Jan 13, 2016

12 Coolest Smartwatch Attachments.

Collection of 'Coolest Smartwatch Attachments' from all over the world for your smartwatch and also your classic timepiece to turn it into smartwatch.

Chronos: Chronos attaches to the back of your watch and alerts you of notifications. This wearable device measures under 3mm thin and 33mm in diameter, comes with smart notifications that allows you to set up different buzz patterns and light colors for each type of notification, features integrated fitness tracking that lets you track your steps and activity throughout the day, and its gestures control lets you control your smartphone's volume, music, and camera. It works with both Android and iOS, connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and recharges wirelessly via conductive housing. Pre - Order: $89 - $99.

Coolest Smartwatch Attachments - Chronos
TouchOne Keyboard: TouchOne Keyboard is a dedicated smartwatch keyboard that features 8 keys and 4 gestures. This innovative yet simple solution supports both circular and square devices.

Coolest Smartwatch Attachments - TouchOne Keyboard
Unique: Unique is a smart strap that turns your classic watch into a smartwatch. This handmade and innovative watchstrap lets you hold on to your classic watch while giving you the functionality of the latest smartwatch. All you need to do is to replace you watch strap with this smart strap that comes with cleverly concealed electronics. It features activity monitoring, lets you track your distance, calories burned, steps, speed, provides you with notifications, gesture recognition, NFC and it will alert you if you leave your smartphone behind. Its app works for both iOS and Android. Pre-Order: $139.

Coolest Smartwatch Attachments - Unique
Trivoly: Trivoly attaches discretely underneath your classic watch and turns it into a smartwatch. It provides fitness-tracking, notifications; using its app you can personalize it with different buzz patterns and light colors for each type of notification. You can also take selfies from a distance - up to 25 ft away. And you can control your smartphone, camera, Spotify, iTunes, and Sonos from your wrist. It works with both Android and iOS. Pre-Order: About $107 (€99) - $140 (€129).

Coolest Smartwatch Attachments - Trivoly

Bepple Covers: The Bepple Covers personalize and protect your Pebble Time. It attaches onto the face of your Pebble Time adding style and protection. Buy Now - $25.

Coolest Smartwatch Attachments - Bepple Covers

Montblanc E-Strap: Montblanc E-Strap features an integrated technology device that sits opposite the dial and provides activity tracker, smart notifications, remote controls and Find-Me functions. It use Bluetooth low energy, and connects to iOS and Android smartphones.

Coolest Smartwatch Attachments - Montblanc E-Strap
Aria Wearable: Deus Ex Aria allows you to control your devices by simply moving your fingers. It's available in two versions: one clip for Android wear (connects via Bluetooth) and smart strap for Pebble time (connects via wired communication). You can customize the gestures completely. It lets you answer or refuse a call, check and read your email, play and listen to the music and control the photo app in your smartphone. Pre-Order: Aria Strap - $86; Aria Clip - $159.

Coolest Smartwatch Attachments

Digitocks: Digitocks is a retrofitting watch attachment that turns your watch into a smartwatch. It uses Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone and alerts you of notifications, health goals and more.

Coolest Smartwatch Attachments - Digitocks

Catalystcase: This waterproof Apple watchcase keeps your smartwatch safe past one meter down. It also keeps it safe from dust and drops. It features the face open for direct access to the touchscreen, while the back is open to allow the smartsensor and recharger to work properly. Buy Now - $59.99.

Coolest Smartwatch Attachments - Catalystcase
Reserve Strap: The Reserve Strap recharges your Apple watch while you wear it. It extends batterylife of the smartwatch by a factor of 2.7x for 30 additional hours of usage. It leaves room for the smartsensors to work properly. Pre-Order: $ 249.99.

Coolest Smartwatch Attachments - Reserve Strap
Spigen Apple Watch Case: This Spigen rugged armorcase keeps your smartwatch safe and secure. Its metalized button provides tactile feedback for an enhanced experience with the smartwatch. $ 14.99.

Coolest Smartwatch Attachments - Spigen Apple Watch Case
Kairos T-band: The Kairos T-band lets you wear your favorite wristwatch while enjoying all the benefits a smartwatch can bring. It features notifications (text messages, E-mails, Incoming calls), push-alerts (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Wechat, Kakao and much more), remote control (use the band as your remote control for your smart phone, take selfies, control music, send pre-set text, remote start, control, and monitor your vehicle and more), and fitness/health tracker. Sets you back under $300.

Coolest Smartwatch Attachments - Kairos T-band

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