Dec 30, 2016

15 Best Student Kitchen Gadgets.

Collection of 'Best Student Kitchen Gadgets' from all over the world.

5-in-1 Griddler: This compact countertop Griddler provides five-in-one functionality as a contact grill, full grill, full griddle, panini press and half grill/half griddle. It comes with removable and reversible nonstick cooking plates, adjustable temperature controls with indicator lights and more. Buy Now: $70.76.

5-in-1 Griddler
Transparent Electric Kettle: The Hamilton Beach's Glass Electric Kettle provides a 360-degree view (most of it, anyway). The 1.7-liter electric kettle comes with a corded stainless steel base, 1500-watt heat coil, features auto shutoff with boildry protection and blue illumination in the glass kettle making the water inside glow. Buy Now: $26.99.

Transparent Electric Kettle
Toasteroid: Toasteroid is an app controlled smart image toaster that prints awesome images, or the weather, so you can send messages, and much more. It connects to its app via Bluetooth and lets you choose design, text, drawing and more that prints the same on the bread. Pre-order: $85.

Toasteroid smart image toaster

Hyperchiller Coffee Maker: The Hyperchiller makes cool, refreshing chilled coffee with zero dilution in a minute. It features multi container design, works using icecubes and cools your coffee by as much as 130+ degrees in a single minute. Buy Now: $ 29.99.

Hyperchiller Coffee Maker

Anova Precision Cooker: Anova Precision Cooker allows you to cook "sous vide" producing restaurant quality results. All you need to do is simply attach Anova Precision Cooker to the vessel, put your food in a ziplock bag and set the time and temperature. The cooker circulates water around, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout. It connects to your smartphone and allows you to cook perfect meals by simply touching a button. Buy Now: $199.

Anova Precision Cooker

Automatic Mini Donut Factory: This Mini Donut Factory makes delicious mini donuts in approximately 90 seconds. Its capable of making up to 30 donuts per batch. It automatically forms, fries and drains delicious mini donuts and once they are done you can put them in a bag and sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon, or cocoa powder and shake them and they are done. Buy Now: $180.

Automatic Mini Donut Factory

Clever Cutter: Clever Cutter features a knife on one side and a small cutting board on the other that makes cutting, slicing and dicing easy and fast. Buy Now: $13.97.

Clever Cutter
Coffeemaker Helmet: The Off The Races Coffeemaker can make up to eight cups that drops into the 64 oz. glass carafe. Buy Now: $99.95.

Coffeemaker Helmet
SpreadTHAT!: This heated butter spreader works on the principle of heat transfer, its made from copper alloy, draws heat from your palm and transfers it onto the butter. Buy Now: $19.99.


Multifunctional Pasta Tool: This pasta tool is made of stainless steel and works as pasta server, measurer and parmesan grater. Buy Now: $15.

Multifunctional Pasta Tool
Pasta Basket: With Jokari pasta basket, you won't cook more pasta than you need; it measures and cooks one serving of pasta. Buy Now: $9.99.

Pasta Basket
Gourmia Supreme 8-in-1 Digital Multi-Function Cooker: The Gourmia Supreme 8-in-1 Digital Multi-Function Cooker is compact and doesn't take much space on your counter, comes with eight functions, pre-programmed modes, digital timer up to 10 hours, temperature ranges from 122°- 464° and more. Its perfect for those who have limited space, as with this multi functional device there is no need for individual appliances and it lets you cook using a variety of different cooking techniques. Buy Now: $79.99.

Gourmia Supreme 8-in-1 Digital Multi-Function Cooker
Swissarmius Kitchen Tool Holder: This cutlery holder is simple yet useful and streamlines your utensil storage. Buy Now: $19.

Swissarmius Kitchen Tool Holder
Blink Ketchup and Mustard Squeeze Bottles: The eyes on these bottles blink when you turn the bottle upside down. Buy Now: $16.

Blink Ketchup and Mustard Squeeze Bottles
Smart Planet Bacon Bowl Maker: Who doesn't like to have bacon? And wont it be just perfect to cook crisp bacon bowls in minutes? That's what Smart Planet Bacon Bowl Maker does for you, it makes cooking bacon bowls easy and in minutes. It comes with a non-stick cooking surface, and removable drip tray. And the best part is cleaning it up is easy. Buy Now: $23.04.

Smart Planet Bacon Bowl Maker
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Dec 29, 2016

15 Awesome Gadgets for Home Office.

Collection of 'Awesome Gadgets for Home Office' from all over the world.

