Mar 29, 2016

15 Awesome DIY Projects For You.

If you are looking for some coolest DIY projects for keeping you busy, or for any other reason then look no further, we have some of the best DIY projects for you.

Drum Kit Chandelier: It is a fully functional drum kit chandelier, to make one just follow the directions.

Drum Kit Chandelier
Bottle Accent Light: Its quite simple to make and it looks really good; just follow the tutorials.

Bottle Accent Light
Basketball Bag: Turn a punctured basketball into a cool sports bag. Get directions.

Basketball Bag
Burgerdoodles Color-In Wallpaper: This wallpaper by Jon Burgerman comes in black and white and its up to you to color in, either with marker pens, felt tips or paint. More info.

Burgerdoodles Color-In Wallpaper
Chalkboard Tablecloth: To make this chalk tablecloth two-pieces of 7 1/2 feet long each of Ikea paperroll were covered with chalkboard paint. Instructions.

Chalkboard Tablecloth
Cassette Tape Wallets: How about making a wallet from cassette tape? Just follow the tutorials.

Cassette Tape WalletsEraser USB Drive: The pink eraser USB drive is a little DIY project that is really easy and straightforward. Instructions.

Eraser USB Drive
Suitcase Dog Bed: A really cool use for a old suitcase to turn it into a pet bed. Here are the instructions to make one - Instructions.

Suitcase Dog BedCork Trivet and Coaster Set: Its simple yet elegant, to make these cork trivets and coasters, just follow the simple instructions.

Cork Trivet and Coaster Set
Scrabble Tile Table: Give your old table a new look; use old scrabble tiles to make a new tabletop. Instructions.

Scrabble Tile Table
Netflix Socks: These DIY smart socks can detect when you've fallen asleep and sends a signal to your TV that will automatically pause Netflix. Instruction for making Netflix Socks.

Netflix Socks

Kraft Paper Grocery List: It's a simple and easy DIY project; the kraft paper grocery list is going to look perfect in your kitchen. Instructions.

Kraft Paper Grocery List
Jar Lights: Turn jars into light fixtures! Get directions.

Jar LightsCardboard Hourglass Seating: A DIY project that can simply be made using old cardboard from boxes or packaging and easy to follow instructions. Get directions.

Cardboard Hourglass Seating
Yardstick Buffet Furniture: If you have buffet furniture and lots of yardsticks, then this is an interesting and creative option for you. Instructions.

Yardstick Buffet Furniture
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