki Smart Coffee Cup

GoJoe Coffee Cup: GoJoe is a travel-sized coffee cup that lets you make your coffee anytime, anywhere, at the push of a button. Just insert the coffee pod, pour water, and press the power button and get a fresh cup of coffee. This rechargeable cup comes with 14 coffee pods and a recharger. Buy Now: $ 99.99.

GoJoe Coffee Cup

Pryme Vessyl Smart Cup: Pryme Vessyl is your personal hydration metric that takes into account your height, weight, age, activities and other factors, connects with your activity trackers and lets you know how close you are to optimal hydration. Its app provides real-time personalized insights and notifications. Buy Now: $99.

Pryme Vessyl Smart Cup

Sippo Smart Cup: Sippo is a smart cup that monitors your current hydration status, connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth and its app keeps you updated about your hydration levels. Its app provides a personalized daily hydration schedule based on your activity and other conditions to reach your optimal levels. Buy Now: $69.95.

Sippo Smart Cup

Iorange Smart Cup: This orange cup comes with alert function; remotely reminds you to keep hydrated and lets you form a good hydration habit. It keeps track of your current hydration status, connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and its app makes recommendation to keep you optimally hydrated. Buy Now: $100.

Iorange Smart Cup
Right Cup: This fruit-flavored cup encourages you to drink more water by tricking your brain into thinking its flavored water. Pre-order: $27.

Right Cup

Waterever Smart Cup: The Waterever Smart Cup is an intelligent cup that lets you set and meet your hydration goals. It calculates your water intake based on your age and body profile, tracks your intake and reminds you when you should be drinking more. It recharges wirelessly, features light matrix on its outer wall that shows you the temperature of its contents. More info.

Waterever Smart Cup

Ozmo Smart Cup: This smart cup measures your water and coffee intake. Its app sends you notifications when you forget to stay hydrated. It also syncs with your wearable devices. Pre-order: $80.

Ozmo Smart Cup

Mightymug: This travel cup grips to any flat, smooth, solid surface using its Smartgrip Technology and doesn't fall off when you knock into it like any other cup. It keeps your beverage heated for 6 hours and cool for 12 hours. Buy Now: $ 19.99 - $ 24.99.


Cuptime Smart Cup: This smart cup works with your smartphone to record your water drinking habits and reminds you to stay hydrated. The cup changes colors as per the temperature of your beverage. Using 3D accelerationsensor and motionrecognition algorithm, it knows your water intake. Based on your physical condition, activity level, and surrounding temperature, it plans out the most reasonable water-drinking plan for you. It transfers data to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: 89.99.

Cuptime Smart Cup

Vessyl Smart Cup: This smart cup analyzes liquids and tells you what beverage you are having by name. It also tells you its dietary content, such as sugar, protein, calories, fat, and more; it synchronizes them to your smartphone. Currently in development, priced around $199. More info.

Vessyl Smart Cup

Mojoe: Mojoe is a travel cup-sized portable coffee maker that makes fresh coffee and tea anytime, anywhere you want. Make your coffee on the go using any temperature water, your own coffee grounds and power from the Mojoe car adapter. Apart from your car adapter you can power it up via wall adapter, or portable power source. You can place it in your cupholder, it heats the water up to about 200 F/100 C for perfect taste and you can drink directly from your Mojoe. Pre-order: $ 89.99.


Travel Cup: It holds 16 ounces of your coffee or soup etc. and keeps it at perfect temperature no matter where you are. It comes with both USB and a 12V car adapter, so you can connect it to your laptop in the office or to the 12V outlet in your car. Buy Now: $19.99.

Travel Cup
Nano Wireless Heated Cup: The Nano Wireless Heated Cup keeps your beverages at the ideal drinkable temperature (155-160 degrees Fahrenheit) for 45 minutes. You can recharge it at home, in car or by computer with USB cord. The recharge works for over 7 refills; the cup automatically turns off after 30 minutes to save power. Pre-order: $89.99.

Nano Wireless Heated Cup

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