Jan 4, 2016

15 Smart Bulbs For Your Home.

Collection of 'Smart Bulbs For Your Home' from all over the world to light up your home in style.

Ilumi: Ilumi smart bulbs are intelligent and are capable of doing much more than just changing the colors. These smart bulbs enhance your life, ramp up your music, improve your sleep, and connect your whole home. Its capable of sensing your smartphone proximity and turn on and off your lights automatically. With these smart bulbs you have world of color at your fingertips, provides vacation security by turning your lights randomly on and off, and you can sync it with Spotify and experience your music like never before. You can schedule your lighting, comes with long-range Bluetooth mesh for control of 1-50+ bulbs at a go, and requires no hub or Wi-Fi and more. A19 Ilumi Smartbulb - Buy $59.99 and BR30 Ilumi Smartbulb - Buy $69.99.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - Ilumi (15) 1

Playbulb Smart Bulb: This smart bulb is simple, yet stylish. Can be fixed into most light fixtures with its standard E26/ E27 screwsocket or use an adapter for any kind of lamps too. This Bluetooth smart bulb along with the app gives you 16.7 million colors to choose from. Buy - $39.99.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - Playbulb Smart Bulb (15) 2

Q Smart Bulb: The Q integrates wireless smart bulb with streaming music. It connects through the Q Station router, allow you to create a Q (queue) of music and send lighting Qs (cues) from the same smartphone app. The Q Station is a WiFi router that talks to the Q Bulbs and functions as a normal router, with settings for music-response customization built into the router's settings web page. It comes with a standard 1/8" audiojack as an output to your home audio system or headphones. Once connected to the base station, your audio system becomes WiFi-enabled and you can play music to it from a networked device like a smart phone or notebook. It intelligently provides a light show for each song you listen to.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - Q Smart Bulb (15) 3

Qube: Qube is an affordable Wi-Fi enabled, multi-color smart bulb for your home. Using its app you can control your lights anytime, anywhere and also create countless automations. Buy - $19.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - Qube (15) 4

LightFreq Square2: LightFreq Square2 smart bulb features HD audio speaker, 16 million colors, intercom and voice notifications.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - LightFreq Square2 (15) 5

Par30 Smart Bulb: The powerful Par30 Ilumi smart bulb produces about 1100+ lumens, requires no hub or Wi-Fi, provides vacation security; detects your presence, makes music more enjoyable, schedules lighting and more. Buy - $99.98.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - Par30 Smart Bulb (15) 6

NextBulb: NextBulb uses Bluetooth Low Energy (iBeacon) technology that measures the distance from your smartphone and turns on when you are in range. This proximity sensing smart bulb uses indoor navigation technology to know in which room you are in and turn on the lights in that room. You can organize your light bulbs using its app; change the colors and brightness as per you requirement. Buy - $35.00.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - NextBulb (15) 7

BeON: BeON is a smart preventative home security that provides 800 lumens of white light output, features smart modules, BLE, microphone, sound processor and rechargeable power source. These smart modules are capable of learning and communicating with each other and protect your home. All these are hidden inside bulbs that provide beautiful light. You can control it with switch or your iOS or Android app.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - BeON (15) 8

Mimoodz: Mimoodz is the smartest bulb that you can control with your smartphone. You can dim them, change the color, and easily create party effects.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - Mimoodz (15) 9

Emberlight: Emberlight turns any bulb into a smart light. It lets your control any dimmable bulb with your existing WiFi and smartphone. This plug and play socket connects to your iOS or Android smartphone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE. You can automate with proximity awareness, set it on a schedule or control with a tap on your smartphone. You can turn lights on/off, and see if lights are left on, from anywhere in the world.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - Emberlight (15) 10

Smartcharge: This smart light bulb works like any other light bulb, it can be fixed in standard light fixtures and can be toggled on or off from its wall switch. So what makes this light bulb smart? Regardless of power supply you can turn it on and off.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - Smartcharge (15) 11

Sengled Boost Dimmable Bulb: This smart bulb doubles as a Wi-Fi repeater. It supports Client and Access Point modes, extends your Wi-Fi signal coverage and comes with an iOS/Android app. It's compatible with smartphones, smart devices and computers. You can remotely turn it on/off, has a range of 100 feet, and you can dim a single bulb or by group.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - Sengled Boost Dimmable Bulb (15) 12
Sleep Promoting Light Bulb: This smart light bulb has a patented filter that reduces the blue light by 50% for a better night's sleep; all you need to do is to use it in a nightstand lamp for half hour before you fall asleep.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - Sleep Promoting Light Bulb (15) 13
Belkin WeMo Smart Bulbs: The starter kit consists of two bulbs and a hub that works with WeMo app, which allows you to control from anywhere. Plug the bulbs into the fixtures, the hub into a wall socket and it connects to your home Wi-Fi network and allows you to control up to 50 individual bulbs. These bulbs can be controlled individually using app on your smartphone or you can create groups to turn on or off all of the lights at one go. Apart from this you can dim the bulbs or can program them to dim or brighten slowly over the time. Or you can use the away mode that automatically turns lights on and off randomly giving an impression the house is occupied.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - Belkin WeMo Smart Bulbs (15) 14
LIFX - The Light Bulb Reinvented: LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient light bulb that you can control with your smartphone.

Smart Bulbs For Your Home - LIFX - The Light Bulb Reinvented (15) 15
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