Jan 10, 2016

15 Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent.

Collection of 'Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent' from all over the world.

TempTraq: TempTraq is a wearable and intelligent temperature meter that wirelessly sends real-time temperature updates on your smartphone for 24 hours. It continuously monitors, records, and sends alerts of a child's temperature to your mobile device upto 40 feet. Buy Now - $24.99.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - TempTraq

Evoz: Evoz is a smart baby monitor specifically designed for busy parents to stay connected with their baby. It features a wide angle HD camera that connects via Wi-Fi, and using its app you can keep an eye on your baby on your smartphone. It notifies you when your baby is crying, plays lullabies to calm your baby, tracks baby data and provides temperature alerts. You can even control your baby's nightlight and talk to your baby when you are away. Buy Now - $199.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - Evoz

FiLIP 2: FiLIP 2 is a wearable phone and smart locator for kids. You can call, text and locate your kid right from their smartphone. Using the FiLIP app you can choose five phone numbers that your kid can call up and receive calls from them. FiLIP 2 uses a blend of GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi that allows you to locate your kid using the most accurate location information, both indoors and out. Kids can press the red button on their FiLIP 2 for three seconds to initiate alert. You can set up to five safezones using the FiLIP app, and when FiLIP 2 detects your kid has entered or left a safezone, it sends a notification to your smartphone. The FiLIP 2 works as a regular watch and shows the time and the date. It's compatible with iOS 6 and greater or Android 2.3 and greater. Buy Now - $149.99.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - FiLIP 2

Brica Day and Nightlight Musical Car Mirror: This musical mirror keeps you and your baby connected. Its remote control lets you check on your sleeping baby, turn on a comforting nightlight, or choose from five soothing melodies. Buy Now - $17.99.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - Brica Day and Nightlight Musical Car Mirror
UviCube: UviCube safely dries, cleans and stores baby bottles. Buy Now - $299.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - UviCube

Evenflo DLX Infant Car Seat: The Evenflo DLX Infant Car Seat comes with Sensorsafe technology. It features a wireless receiver and smart chestclip and works along with car's OBD and reminds you with gentle tones that your baby is present in the your vehicle. Apart from this, it even notifies you when the chestclip becomes unbuckled during travel. Buy Now - $149.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - Evenflo DLX Infant Car Seat

hereO: The hereO GPS watch is a real-time GPS location device that allows you to know the whereabouts of your kids anytime, anywhere using the app on your smartphone. It's created specifically for kids three years and up. Buy Now - $179.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - hereO

MamaRoo: This smart baby rocker from 4moms bounces up and down and moves from side to side to comfort the baby. It comes with built-in songs (four soothing sounds or play your favorite songs) and MP3 plug-in. It supports max weight of 25 lbs, and you can control it from your smart device; it's compatible with both iOS and Android smart devices. Buy Now - $239. 99.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - MamaRoo
StoneTether: This compact Bluetooth tracker is capable of tracking items to a range of 500 feet. Just attach this device to your gadget or anything that you want to track, and if you misplace it, then use the StoneTether app on your smartphone (iPhone and Android devices), it will show you the location of the item and how far it's from you. Just attach the StoneTether to your kid and set the tether distance up to 500 feet; if they go beyond the set distance you get a notification immediately on your smartphone. You can either locate them or extend the tether further. You can tag your luggage, notebook or any other necessities to an event on your calendar and you will get a reminder if you move or miss anything. If your lost item (marked as lost) comes within range of another StoneTether then you will receive a GPS update of where your item is. Buy Now - $ 20.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - StoneTether

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor: The Mimo Smart Monitor connects with your smart devices and provides baby's sleep activity, breathing pattern, body posture, skin temperature and live audio in real-time. The starter kit contains 3 machine washable organic cotton kimonos, 1 low power Bluetooth transmitter and a Wi-Fi and recharging base station. Buy Now - $197.63.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - Mimo Smart Baby Monitor
Owlet Baby Monitor: The Owlet Baby Monitor keeps you updated with your baby's health via your smart phone. Buy Now - $550 .

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - Owlet Baby Monitor
Smart Patch Temperature Meter: This smart device allows you to monitor your kid's temperature remotely and continuously using your smartphone. If the temperature rises, you will receive alerts on your smartphone. Buy Now - $129.99.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - Smart Patch Temperature Meter

Iiamo Go Self Warming Baby Bottle: This self-warming baby bottle warms 6 oz of milk to 98.6F in 4 minutes and it remains warm for up to 30 minutes. This bottle can heat itself on the go, making things a lot easier for you. Buy Now - $22.15.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - Iiamo Go Self Warming Baby Bottle
AmbyGear: AmbyGear is a cool smartwatch for kids that comes with a range of fun applications to inspire kids to be independent, confident and physically active. It nurtures your kid's learning and keeps them engaged. It comes with built in GPS, text messaging and boundary alerts, and informs you of your kids location and activity. Using its texting app you can direct text to your kid's AmbyGear smartwatch and it requires no cellphone service. Its rewards empower you to track progress and reward you kids for their achievements. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones. Buy Now - $99-$$179.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - AmbyGear

SleepIQ Kids Bed: This smart bed adjusts with the kids as they grow and adjusts to their Sleeping Number setting. It allows you to teach them how to develop good sleep routines. The bed alerts you when the kid is out of bed, the under-bed lights can be remotely turned off, and activates when the kids gets up. Its app lets you know how well the kids slept and alerts you in real-time if need arise. Purchase $799.99 - $1699.98.

Useful Gadgets For The Helicopter Parent - SleepIQ Kids Bed

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