Jan 28, 2016

15 Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets.

If you are concerned with your online privacy and security we strongly suggest you check these gadgets out.

Neone: The Neobase is an encrypted Private Network Device that allows you to connect and share files, photos and other media with friends and family in a completely secure and private setting. The unique design of Neobase will make sure your data never passes through any website, service or cloudserver. Buy Now - $199.

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - Neone

eBlocker: eBlocker is a smart device that provides you plug and play privacy solution for all your devices. All you need to do is to just connect the eBlocker to your home network using the provided Ethernet cable. It anonymizes your online behavior, blocks all advertisements and lets you share only the information you want to share. It works with your smartphones, smart devices, PC, Mac, iPad, smart TV and more. Once connected it analysis all the data that is routed through it and keeps you and your family safe. It optionally hides your IP-address, and requires no software installation or configuration. Reserve Yours - About $140 (€129) - $362 (€333).

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - eBlocker

Opi: Opi is a compact device that works as your digital safe. All your information is encrypted, located where you want, presumably your home and keeps your private information private. It lets you access your information no matter where you are and yet still be in control of who has access to it and where it is stored. Its your private cloudserver and lets you share information with others, on your terms. Its a multiuser platform and lets you sync calendars, email, contacts, files and photos. Buy Now - About $216 (199€).

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - Opi

Cloudfleet: Cloudfleet Blimp is an easy-to-use device that lets you communicate securely via email, manages your files, calendar and contacts. It keeps your personal data safe and secure and grows into a smart personal assistant. Its your private encrypted cloudserver at home and lets you be in control of your data. Reserve Your - About $261 (€240).

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - Cloudfleet

Keezel: Keezel is a portable Wi-Fi solution that protects your privacy and security online. It connects to your home Wi-Fi networks and works with all your Wi-Fi devices. It allows you to visit blocked websites all over the world; watch TV shows, sports games and other programs which otherwise cant reach, and stops others from seeing what you do online. It works with VPN technology and partners with world-class VPN providers with servers worldwide. It encrypts your connection on all connected devices and protects your privacy and security online, in coffee shops, hotels, airports, at work and even at home. You can also create your own secure WiFi network with keezel. Pre-order: $89 - $1349.

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - Keezel

Shellfirebox: Shellfirebox is a compact box that safely connects all your devices to its VPN network. It easily secures all your devices and even those that don't provide any VPN capabilities (smart TVs, Bluray players, set top boxes and more). It lets you access blocked content and surf safely, from anywhere in the world you are located. It comes backed with its worldwide network of servers in 24 countries that lets you to virtually travel almost anywhere in the world within seconds. All you need to do is connect the device to your router; it configures itself and connects automatically. Buy Now - About $76 (69.95 €).

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - Shellfirebox

Dojo: Dojo is a smart home security gateway that connects to your home network and works as the essential layer between your smart devices and any issue to your security and privacy. Dojo is intelligent, it actually learns; it learns your Internet patterns to better determine any security issue before it's too late and blocks it. It can be moved around your home. Pre-Order: $99.

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - Dojo

GateKeeper: GateKeeper features auto-lock ability that allows sign in and out of computer just by walking away and returning. It duals as a Bluetooth location tracker along with Android and iOS apps so that you don't waste time looking for the things that always get misplaced. It allows you to track down the things or set an alert for when they are out of range. Buy Now - $49.99.

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - GateKeeper

Sherlybox: Sherlybox creates your own private, invite-only network without any storage or size limitations. You can share movies, music, documents and more with people you trust and whom you invited personally, anywhere they are. It's your own private cloudstorage under your control. Pre-order: $590.

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - Sherlybox

Sesame 2: Sesame automatically locks your Mac when you walk away and unlocks when you come back. Comes with Two-Factor functionality that only unlocks your Mac when you enter your password and have the Sesame keyfob close by. Buy Now - About $43 (£29.99).

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - Sesame 2

Cujo: Cujo is a smart device that connects to your router and protects your entire home network. It acts as a gateway between your devices and their connection to the Internet. It analyzes behavior and secures all devices connected to your network from smart things, smart devices, wearables, monitors and more. It provides you with alerts on your iPhone or Android devices. Reserve Yours $98.

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - Cujo

Helixee: Helixee is a connected object that backs up content from all your devices, either automatically or upon request. This digital safe provides you the best of both worlds (Cloudserver and Network Harddrive); its easy to install and easier to use for everybody, combined with your own private social network, secured and it is physically in your home. It's compatible with Mac, PC, iOS and Android devices. Pre-order: About $140 (129 €) - $271 (249 €).

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - Helixee

Anonabox Pro: Anonabox Pro is a compact Wi-Fi Tor and VPN Router for Internet privacy. It takes your online anonymity and privacy to the next level, fortifies your privacy and online anonymity by layering the Tor network with a VPN service. It comes with upgraded processing speed and USB port for file sharing. Buy Now - $119.99.

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - Anonabox Pro

Communitycube: The Cube is a plug and play, open source, energy efficient server that makes protecting your privacy easy. Its the physical layer, rendering secure cloudbased services over a grid, encrypts data in three layers, and you can also sync it with all your devices to have the same files and receive the same alerts. It supports both cabled and wireless connections to your devices, and comes with four network interfaces - 2 Wireless and 2 Gigabyte Ethernet. For secure communication outdoors, you can use its universal USB batterypack with 3G. Pre-order: About $151 (€140) - $368 (€340).

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - Communitycube

Ninjastik: The 32 GB Ninjastik Pro lets you get online anonymously while safeguarding your data and browsing. It comes with 256-bit encryption and 27 Gb of storage space for your files. Buy Now - $79.95.

Must Have Online Privacy and Security Gadgets - Ninjastik

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