Feb 16, 2016

15 Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors.

If you cook you know that there in nothing more good than fresh ingredients. Wont it be perfect if you have fresh herbs right in your kitchen which you can use for your cooking? The aroma, the tenderness and the freshness is sure to spice up your cooking. To make it possible we have for your 'Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors'.

Véritable Indoor Garden: The Véritable Indoor Garden is a complete autonomous device that takes care of irrigation, lighting and nutrients of the garden on its own. It provides perfect growing conditions for your herbs and plants all year round. The Véritable Lingots are specially engineered blocks to adapt to the needs and development of different plant types and contain organic seeds, natural soil substrate and essential nutrients. Its lighting system automatically stays on for 16 hrs a day, mimics natural daylight and ensures an optimal growth rate for plants. You can adjust the two separate lightings to provide the right amount of luminosity for each plant. You can place 4 Lingots of your choice in the Véritable Garden; it's easy to set up and requires surface area equal to a letter size sheet of paper. In another variant, the Intelligent Véritable Garden adapts to your interior's brightness and adjusts the lights' intensity to the right amount of light. Its app lets you manage your plant's growth and provides various useful tips. Pre-order: About $150 (134€) - $170 (152€).

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - Véritable Indoor Garden

Smart Herbs Garden: This smart garden allows you to grow fresh herbs at home. To grow your favorite herbs and spices at home, all you need to do is just plug it into the wall and fill water; the smart device does the rest. No more need to worry about your plants having enough water, nutrients or light. Buy Now - $69.95.

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - Smart Herbs Garden

AeroGarden: Aerogarden uses aeroponics to grow plants without the use of soil and instead uses air or mist. This automated indoor kitchen garden places plant's root system in a 100% humid, oxygenated and nutrient-rich growing area. You can easily grow herbs and vegetables in around 28 days. Buy Now: $153.42.

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - AeroGarden

Niwa: Niwa is world's first smartphone-controlled growing system that enables you to grow your own fruits, vegetables, flowers, and even herbs. It creates perfect conditions for your plants to grow healthy and strong. It controls the temperature, humidity, and light cycles and its automated irrigation system will also water and provide your plants whenever they need it for better growth. Just plant your seeds into Niwa, tell the app what you want to grow and it loads pre-programmed settings for your plant. Occasionally, the app asks for information like "Can you see flowers?", if you answer "yes", it will begin a new growth setting, changing the water, and light to make the plant to grow at their very best. Pre-order: $279 - $319.

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - Niwa

Living Wall Planters: The Living Wall Planters makes it easy for you to grow herbs and put them on your walls. It features an integrated irrigation system that allows you to water several plants in one go. These planters features removable containers that are designed to hold water to irrigate plants for several days. Its Grow "Picture" Light makes your herbs grow as if they are in an outdoor space. Buy Now: $ 40 - $ 80.

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - Living Wall Planters

Fresh Herbs: The Fresh Herbs is a smart planter designed for kitchen herbs. It features a decorative flower indicator that lets you know when to water. It features an irrigation system that allows the plant to take exactly the amount of water they need and maintain proper moisture. Buy Now: About $ 58 (£40.32).

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - Fresh Herbs

Freestanding Wall Garden: This Freestanding Wall Garden can be placed anywhere in the house; its a smart gardening solution when space is limited. It comes with 40 separate planting spaces, you can water as needed through the top irrigator and the hidden collector tray catches excess runoff. Buy Now: $499.95.

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - Freestanding Wall Garden
Lilo: Lilo provides an easy way to grow fresh herbs at home. All you need to do is plug it in, place the pod, pour some water and you are done. Next time you need fresh and tasty herbs for cooking you have them right in your kitchen. You can choose from varieties of herbs: green and purple basil, mint, thyme, coriander and parsley, oregano, rosemary, chives, lemon verbena, dill, and more. Pre-order: About $133 (119 €).

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - Lilo

Ecoqube: The Ecoqube gives you a beautiful way to grow herbs indoor and it uses the same plants to clean aquarium water and keeps it clean. Pre-order: $129.99.

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - Ecoqube

HerbandFish Connect: This mini aqua-garden combines plants and fish in a smart aqua farming system. It requires minimal maintenance in cleaning the fish bowl and watering the plant. Comes equipped with two lights for your herbs to grow, these can be controlled using your smart phone, you can them turn on/off and adjust the brightness in 4 distinct levels. You can turn on and off the water pump from your smartphone to oxygenate the water for your fishes. And you can even schedule the water pump. You can constantly monitor the water temperature and keep the fishes comfortable. And you can set alerts for water temperature, water change and more.

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - HerbandFish Connect

Root: Root is a smart countertop gardening system comes with an automated light and watering system that allows you to grow vegetables and herbs anywhere. Pre-order: $ 299.

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - Root

Hydroponic Planter: This self-sustaining windowsill planter box comes with hidden hydroponic system that provides water and nutrients directly to the roots of the plants on a pre-programmed schedule. It comes with two power options - solar and electric. Buy Now: $139 - $219.

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - Hydroponic Planter

Biopod: Biopod is a smart microhabitat that lets you grow herbs, vegetables or flower garden. This app-controlled device automatically regulates temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and more and provides ideal conditions for your plants and animals. Pre-order: $225 onwards .

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - Biopod

Grow Floats Hydroponics: The Grow Floats Hydroponics makes it easy for you to grow organic herbs at home on your kitchen counter top. Buy Now: $49.95.

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - Grow Floats Hydroponics

Amphora: Amphora is a ceramic hydroponic planter to grow fresh herbs on your kitchen counter top. It holds 1.5L water; water enough for the lifetime of your plant, meaning no more watering. Its seed kits come with everything you need to get growing. Pre-order: $70.

Best Ways To Grow Herbs Indoors - Amphora

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