Jan 15, 2016

15 Best Laptop Stands for You.

You should ask someone like us who works most of the time on notebooks, the importance of a good laptop stand. A proper laptop stand improves your productivity and makes all the difference between good or bad posture. For you to work each day on your laptop, we have this collection of 'Best Laptop Stands for You' from all over the world.

Roost: It's a portable device that transforms your laptop into a comfortable desktop workstation. It elevates your laptop screen to the correct height to prevent you from hunching. Pre-Order: $59.

Best Laptop Stands for You - Roost

Workspace Lift24: The Workspace Lift24 is a height-adjustable laptop stand that transforms any surface into a standing desk. And if you want to sit and work just detach the tray. Its made with brushed aluminum, holds desk surfaces 12" deep or larger, provides you with 23" × 12" of space and weighs 12 lbs. Pre-Order: $249.95.

Best Laptop Stands for You - Workspace Lift24

Aspirus: Aspirus is an 8-in-1 smart workstation that features one-touch elevation, smart app, sit-stand reminder, tracking and more. This smart standing workstation can be placed on your existing desk and at a press of one button it rises to your height, sitting or standing. Just actuate its app to set sit-stand goals and reminders. You can also track your real-time data and keep yourself motivated.

Best Laptop Stands for You - Aspirus

Apex Stand: The Apex Stand is portable and compact, and allows you to pack your Apple devices in collection. It's perfect for those who want to use their MacBooks alongside their iMac or desktop computers. It's an easy cable organizer that allows your cords and desktop to stay organized and clean.

Best Laptop Stands for You - Apex Stand

Flio: Flio is a slim wooden laptop, and comes with two elevation levels (13cm / 5.11" and 14.5cm / 5.51"). It elevates your laptop significantly to a good viewing height, keeps your back straight and makes typing easy. Made from sustainable quality wood, its lightweight and portable, measures only 8mm / 0.31" thick and weighs 380g / 0.84lb. Buy Now - About $48 (€44) - $71 (€65).

Best Laptop Stands for You - Flio
Super Gorone DeskThe Super Gorone Desk is a portable mini desk that lets you work when you are lying down or sitting down on a sofa. It features a USB-powered cooler to keep your notebook cool. It measures 600 x 410 x 40mm, weighs 6.7 lbs and can hold up to 132 lbs.

Best Laptop Stands for You - Super Gorone Desk

Elevate: Elevate allows you to use your existing desk or table as a standing workstation for your laptop. It is portable and made from naturally strong birch ply. It has space for your laptop, keyboard and mouse.

Best Laptop Stands for You - Elevate

Koolertron Foldable Laptop Stand: This foldable laptop stand can hold 17" or smaller laptops with maximum weight up to 10kg. It can be used on the sofa, ground, or bed. Its adjustable and portable, can be adjusted in many different angles. Buy Now - $79.99.

Best Laptop Stands for You - Koolertron Foldable Laptop Stand
Traveler Folding Stand up Desk: The Traveler Folding Stand up Desk is designed for travelers. It folds up for easy storage and can be placed into a standard sized carryon luggage. It provides desk surface of 19.7 inches x 11 inches and weighs 2 lbs. Buy Now - $69.98.

Best Laptop Stands for You - Traveler Folding Stand up Desk

Lift: Lift turns your desk or table into a fully adjustable, standing to sitting smart desk. It raises your laptop to your eye level, can hold most laptops, and supports 60 lbs. Made from premium bamboo, it has surface area of 10 inches wide x 14.8 inches long x 5 inches tall. You can customize it with smartphone display docks, dry erase board, drink holder, mousepad, storage trays and cable management features.

Best Laptop Stands for You - Lift
Plunk Desk: The Plunk Desk is a portable standing desk that consists of just three parts, can be placed in a bag, and taken around easily. Buy Now - $495.00 - $895, Bag - $295.

Best Laptop Stands for You - Plunk Desk
Prop Laptop Stand: The Prop is an affordable and portable laptop stand that can hold 13" to 17" laptops. Buy Now - $15.99.

Best Laptop Stands for You - Prop Laptop Stand

3 in 1 Stand Up Stand in a Tube: 3 in 1 Stand Up Stand in a Tube is a portable laptop stand that can be used while standing, sitting and typing. It comes with adjustable legs that allow you to configure the stand in these three modes, each improving viewing angle and height. It can hold 13", 15" 17" laptops including the new 11" MacBook Air. It can be taken along in a featherweight, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum tube, weighs 11.5 oz, with 1.5 in. diameter. Buy Now - $69.

Best Laptop Stands for You - 3 in 1 Stand Up Stand in a Tube

Laptop Wood Stand: The Laptop Wood Stand is handmade from quality pine, raises your laptop to a comfortable level to keep your posture proper. It can hold most of the laptops, some iPads in both directions and iPad mini in one direction.

Best Laptop Stands for You - Laptop Wood Stand
Standing Laptop Stand: Standing is a foldable laptop stand in oak, elevates your laptop almost 21 cm / 8,5 inches, easy to fold and can be placed in your computer sleeve. Buy Now - About - $65 (550 kr).

Best Laptop Stands for You

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