Jan 19, 2016

15 Must Have Swimming Gadgets.

Collection of 'Must Have Swimming Gadgets' from all over the world for swimmers.

Beker: Beker is a waterproof MP3 player that lets you enjoy music while swimming. It uses boneconduction that lets you hear your music while having your ears open. It holds about 800 to 1000 songs, weighs only 34g, and can last 8 hours. Pre-order: $72.

Must Have Swimming Gadgets -Beker

Swimmo: Swimmo is like your personal trainer that tracks your swim workout and motivates while swimming. Specifically designed for swimming, it comes packed with smartsensors, features Intensitycoach and Pacekeeper, compatible with popular fitness apps such as Healthkit, Runkeeper, Strava, and more. It features rotate and tap technology that allows you to control the watch with simple gestures. It measures the calories used, tracks speed duration, distance and more. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Pre-Order: $189.

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - Swimmo

Iolite: Iolite is a GPS device that provides you real-time guidance while swimming in open water. This high-precision tracking device can be worn on the back of your swim goggles to start getting real-time feedback. It analyze the direction you are swimming and uses lights that will indicate if you are on course, slightly to the right or slightly to the left. The light display can be attached to the goggles of your choice; it connects to Iolite using a waterproof wire. It also tracks your pace and cadence. Its T3 software provides you with complete analytics after your swim. Buy Now - $ 199.

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - Iolite

Instabeat: Instabeat can be worn on the back of your swim goggles and it provides feedback of your calories used, laps, flip turns and more during your swim. It syncs with your personal dashboard to track your progress over time. Pre-Order: $149.

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - Instabeat

SwimEars: SwimEars is designed for swimmers and triathletes, keeps your ears protected without affecting your hearing. It lets you have a normal conversation with your coach or fellow swimmers and improves safety in open waters. Buy Now - About $54 (€49.90).

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - SwimEars

Xmetrics: Xmetrics is an activity tracker specifically deigned for swimmers that provides real time audio feedback and biomechanical data analysis. It allows you to track your performance, such as laps, frequency monitoring, time count, and more. It can be worn on your goggles, just on the back of your head. It records biomechanical parameters and provides real time audio feedback via an earplug. The feedback can be shared and analyzed without having to wait the end of the training session. Buy Now - $ 199.99 - $ 299.99.

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - Xmetrics

Seal SwimSafe: Seal SwimSafe is a wearable swim monitor that provides visible and audible alerts when a swimmer is submerged for too long. Buy Now - $379.99.

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - Seal SwimSafe

Safe Lane: Safe Lane is a swimmingpool wall bumper that's designed to protect the swimmers against swimmingpool's walls. Its portable, easy to install and when you are done, it folds up for easy storage. Buy Now - $139.99.

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - Safe Lane

OnCourse Goggles: OnCourse Goggles provides real time feedback during a swim so you can achieve the most efficient swim possible and improve your personal record. The feedback is provided in form of colored lights that keeps you on a straight line of navigation. If you veer off course, the lights notifies you the correct direction you need to swim as well as the severity of deviation. It contains an electronic compass, accelerometer with tilt compensation, microprocessor, its software and USB-rechargeable power source.

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - OnCourse Goggles

Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker: Polar Loop 2 is the stylish and waterproof activity tracker that provides smart guidance and motivation to reach your daily activity goals. This elegant wristband shows daily activity, calories used, steps taken, time of day and activity feedback on display and even monitors your sleep. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now - $100.

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - Polar Loop 2 Activity Tracker

Moov Now: Moov Now is an advanced fitness wearable designed for running, cycling, walking, swimming, and more. It specializes in sport specific guided workout experiences and provides various metrics. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy Now - $79.99 .

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - Moov Now

Garmin Vivoactive: This smart watch is GPS enabled, capable of tracking running, biking, golfing, swimming and activity tracking. It displays your data on your smartphone. It connects to your smartphone and notifies you of incoming calls, texts, email, calendar items and more. Its high-resolution color touchscreen display stays readable in outdoor light. Buy Now - $219.99.

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - Garmin Vivoactive
Misfit Shine: This wireless activity tracker can be worn as a bracelet, a pendant, or placed in your pocket. Its tiny, waterproof and syncs with your smartphone just by placing it on your phone screen. Buy Now - $69.99.

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - Misfit Shine

Jaybird's Reign Fitness Tracker: This smart fitness tracker from Jaybird can differentiate when you are running, walking swimming or cycling. The details of these activities performed and calories used are uploaded to the app. And more interestingly it's capable of knowing when you slept and how well you slept without you putting it into sleep mode. Based on your activities, its capable of letting you know how much sleep you need. Buy Now - $149.95.

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - Jaybird's Reign Fitness Tracker
Surfears: Surfears are designed for surfers, swimmers and other water athletes, to protect the ears without affecting hearing and balance. Said to measure close to zero acoustic loss, these keep the ears duly protected from the elements while letting so much sound through that its easy to forget you're wearing ear protection. Buy Now - About $54 (€49.90).

Must Have Swimming Gadgets - Surfears

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