Privacy keyboard: This Plug'n'Play keyboard protects you online and lets you go anonymous at the push of a button. It encrypts your data, safeguards access to Paypal, Facebook, bank and all online accounts. Buy Now: About: $ 155 (€149).

Privacy keyboard

EverClean Aquarium: The EverClean Aquarium is a 30-gallon designer aquarium that changes the way you keep fish. With its patented EverClean Filter you need no more vacuuming; it automatically extracts fishwaste from the bottom of the aquarium to the top for easy cleaning. Buy Now: $899.99 - $1199.99.

EverClean Aquarium

Airy: Airy is a planter that cleans the air in-doors. It works with smart biofiltering technology; uses the natural power of the plants and it ventilates air through the roots of your plant. Pre-order: About $ 77 (€69).


Fuut: Fuut is a mini hammock that you can tie below your desk and rest your feet and take a nap without leaving your desk and chair. Buy Now: $30.

Muzo: Muzo is an intelligent acoustic device that creates your personal zone of silence. It utilizes Billionsound Technology to generate dynamic realistic sounds. Pre-order: $159.


Influx Wi-Fi Maximizing Router Dock: The Influx Wi-Fi boosting router dock cancels out noise and boosts signal for better connectivity and range. Buy Now: $59.99.

Influx Wi-Fi Maximizing Router Dock

Behmor Connected Coffee Maker: The Behmor Connected Coffee Maker features customizable temperature control; you can control it using your iOS or Android devices. You can create your own profile or select one from the app's library. It comes with a double walled thermal carafe that holds 8 5oz. Buy Now: $248.99.

Behmor Connected Coffee Maker
Avi-On Movable Smart Switch: The Avi-On Movable Smart Switch lets you take your switch with you anywhere in your house. It's easy to setup, just place the switch exactly where you need it and use your smartphone to control it. It's powered by Avi-on devices, is compatible with various GE Bluetooth products and iOS and Android devices. Buy Now: $44.99.

Avi-On Movable Smart Switch
Satechi Aluminum Powerstrip: The Satechi Aluminum Powerstrip features a sleek and compact design, comes with 4 AC outlets and 4 USB ports. Its built-in 2.4A USB recharging ports lets you recharge your smartphones, smart devices and other USB gadgets. It also features IC smart technology that automatically adjusts the power to match it with your device requirements. Buy Now: $24.99.

Satechi Aluminum Powerstrip
Arlo: Arlo IP cameras are 100% wirefree, attach them to its fully magnetic holder or simply place on any flat surface, connect its base station to your home Wi-Fi router, sync your cameras, install the Arlo app on your smartphone, and you're done. You can move them around with ease as per your requirement. These smart home security cameras are weatherproof so can be placed outside. You can connect up to 15 cameras to the cloudserver, watch up to four cameras at once. These come with automate motiondetection, HD quality and nightvision. Buy Now: $179.99.

Arlo security camera

Slidenjoy: Slidenjoy is an ultra-thin, light, portable and freestanding device that makes really easy adding one to two extra screens to your computer. It attaches to the back of your laptop and lets you enjoy a full panoramic display and share content through the 180° rotation. The screen is powered by a single USB 3.0 or 2 ports 2.0; Slidenjoy is available in 2 models: 1 or 2 external screens. Pre-order: About $ 422 (422.29€).


Workspace Lift24: The Workspace Lift24 is a height-adjustable laptop stand that transforms any surface into a standing desk. And if you want to sit and work just remove the tray. Its made with brushed aluminum, holds desk surfaces 12" deep or larger, provides you with 23" × 12" of space and weighs 12 lbs. Pre-Order: $199.95.

Workspace Lift24

LumiSmart: LumiSmart is a smart desk lamp based on IoT (Internet of things) technology. You can control it using your smartphone, can detect noise level in the room, brightness, temperature, humidity, etc., has camera, music player, USB port to recharge two devices, text to speech, messaging hub and its built-in speaker is always ready to talk to you. More info.

LumiSmart smart desk lamp

Atmoph Window: Atmoph Window is a digital window that lets you place the window anywhere in your office and opens to beautiful scenery from around the world with videos and sound. You can see beautiful videos of nature and cities around the world and also hear real sounds of those places. You can download hundreds of videos over Wi-Fi and control it with an iPhone or Android smart phone. Buy Now: $599.

