Jan 8, 2016

15 Best Night Gadgets for You.

Collection of 'Best Night Gadgets for You' from all over the world.

Aumi: Aumi is a smart night-light that you can control from your smartphone. It's a Bluetooth enabled, portable, multi-colored nightlight that provides over 16 million color options. You can use your smartphone to set a timer for your night-light, adjust its brightness, and change notification settings. Purchase Under $25.

Best Night Gadgets for You - Aumi

Snaprays Guidelight: The Snaprays Guidelight comes with nightlight designed into the cover plate. It looks like any other standard outlet cover plate and replaces the same, it installs within seconds and requires no wires and always leaves both outlets open for use. It automatically provides illumination in the dark and turns off during the day. Purchase $15.00.

Best Night Gadgets for You - Snaprays Guidelight

LiliLite: LiliLite is a bookshelf, reading light, and bookmark combined into one smart product. The light turns on automatically when you pick up the book and when you are done reading, you can use it as a bookmark and it turns off the light automatically. Purchase Under $140.

Best Night Gadgets for You - LiliLite

Stars Projector: Now with this Stars Projector, transform your bedroom into a private star-filled universe. Purchase $110.

Best Night Gadgets for You - Stars Projector
SleepIQ Kids Bed: This smart bed adjusts with the kids as they grow and adjusts to their Sleeping Number setting. It allows you to teach them how to develop good sleep routines. The bed alerts you when the kid is out of bed, the under-bed lights can be remotely turned off, and activates when the kids gets up. Its app lets you know how well the kids slept and alerts you in real-time if need arise. Purchase $799.99 - $1699.98.

Best Night Gadgets for You - SleepIQ Kids Bed

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight: This smart device connects to your existing smokealarms, keeps track of them and sends notifications to your smartphone when something is wrong. Just plug it in and it connects to your home's Wi-Fi and monitors your safety devices in your home. Apart from this it also monitors temperature and humidity. And you can set your nightlight's hue in 16 million color options and brightness from anywhere. Purchase $49.99.

Best Night Gadgets for You - Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight

Blinky Shoes: Blinky Shoes makes your shoes light up in bright, beautiful patterns and with your every step, a wave of light spreads out from the point where your foot touches the ground. It uses an accelerometer to sense the strength of your steps, the harder you step, the more energetic the pattern gets.

Best Night Gadgets for You - Blinky Shoes

Lumos: Lumos is an innovative helmet that features automatic brake and turn signal lights to keep you visible and safe on the road. It comes with white lights in the front that are arranged in a distinctive pattern, and red lights at the back form a triangle to keep you visible. Using a wireless remote you can activate the turn signals. Lumos features an accelerometer that detects when you are slowing down and automatically activates your rear lights. Its waterresistant, rechargeable and looks just like a regular bicycle helmet until you turn it on. Purchase $119.

Best Night Gadgets for You - Lumos

Illuminated Table: The KVAD Illuminated Table by Rotoluxe features a flat top surface that allows you to use it as a sleek end table, podium or seat. Purchase $275.

Best Night Gadgets for You - Illuminated Table
Photoluminescent Road Markers: These photoluminescent path lights takes natural and artificial light during the day and glows at night for 8 to 10 hours. Purchase $125.

Best Night Gadgets for You - Photoluminescent Road Markers
Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights: The Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights illuminate the path directly in front of you. These lights provide up to 30 meters of visibility, bi-lateral winged design features 270° of visibility. Purchase $ 59.95.

Best Night Gadgets for You - Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights

Jonny Glow: These toilet-illuminating stickers make it easy to use the toilet in the middle of the night. These glow-in-the-dark stickers recharge using the normal light and lets you know in dark if the seat is up or down. Purchase $24.

Best Night Gadgets for You - Jonny Glow
Motionsensor Outdoor Lights: These lights activate only when it detects someone is moving from up to 8 feet away, stays on for 30 seconds while lighting up a large area. Purchase $30.

Best Night Gadgets for You - Motionsensor Outdoor Lights
Orphe: Orphe is a smart-shoes system designed for artists and performers to enable new forms of expression. It features motionsensors and lights that functions both as a customizable lighting system and a musical instrument/audio-visual controller. Purchase $330.

Best Night Gadgets for You - Orphe

Illuminated Keyhole Indicator: The 'Illuminated Keyhole Indicator' makes it easy for you to see your doorway keyhole in the dark. Purchase $26.

Best Night Gadgets for You - Illuminated Keyhole Indicator
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