Feb 24, 2016

15 Smart Vests for You.

Collection of 'Best Vests' from all over the world for you.

Nudown Whitney Vest: The Nudown Whitney Vest features NuTech technology that allows you to adjust your ideal temperature using air. The vest uses inflatable air pockets to keep you warm. The air you pump in creates insulation; your body warms the inner air and 40+ pumps are sufficient to protect you from extreme cold weather. It also uses Polartec Wind Pro fabrics that are extremely breathable and 4x more windresistant. Buy Now: $450.

Smart Vests for You - Nudown Mount Whitney Vest

Kor-FX Gaming Vest: The Kor-FX Gaming Vest features 4DFX technology that transforms the audio (acousto-haptic signals) coming from your games or media into pinpointed high-definition haptic feedback and lets you feel the on-screen action. It's compatible with PCs, Macs, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and most devices with a 3.5mm audio jack. Buy Now: $135.

Smart Vests for You - Kor-FX Gaming Vest

Scottevest QUEST Vest: This cool vest features 42 pockets to take all your things along with you. It also features RFID-Blocking Pocket to protect your credit cards and passport; PackPocket is huge, exterior back pocket that has the storage capacity of a small backpack; Multiple Power Pockets that features patented Personal Area Network that allows you to wire power packs from just about any pocket to just about any other pocket; Easy Access Panels are huge panel pockets which are accessible from the exterior front of the vest, with interior organization to get to your gear quickly and hoodie which is stowable in the collar. Buy Now: $145 .

Smart Vests for You - Scottevest QUEST Vest
Co2 Automatic Vest: The U.S. Coast Guard-approved Onyx Co2 Automatic Vest inflates automatically when immersed in water or manually by pulling a simple T-cord attachment. It's perfect for boating, kayaking, fishing and more. Buy Now: $85.99.

Smart Vests for You - Co2 Automatic Vest
Lightningvest: The Vest is a handnetted, highly visible safety vest made from 3M reflective material that keeps you visible at night. You can wear it over jackets and t-shirts while riding a bike or running at night. Its neck opening is wide enough to pass over your helmet. It's lightweight, strong, and compact enough to be placed in your pocket. Buy Now: $138.

Smart Vests for You - Lightningvest

Bikeman Activity Vest: The Bikeman Activity Vest with indicator is perfect for cycling, hiking, camping or any outdoors activity. It features turn light indicator activated by remote control to signal forward, left, right, and stopping and keeps you visible. Buy Now: $39.99.

Smart Vests for You - Bikeman Activity Vest
Hydrosport Vest: Hydrosport Vest is a hydration system and fitness pack that's designed for the active lifestyle. It's perfect for running, hiking, biking, the gym and more. It lets you take your smartphone, keys, wallet, energy snack, hydration and more. Buy Now: $64.99.

Smart Vests for You - Hydrosport Vest
Sound Running Vest: The Sound Running Vest comes with integrated speakers right below your ears, lets you listen to your music without eliminating the sounds around you. This lightweight form running vest is perfect for every run - day or night. It features a two-pocket system in the front that holds your smart phone or small gadgets, keys or ID. You can easily remove its speakers for washing and it comes with 360ยบ reflectivity. Buy Now: $ 55.

Smart Vests for You - Sound Running Vest
Magvest: This wearable magnetic tool vest keeps everything within your reach. It provides a smarter way to manage the tools you use every day. It has magnetic pull strength of over 10 lbs, securely attaches the tools and weighs 3 lbs 9 ounces. Buy Now: $79.99.

Smart Vests for You - Magvest
Flexi Freeze Cooling Vest: This personal cooling device comes with 96 cubes amongst 3 removable, re-freezable icepanels, secured inside the vest and provides cooling power to the front and back of the vest. Buy Now: $99.99.

Smart Vests for You - Flexi Freeze Cooling Vest
Heated Vest: The Best Heated Vest features three temperature settings, 111° F on its highest setting and 107° F on medium, and produces heat for more than four hours. Buy Now: $179.95.

Smart Vests for You
Tactical Scenario Vest: The Tactical Scenario Vest is a comfortable vest that features four deluxe adjustable pouches - 3 right, 1 left, two internal zippered map/document pouches, heavy duty back loop system for holding additional gear and tools, mesh ventilation system and more. Buy Now: $52.97.

Smart Vests for You - Heated Vest
100 Lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest: This ZF Weighted vest is designed for all purpose training, made of heavy-duty 1200D reinforced nylon vest, comes with double cushioned shoulders and interior mesh venting. It comes with weights that can be adjusted from 3 to 140 lbs. Buy Now: $239.99.

Smart Vests for You - 100 Lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest
Cotton Carrier Camera Vest: This camera vest system comes with a camera vest, angled hub, flat hub, camera tether, handstrap, and universal tripod adapter. Buy Now: $ 160.

Smart Vests for You - Cotton Carrier Camera Vest
Tracer 360 Visibility Vest: The Tracer 360 Visibility Vest features 360-degree illumination, 3M reflective materials keep you safe and visible at night. It's perfect for bike riding at night and is sure to get attention of smartphone-distracted drivers. It's lightweight, comfortable, rainproof and can be worn over a t-shirt or your running or cycling jacket. Buy Now: $59.99.

Smart Vests for You - Tracer 360 Visibility Vest
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