Feb 27, 2016

15 Smart Ways To Control Your Home With Your Smartphone.

If you are like most of us who cant stay away from your smartphone for more than a few minutes, then we are sure you would like to control your home from your smartphone, read on.

Zuli Smartplug: The Zuli smartplug lets you control your lights and appliances from your smartphone. It communicates with your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy, and gives you unmatched control, monitoring and automation. All you need to do is plug the smartplug into any standard US outlet, connect any light or appliance, and install its app on your smartphone. You can turn on/off your appliances upto 1800W, dim the lights, schedule, and monitor the energy of your favorite device. And once you have minimum of 3 Zuli smartplugs, these form a Bluetooth mesh network that allows them to talk to each other. Using its proprietary location algorithm, the network detects what room you are in and will adjust your devices to your preferences to make you more comfortable and energy efficient. Buy Now - $ 159.99.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Zuli Smartplug

Gluelock: This smart door lock lets you use your smartphone to lock and unlock doors. It digitalizes the keys and lets you share with your family, friends, or babysitter. You can allow access even for a specific time. You will receive notifications when someone locks or unlocks the door. It encrypts the signal sent between your smart phone and lock with the same encryption technology used by online banks. Its app is compatible with both iOS and Android and uses Bluetooth 4.0 and has a range of 15 meters (45 ft.). Buy Now: About: $364 (3099 SEK).

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Gluelock
Keewifi Router: Keewifi Router isn't just another router; it makes connecting devices to Wi-Fi easier. All you need to do is simply hold your Wi-Fi enabled gadgets close to the Keewifi syncing panel, and it will authorize it in seconds. It requires no password or configuration, it works right out of the box. It features the latest wireless standard 802.11ac and enterprise networking technology to ensure that your Wi-Fi signal is strong, stable, and fast. The device uses proximity technology, supports simultaneous dual-band transmissions (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz) with Wi-Fi speeds up to 867Mbps. It uses Beamforming technology to boost signal strength in the direction of your WiFi devices. It also features a Zenbutton that allows you to resolve common WiFi issues. Its Keewifi app supports both iOS and Android. Buy Now: $52.99:

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Keewifi Router

Peeple: Peeple is a small camera that can be placed on your existing peephole or sticks on the glass of your door and connects to your home WiFi and sends notifications to you when someone knocks or opens the door. Its app is compatible with iOS or Android smart phones. Pre-order: $149.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Peeple

Qube: Qube is an affordable Wi-Fi enabled, multi-color smart bulb for your home. Using its app you can control your lights anytime, anywhere and also create countless automations. Buy Now - $19.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Qube

Haven: The Haven smart lock is anchored at the base of your front door, it creates a sturdier support system. It works with your smartphone, wearable devices and home automation devices. Pre-order: $ 249.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Haven

Ecovent: Ecovent is a smart thermostat system that allows you to set the temperature in every room individually. Ecovent replaces your existing vents; these wireless vents open and close automatically to send conditioned air where it's needed most. You can adjust your home's settings anywhere, anytime from your smartphone. Buy Now.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Ecovent

Mr. Coffee: This smart, Wi-Fi enabled coffeemaker can be scheduled and monitored from anywhere using your smartphone. It works with Android and Apple devices. Buy Now: $129.52.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Mr. Coffee
Butterfleye: Butterfleye is a smart, simple, wireless home monitoring camera that connects to your smartphone and keeps you updated of what's happening in your home while you're out. It features Activity Based Recording™ that records only when it detects sound or anything moving; this saves energy, storage, and bandwidth. It features 12 hours of internal storage space (16GB); if no WiFi connection is available it will record internally and then upload once connection is back. Pre-order: $199.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Butterfleye

Playbulb Candle: These smart candles are here to give you a whole new awesome candle experience. You can use its app on your iOS and Android smartphone for lighting control, color changing and more. Buy Now: $19.99.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Playbulb Candle

Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor: Foobot is a smart indoor air quality monitor that connects to your iOS / Android smartdevice and lets you know about the quality of the air around you. It lets you monitor temperature, humidity, VOC, and PM2.5 on your device in real-time. It also provides recommendations to improve your indoor air quality. It provides multi-room monitoring, compatible with iOS (7 or later), Android (4 or later). Buy Now: $199.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Okidokeys Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Lock System: The Okidokeys Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Lock System consists of a smart lock, smart reader and RFID smart card, wristband and keychain tags, these lets you easily control access to your home. It's compatible with most Bluetooth 4.0 devices, and you can wirelessly unlock doors equipped with an ANSI Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolt. Buy Now: $259.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Okidokeys Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Lock System
Phin: Phin is a smart device for your swimmingpool that lets you monitor pH, chlorine, total alkalinity, total hardness and more, using your smart phone from anywhere in the world. The company also provides premeasured chemical pods that you can put in the water to maintain the balance. Pre-order: $449.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Phin

Zenthermostat: This smart thermostat looks beautiful on your wall, and blends seamlessly into your existing interior design. It features a touch interface, it allows you to switch between heating, cooling and more using the left and right keys, while the up and down keys allow you to set the temperature and once you are done, the display fades. It's designed to be an open system using Wi-Fi or ZigBee and works with smart home systems like Apple HomeKit, and once OpenHome certified, it will work seamlessly with other OpenHome devices. Using its smartphone app you can control the temperature of your home anytime, from anywhere. Buy Now: $173.4 - $199.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Zenthermostat

Instantpot Smart Cooker: Its a multi-functional fully-programmable smart cooker that combines the benefits of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, porridge maker, steamer, sautepan, yogurt maker, food warmer and more. This Bluetooth enabled cooker allows programming and monitoring through your smartphone. It's a fully-programmable cooker, has 14 built-in programs, dual pressure, automatic keep warm, 3 temperatures for saute, slow cook and keep-warm, and more. Buy Now: $195.39.

Control Your Home With Your Smartphone - Instantpot Smart Cooker

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