Atmoph Window

Fluxo: This smart pendant lamp lets you adjust the direction of your light using simple paint gestures on your smartphone. Indirect lighting creates a very pleasant light ambience and you can choose multiple colors for the indirect light and create perfect ambience in your home. You can paint your light, the more you paint, the brighter it gets, while the other parts of your room will stay dimmed. It comes with smart learning functionality that makes it capable of learning from your behavior by analyzing which light scenes you use and turned on most likely light scene automatically or using the light switch. It can even detect your presence and turn itself on when you enter the room in the dark. And if you don't have your smartphone with you and want another light scene, all you need to do is simply turn the light switch off and on again. Currently its able to communicate "out of the box" with - Homey, Guh.IO and openHAB and in near future more 3rd party smart home systems integration is supposed to come. It connects to your iPhone 5 (and above) and Android via Bluetooth LE, has up to 2800-lumen output when fully illuminated, is easy to install and has a universal power supply. Pre-order: About $ 534 (€479) .

Fluxo smart pendant lamp

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Dec 28, 2016

15 High Tech Outdoor Gadgets For Techies.

Collection of 'High Tech Outdoor Gadgets For Techies' from all over the world.

Revel Gear: The Revel Light is a portable 30ft. lightstrand that lights up your outdoors. You can power it using its Night Owl Solar Pack that uses solar energy to juice up and comes with 2 USB ports that let you recharge two devices at once. Pre-order: $169.98.

Revel Gear

Jackery Power Pro: The Jackery Power Pro is a portable power station that generates 578 watts of power to recharge your gadgets multiple times. It comes with an 110V AC port, 12 V DC port and two 5V USB ports. It provides you with 500 hours of lighting, 5 hours of TV time and runs your mini fridge for 10 hours. It weighs only 12 lbs, recharges using solar panel making it perfect for off grid adventures. More info.

Jackery Power Pro portable power station

goTenna Mesh: goTenna Mesh turns your iPhone or Android into an off-grid communicator. It creates people-powered connectivity absolutely anytime, anywhere without using towers, Wi-Fi and satellites. It lets you send text messages and share GPS locations on offline maps with others. Apart from these you can even chat privately in 1-to-1 or group conversations, or broadcast to any other goTenna Mesh device up to several miles or kilometers away. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth-LE and uses UHF radio waves to send text messages and GPS location information to other goTenna Mesh devices in the area. Pre-order: $ 149.

goTenna Mesh off-grid communicator

Macroboom: Macroboom is a rugged solar-powered, Bluetooth-enabled speaker for your outdoor adventures. Its IP67 water/dustproof, shockproof, continues to play music while submersed and while floating. Pre-order: $135.


Ecofire: Ecofire is a camping tool that uses paper, or small dry tinder to cook your food outdoors. It features a stainless steel construction, aluminum alloy tripod and can accommodate various sized cooking utensils. More info.


Jammock: Jammock is a Jeep and Truck hammock, made of Cordura Nylon, and is said to install in about a minute. For installation in jeep, it uses NRS buckles and for the truck you need four tie-down anchors. JammockTruck measures 5' x 5' and comes with a 13'- long strapping, which is long enough for most truck beds. It can take up to 350 lbs, and is good enough for two people. Buy Now: $99.99 - $199.99.

Jammock - Jeep and Truck hammock

Goldeye Solar Recharger: This intelligent power bank recharges your laptop using solar power. It comes with USB-C compatibility feature, 16000 mAh, flashlight, display screen that shows percentage of power remaining, voltage, and devices plugged in and it also jump starts your car. Pre-order: $179.

Goldeye Solar Recharger

GoFish Cam: GoFish Cam is a wireless, underwater action-adventure camera that records the action down to 150 meters underwater. It comes equipped with HD 1080p color video, nightvision, 170° wide-angle lens, built-in microphone and storage up to 32GB. It sits on your fishing line and records the real action of the sport without the wobble. Use its app to share the exciting action and your catch with friends, family and the GoFish community. Pre-order: $149.99.

GoFish Cam
Aerobed Pakmat: The Pakmat inflates in about 60 seconds, measures 78 inches long and 26 inches wide, and weighs only 4 lbs including the pump. This 5-inch inflated bed is a cleverly designed camping mat that stores inside its own pump. Buy Now: $99.99.

Aerobed Pakmat
Braven BRVXXL: This outdoor Bluetooth speaker is designed for outdoors, comes with 15,600 mAh, 14 hours of playtime, and recharges your smartphones with the built in USB port. It comes with IPX5 waterproof rating, built-in microphonejack, and adjustable EQ settings. Buy Now: $349.99.

