Feb 23, 2016

15 Smart Socks for You.

Collection of smart and most comfortable socks for your office wear to all your outdoors adventures.

Calf Socks Classic with Plus+: These smart socks come with a communication button and can communicate with your iPhone. It makes it easy for you to know which socks belong together, how often you have washed your socks, can even tell you if your black socks are no longer properly black and much more. Buy Now: Starter kit of 10 pairs for $189.

Smart Socks for You - Calf Socks Classic with Plus+
Sensoria Smart Socks: The Sensoria Smart Socks for runners are made from high-tech running friendly fabric, an electronic anklet magnetically attaches to the sock and an app monitors and guides you through real-time audio cues while you run. Working along with your smartphone, it lets you know the speed, altitude, cadence, foot landing and more. Buy Now: $199.

Smart Socks for You - Sensoria Smart Socks

Waterproof Socks: These Waterproof Socks have an outer layer of nylon/lycra and a waterproof middle layer; keeps your feet dry and warm down to temperatures as low as -30ยบ F. Buy Now: $59.95.

Smart Socks for You - Waterproof Socks
Lenz Heated Socks: The Lenz Bluetooth Heated Socks keeps you warm during the winter season. It comes with 3 heat settings with up to 14 hours heat and you can control them from your smartphone. Buy Now: $300.

Smart Socks for You - Lenz Heated Socks

Netflix Socks: These DIY smart socks can detect when you've fallen asleep and sends a signal to your TV that will automatically pause Netflix. Instruction for making Netflix Socks.

Smart Socks for You - Netflix Socks

FYF: FYF is high-tech footwear that's designed to protect your feet during any sport. Pre-order: $80.

Smart Socks for You - FYF

NanoGuard Socks: These Socks are made with over 70% natural bamboo threading, features 'Nano-Silver' that prevents odor. The natural bamboo threading is comfortable on your feet and keeps your feet cleaner and dryer. Pre-order: $24.99.

Smart Socks for You - NanoGuard Socks
RE Sok: The HTC RE Sok features a small display that makes sure you never miss an alert or "notification". These smart socks makes finding the second sock easy; find your socks with GPS module. These also feature a system for detection of holes, as soon as the hole begins to form, the sock notifies you. More info.

Smart Socks for You - RE Sok
5 Water Socks: The 5 Water Socks balances comfort with breath ability and waterrepellency. These aren't waterproof but are good enough when it comes to low-pressures of water. Buy Now: $ 22.

Smart Socks for You - 5 Water Socks

SilverAir Ankle Sock: The fabric of these socks is a blend of merino wool and pure silver that prevents odor build-up. It provides incredible comfort; unmatched performance and its zoned ventilation panels keep your feet cool. Buy Now: $ 19.99.

Smart Socks for You - SilverAir Ankle Sock
Kevlar Reinforced Steel Toe Crew Socks: These Dickies Men's socks features kevlar fiber reinforcement throughout steel toe and heel provides abrasionresistance for durability. Its arch compression grips feet and keeps socks in place for greater comfort while its protectivepad at the heel provides cushioning comfort. Buy Now: $8.77.

Smart Socks for You - Kevlar Reinforced Steel Toe Crew Socks
Heated Wader Heat Sox: These batterypowered heated socks keep your feet warm when the temperatures get cool. Comes with adjustable high/low heat settings. Buy Now: $39.99.

Smart Socks for You - Heated Wader Heat Sox
Dexshell Waterproof Socks: The Dexshell Waterproof Socks keeps your feet warm and protect them in wetconditions. Perfect for trekking, hiking and other outdoor activities. Buy Now: $38.86 - $39.90.

Smart Socks for You - Dexshell Waterproof Socks
Reflective Gear-017 Band 3M Socks: These lightweight athletic socks come with a 2" wide band in 3M reflective for safety. Buy Now: $16.

Smart Socks for You - Reflective Gear-017 Band 3M Socks
SilverAir Crew Socks: The fabric of SilverAir Crew Socks is blend of merino wool; it features SilverAir technology that uses pure silver for preventing odor build-up. It provides high performance, are comfortable and perfect for wear for your office, trails and more. Buy Now: $ 21.99.

Smart Socks for You - SilverAir Crew Socks
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