Mar 18, 2016

15 Must Have Party Gadgets for Awesome Parties.

Collection of 'Must Have Party Gadgets for Awesome Parties' from all over the world.

OMO+: This smart device puts on a light show, plays your music and recharges your devices. It features 4 speakers, 2 subwoofers, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, 11,000 mAh power source, and a waterproof enclosure. This portable device can recharge 2 devices and is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android devices. Pre-order: $199.99.


Somabar: Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected appliance designed for the home kitchen; it works with both Android and iOS devices. Pre-order: $429.


Opal: This countertop appliance can make a chewable, craveable nuggetice in an hour. Comes with 3 lbs capacity, makes 1 lb per hour, up to 24 lbs a day. Pre-order: $ 449.


Dip Clips: These Dip Clips are mini bowls that clip onto your plate and keeps your dip separate from the food on your plate. Fill them with your favorite dip, like salsa, dressing or condiment and attach it to the side of your plate. Buy Now: $6.15 .

Dip Clips
Coolest Cooler: The Coolest Cooler keeps your beverages cool, features a removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a USB recharger for your smartphone and other gadgets, a blender, bottle opener and more. Buy Now: $499.

Coolest Cooler

Spinchill: Spinchill is a portable gadget that cools your drink down in 1 minute. It works on canned and bottled beverages, perfect for tailgating and BBQ. Buy Now: $19.5.

Great Plate: It easily holds food and variety of cans and bottles. Perfect when food and beverages are served together. Buy Now: $15.

Great Plate
SPRiZZi™ Drinkmachine: The SPRiZZi™ Drinkmachine is a smart countertop appliance that is simple to use via one press of a button, does everything necessary for a perfect beverage. It cools the water using a live waterline, then carbonates the water, and mixes in just the right amount of flavoring in every pour for you to have your favorite beverage. More info.

SPRiZZi™ Drinkmachine

LightCan: LightCan is a versatile wireless light no larger than a can, lasts eight hours on a single recharge. It comes with spectacular light effects and lots of other interesting features. It features a 2.4 ghz radiochip that lets the can communicate to other cans and also receive the signals from the remote control. The cans can communicate to each other to synchronize the programmed colors, and have 4 different groups. It also features a microphone for an intelligent sound to light mode. More info.


Big Blue Studio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: It connects wirelessly with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, and Bluetooth-enabled devices. It features touch volume controls on top, adjustable bass and treble controls on back and comes with up to 33 foot range. Buy Now: $99.99.

Big Blue Studio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Glass Clips: These clip on to your plate and hold your glass while leaving your hands unblocked. Buy Now: $7.97.

Glass Clips
Nambe Scoop Server: This two-tiered piece features a smaller vessel placed over the larger bowl that allows easy, all-in-one-place dipping. Buy Now: $194.93.

Nambe Scoop Server
Watermelon Shark Fruit Server: The cool fruit server is designed in the shape of a shark's mouth while painted as watermelon. Buy Now: $12.85.

Watermelon Shark Fruit Server
Snack Markers: These colorful party skewers go great with snacks. Buy Now: About $10 (8.95€) .

Snack Markers
Go Plate: It lets you hold your drink and food together. Buy Now: $13.43.

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