Mar 8, 2016

15 Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - Part 5.

Collection of 'Awesome Tailgating Gadgets' from all over the world for your next tailgating.

Tailgate Table: Tailgate Table is simple and easy to setup, it attaches to hitch receiver, folds flat during transit, and sets up for your next roadtrip meal in seconds. Buy Now: $126.16.

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - Tailgate Table
DISH VQ4510 Tailgater: This receiver and portable DISH satellite antenna bundle comes along with a 50-foot cable, and is simple to setup. Once calibrated you can watch perfect HDTV anywhere. Buy Now: $449.99.

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - DISH VQ4510 Tailgater
Tailgate TV Stand: The Tailgate TV Stand attaches to your vehicle's 2" hitch receiver allowing you to watch on your flat screen TV anywhere you go. It rotates 180 degrees when set up on a truck and rotates 360 degrees with up to a 42" flat screen TV attached in most cases when set up on a SUV with the cargo door open. It lets you view from outside and inside your SUV, as it rotates it gives you access to your cargo area. Buy Now: $184.99-$214.99.

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - Tailgate TV Stand
Tailgating Couch: The Reflex is a portable recliner travel couch that features 37.5" long seat, armrests and an adjustable shoulderstrap. It folds in half for easy storage and transport. Buy Now: $ 149.95.

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - Tailgating Couch

G.E.A.R. Seat Covers: The Smittybilt G.E.A.R. Seat Covers feature pockets and storage space that lets you store personal things and save space. You can remove or place modular pouches anywhere as per your requirement. Buy Now: $99.99

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - G.E.A.R. Seat Covers
Bag-A-Lot: Bag-A-Lot is a portable and flexible garbagebag holder, holds large quantities of cans, bottles and more, keeps the surroundings clean. A must have on your list of gear for your next tailgating. Buy Now: $ 38.

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - Bag-A-Lot
Canopy Weight Bag: The Canopy Weight Bag holds down your canopy, tent, or awning secure. You can fill them with sand, rocks, and other weight adding materials, making it a perfect choice when you can't stake your canopy to the ground. With four of these fillable bags you can secure your canopy or awning, it keeps your shade and you can focus on what's important to you. Buy Now: $18.99.

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - Canopy Weight Bag
Inflatable Air Chair and Ottoman: The Inflatable Air Chair and Ottoman is perfect for tailgating, it inflates within minutes and folds compact for easy storage. It features built-in cup holder to hold your beverage, glasses and more. Buy Now: $16.98.

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - Inflatable Air Chair and Ottoman
Foldable BBQ: The Gelert Foldable BBQ is perfect for tailgating; it folds away for easy storage and transportation. Buy Now: About: $ 34 (£24).

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - Foldable BBQ
RC Cooler: This RC Cooler can hold 6 cans or bottle and icecubes, has a range of 60 feet and works outdoors perfectly. Buy Now: $44.95.

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - RC Cooler

Six Pack Cooler: The Six Pack Cooler is an insulated beverage holder, it holds most of the bottles or cans up to 20 oz., and lets you to take along an assortment of beverages. Buy Now: $ 38.95.

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - Six Pack Cooler
Picnic Plus Tub Cooler: The Picnic Plus Tub Cooler holds over 72 cans or beverages, provides easy accessibility with its top flap door, and folds down in seconds. Buy Now: $54.99.

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - Picnic Plus Tub Cooler
Notebook Charcoal Grill: The Notebook Grill is a portable charcoal grill that stands 14.18-inch for use and then folds flat to one inch in seconds. Buy Now: $24.23.

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - Notebook Charcoal Grill
Lock 'N Go Electric Grill: The Meco's Lock 'N Go electric grill is perfect for tailgating, it provides 176 square inches of usable cooking surface, its double hood vents and electric temperature dial provide better draft and cooking control. Buy Now: $61.99 - $79.

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - Lock 'N Go Electric Grill
Tailgate Ladder: The Traxion Tailgate Ladder is simple to install, works with most trucks, and provides easy access to your truck bed. Buy Now: $30.50.

Awesome Tailgating Gadgets - Tailgate Ladder
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