Feb 12, 2016

15 Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable.

Collection of "Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable" from all over the world for all the travelers out there eager to explore the world.

Segsac: Segsac keeps your gear organized; it keeps your gear exactly as you packed it when you arrive to your destination. Its designed so that you can find your things in your backpack easily and spend more time exploring the world. It features 4 internal pockets that keeps your gear individually separated yet together in one place. Buy Now: $ 20 - $ 24.

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - SegSac

EasyLock: The EasyLock is a portable temporary travel door lock that features the strength of stainless steel and secures in seconds. Its strong yet a small and light security solution, it lets you open just enough to allow you to confirm a visitor or receive documents. It's perfect for travelers. Buy Now: About $29 (£19.95).

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - EasyLock

Vibram Furoshiki Shoe: The Vibram Furoshiki Shoe takes its inspiration from Japanese packing by wrapping them in cloth fabric. These minimalist shoes are extremely lightweight and its upper is constructed with stretch fabric that makes it anatomically suitable on any foot type. Its closure system makes things easier. The innovative shoe comes with an outsole that wraps around your entire foot. Best suited for traveling, provides protection, grip and comfort and comes equipped with its very own traveling case. Buy Now: $110.

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - Vibram Furoshiki Shoe

Mojoe: Mojoe is a travel cup-sized portable coffee maker that makes fresh coffee and tea anytime, anywhere you want. Make your coffee on the go using any temperature water, your own coffee grounds and power from the Mojoe car adapter. Apart from your car adapter you can power it up via wall adapter, or portable power source. You can place it in your cupholder, it heats the water up to about 200 F/100 C for perfect taste and you can drink directly from your Mojoe. Pre-order: $ 89.99.

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - Mojoe

eGeeTouch: eGeeTouch is a smart travel padlock that comes embedded with deal state-of-art proximity access and vicinity tracking technologies that secures your personal belongings in your luggage / travel bags and requires no key. Features One-Touch to unlock using smartphones, smart wearable, NFC tags/sticker and more. It's compatible with Android and iOS smart devices. This smart travel padlock is TSA friendly. Pre-order: $35.

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - eGeeTouch

SkyDreamer: The SkyDreamer is a travel pillow engineered for comfort, convenience and is simple to use. It features twin cradle design that allows your head to gently tilt to either side, slim neckband for adjustable support, and centerline arch that redistributes the pressure. Reserve Now: $49.

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - SkyDreamer

KP Duffle: This cool travel bag features minimalist design, quick-access pockets, shoe pocket, front utility hatch for keeping your cords, cables, rechargers, etc. organized, spacious main interior comes with mesh pockets to keep your smaller items organized. The optional Dopp Kit is a sleek bathroom bag that features multiple mesh pockets to keep your gels, pastes and everything else you need to get ready for the day neatly organized. Reserve Now: $135.

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - KP Duffle

Shooz: These modular-tech travel shoes are made up of two different, interchangeable parts - a skin and a sole. This innovative footwear made for traveling lets you customize your shoes for any occasion. Pre-order: $129.

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - Shooz

Airbolt: Airbolt is a smart lock for your luggage that features proximity alerts, location tracking, and privacy controls. This Bluetooth enabled smart lock talks to your smartphone via its app and unlocks with a single push of a button. You can also unlock it using a programmable button combination, or its app from another compatible smartphone. Using its crowdsourced GPS network, you can see your luggage's last seen location on your smartphone. It even alerts you in event of you getting separated from your luggage via its app or by using the built in buzzer on the lock. It's TSA-friendly. Pre-order: About $ 50 ($70 AUD).

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - Airbolt

PRVKE Pack: The PRVKE Pack is a travel and camera backpack for travelers, photographers, creators, and explorers, that keeps up with your adventurous lifestyle. It comes with removable cube system, two accessorystraps, and a camerasling. Its removable cube and internal bag divider make it easy for you to organize your gear in a customizable way. The cube can take DSLR body and up to 8 lenses or any similar combination of cameras, lenses, and gear. You can even change the layout of the dividers and use the cube to organize your clothes, toiletries, etc. Comes with magnetic tote handles, trifold laptop sleeve, multiple pockets, side access, clamshell opening, rolltop access, lenscap holder, rainfly, is weatherresistant and more. Pre-order: $216.

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - PRVKE Pack

Slicks Travel System: The Slicks Travel System is a modular travel backpack that features internal inserts designed to keep you organized and ready for every travel scenario. Reserve Now: About $307 (Fr 299).

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - Slicks Travel System

BullRest Travel Pillow: The BullRest Travel Pillow features a unique ergonomicdesign that provides better neck alignment and support. Its 80% smaller than regular travel pillows, keeps your head comfortably stable without wrapping around the entire neck. Reserve Now: $50.

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - BullRest Travel Pillow

Tech Dopp Kit: The Tech Dopp Kit is perfect for your tech peripherals and more. It organizes your cords, adapters, headphones, and other necessities. Comes with centrally located internal zipped pouch to keep your important documents. Buy Now: $ 199.

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - Tech Dopp Kit

Navigator Travel Kit: The Navigator Travel Kit contains an eyemask, inflatable neck pillow, earplugs and a compact drawstring pouch. You can adjust the inflatable neck pillow to the firmness you prefer, the earplugs reduce noise and protect your ears, while the eye mask blocks out all light making it perfect for your nap on your flight. Buy Now: $19.95.

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - Navigator Travel Kit
Premium Travel Jacket: Premium Travel Jacket is reversible for two completely different styles in one garment, built for layering for temps between 35 - 65 F / 0 -20 C, comes with hidden waterresistant pockets for your smart devices, inconspicuous and waterresistant passport pocket, handwarmer pockets, multiple pockets and more. More info: 1, 2.

Travel Gadgets To Make Your Journey Comfortable - Premium Travel Jacket

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