Mar 21, 2016

15 Best Tech Car Gadgets.

If you have been looking for smart tech gadgets for your car, look no further; we got your back.

Nonda Smart Car Recharger and Car Locator: It comes with smart device detection technology that allows it to provide maximum amp output accepted by your device and recharges 2 devices at their maximum speed. It also automatically remembers where you've parked your car when your engine turns off and using its app you can locate your car. Its compatible with iOS and Android devices, is outdoor-friendly, lets you find your car even when your phone doesn't have reception and can tell if your car is a hundred feet away or a hundred miles away. Buy Now: $35.99.

Nonda Smart Car Recharger and Car Locator

Hudway Glass: Hudway Glass is a smart device that turns your smartphone into a Head-Up Display for your car. It displays all the information you need while you stay focused on the road ahead. Its simple to use, just place your smartphone on the cradle with its display up, and you are good to go. It lets you use any head-up display app on any smartphone in low-light visibility or on a clear day. Use the navigation apps on your smartphone to get directions for your heading. Pre-order: $49.

Hudway Glass

Garmin babyCam: Garmin babyCam is a smart in-vehicle video monitor that works with your Garmin GPS navigator and lets you keep an eye on your kids in the backseat. It also features nightvision that allows you to keep an eye on your kids at night or low-light conditions. It comes with adjustable viewing angle, and even reminds you to check for passengers before getting out of your car. Buy Now: $199.99 - $349.99.

Garmin babyCam

Waylens: Waylens is a data driven intelligent camera system that empowers you to easily record, edit, and share your best moments right from the road. It overlays real-time performance data on top of high quality video. It works with any vehicle with an OBD-II port, can be powered from 12v socket and is simple to install. It turns on automatically once you start your car, automatically records interesting clips based on data, and using its app you can post it on your social channels. It;s compatible with iOS, and Android devices. Pre-order.


Reco Smart: Reco Smart is an in-car and portable camera that allows you to record 1080p video anywhere. You can use it as in-car dash cam; it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, real-time streaming, NFC One Touch Engage, 500 GB of ASUS WebStorage for one year and more. You can preview your clips and download them to your smart device. It has Oneshot, Time Lapse, and Photoburst modes. It also features Sonysensor that lets you take high quality photos and videos in low-light conditions. It also has a 150-degree wide-angle lens that gives you unobstructed view of the sides of your vehicle and the road ahead. Its parking monitor mode automatically starts recording and continues to do so until it detects nothing moving for one minute. More info.

Reco Smart

iBlue Immobilizer: The iBlue Immobilizer is a smart car security gadget that protects your vehicle using your smartphone. It provides invisible protection, has no hidden switches or keypads. The device uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. The device connects to your vehicle, disables the ignition and can only be started using your smartphone. It;s compatible with iOS, Windows and Android devices. Buy Now: $ 99.

iBlue Immobilizer

Racecapture: This plug-in device lets you share, track autocross, drift and dragracing with your friends in real-time. It connects to your car's OBD-II port and with its app on your smartphone it gives you all stats such as lap times, speed, engine data, G-forces and more. And what more, you can share all of it on Podium, a social network for driving enthusiasts. Buy Now: $245 - $319 .


CarDroid: CarDroid turns your car smarter by adding a lot of new features to your car. It analyzes your vehicle data and driver's behavior, sends the information to a cloudserver for storage and visualization. This monitoring device running Android™ OS lets you monitor your car's location remotely, instantly notify you if it detects abnormal car behavior, allows you to reconstruct the situation, comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and more. Pre-order: $148 - $168.


Vinet: Vinet is a vehicle head-up display device that wirelessly connects to your vehicle's onboard computer and your smart phone, collects data from them and displays the data on its transparent screen. It lets you keep your eyes on the road while the data such as; speed, navigation, mpg, engine rpm, time and more are displayed in easy to access screen. It's compatible with Android and iOS smart devices, its app gives you the entire vehicle information, creates a driving score system, useful tips, and more. Pre-order: $199.


Mountek Airsnap: All you need to do is place the opened clamp of holder onto any flat vent blade and turn the locking wheel until it holds securely. It uses powerful earth magnets to hold your device; and it also elevates your device above the vent blades to permit airflow. Buy Now: $24.95.

Mountek Airsnap

Anywhere G2: The Anywhere G2 lets you start or stop your car from anywhere, lock or unlock your doors from your phone, rollup or down windows, real time GPS location tracking, remote vehicle shutdown, its compatible with all vehicles and phones, and gives you unlimited range. Buy Now: $299.99 - $469.99.

Anywhere G2

Car Air Purifier: Car Air Purifier improves the air quality in your car by removing unwanted odors, smell, dust and more. It lets you breathe clean air only while traveling to and from your residence and office. Its simple to install, just plug it into 12-v outlet. Buy Now: $19.95.

Car Air Purifier
Brainiac: Brainiac is a central computer that makes your car smarter. It's built on top of Android and utilizes builtinsensors and OBDII data of your car and provides insights and automation. It automatically syncs the data you choose from your vehicle with the cloudserver. You can connect an aftermarket digital air management system to Brainiac for a heightened experience and also instantly get an integrated air management app in your dashboard. It comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth or USB and have access to your albums and playlists for playback in your car. It's compatible with any smartphone app that supports Bluetooth integration such as Spotify, Rdio, Pandora and others. It comes with built-in onboard media storage with expandable storage and ability to sync with your smartphone. Available in standard 7-inch universal display unit, 10.1 Kit for new vehicles, and 10.1 Retrofit Kit for retrofitting vehicles. Buy Now: $699 - $1,399.


XKchrome: The Xkchrome lighting system illuminates your car with millions of vivid colors and animated patterns. It uses various builtinsensors in your smartphone to bring dynamics to the light. Using its app you can control the lights remotely, and customize everything. Its real-time Chameleon feature lets you instantly change your vehicle to whatever color you see. Its Music Sync feature makes the light dance with music you hear. And when you brake, it automatically switches all lights to full-on red for maximum visibility. Apart from all these it improves night driving safety and brings you convenience. Buy Now: $79 - $339.99.


Voyo: Voyo is an advanced telematics system that connects to the OBD-II port of your car, and transforms terabytes of data created by your car into apps that increase driving safety, convenience, and fuel efficiency. It connects your smartphone to the car, and connects your car to the Voyomotive cloudserver. Pre-order.


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