Camp Kitchen: The Grub Hub Camp Kitchen sets up in less than 3 minutes, organizes, stores and transports all camp kitchen gear and provides complete outdoor cooking station and campsite hub. This kitchen in a suitcase provides sturdy table space, complete gear organization, lantern tower, stove platform, kitchen washbasin and everything else you need for organized camping. Its compact, lightweight and portable, can be placed in your car with ease. Buy Now: $379.

Camp Kitchen
Smart Binoculars: The BinoX Smart Binoculars features 4-16x magnification, Wi-Fi, GPS, Geotag, E-Compass, night mode, image stabilization and more. You can record 1080p full HD video at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps, and take photos in HD. It comes with Hdmi output, micro USB ports, and built-in IR illuminator. It supports iOS and Android devices and live streams over Wi-Fi. Buy Now: $424.99.

Smart Binoculars

Portable Solar Oven: The Sunflair Portable Solar Oven cooks for 1-3 people, folding down to the size of a seat cushion, and weighing only 1 lb, 2 oz. Its portable, can accommodate a wide variety of cookware, can reach temperatures of up to 285 F, and comes with complete cookware and temperature meter, making it perfect for camping. Buy Now: $119.99.

Portable Solar Oven
GoBag: GoBag makes things a lot easy for your perfect day outdoors. It comes with a removable cooler, zippered storage for your floor mat or blanket, cabana and wheels for easy transportation. You can set the cabana 6'x6'x6' in minutes; it has everything you need for your tailgating, camping, picnics, sports and the beach. Buy Now: $189.


Pinnacle Camper Cookware System: Now enjoy perfectly cooked meals for up to four campers with Pinnacle Camper cooking set. Buy Now: $139.95.

Pinnacle Camper Cookware System
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Dec 27, 2016

15 Coolest High Tech Gadgets For You.

Collection of 'Coolest High Tech Gadgets For You' from all over the world to make your daily life more comfortable with a touch of technology.

Cronzy Pen: Just think of it that you see a particular color on your way to your school or office or for that matter anywhere and you really want to use the same color in your project or report; how do you go about it? To make things a lot easy, we have the Cronzy Pen that features a built-in color scanner that lets you choose the color of your choice and re-create it in your diary, sketchbook, on canvas, or on the skin, and more. You can even click on its app on your smartphone, select the color of your choice and start writing or drawing. It can write in over 16-million colors. With Cronzy pen you don't need to take along dozens of multi-colored pens, as it gives you all of the existing colors and shades in the world in a single pen. Its compact in size, comes with 5 interchangeable tips and 2 sets of cartridges with ink and is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Pre-order: $219.

Cronzy Pen

Sky-Watcher Virtuoso: If you head outside on a clear night and look up, what you see will amaze you. And if you have a Sky-Watcher Virtuoso, then stargazing is much more fun. The Sky-Watcher Virtuoso is 5x24 finder scope and mountingbracket for DSLR, camcorder and smartphone. It comes with adjustable tracking speeds, multi-function motorized altitude and azimuth control, and a solar filter and finder. Buy Now: $249.95.

Sky-Watcher Virtuoso
Portable Apple Watch Recharger from Thanotech: If you have an Apple smartwatch and had enough of unplugging your 6-foot Apple watch recharger from behind your nightstand, then this is for you. It is an MFi watch recharger that lets you recharge your smartwatch anywhere. Its compact and portable, can be placed comfortably in your laptop bag, purse or even in your pocket. Buy Now.

Portable Apple Watch Recharger from Thanotech

Z Technology: If you are among those who have an old smartphone or smart device and want to reuse it but didn't know what to do with it, here is your chance - Z Technology. Z Technology is a smart device that turns your old iPhone/iPad into a 360° live streaming camera that you can use for various purposes. It comes with 10000 mAh and can recharge 3 devices, provides 360-degree live streaming, motionalerts, face recognition, video summary for the day, and cloudstorage. Pre-order: $59.

Z Technology

Modobag: Modobag is a motorized, rideable luggage that gets you to your destination 3x faster than walking. It has a max speed of 8 mph, and range of 8 miles. It features GPRS-GSM real-time tracking, proximity alert, dual USB recharging ports, dual wheel braking system and more. It recharges to 80% in minutes. Pre-order: $1095.

Modobag motorized rideable luggage

Personal Hydropower Plant: The Bluefreedom is a compact power plant that needs flowing water to produce and store electrical energy. It measures 20 centimeters in diameter, weighs 600 grams, and it takes minimum space in your backpack. It comes with USB recharging and works with your digital cameras, MP3 players, navigation devices, lamps, camping fridges, mobile phones, smartphones, notebooks and more. Buy Now: $319.

Personal Hydropower Plant

Geko Smart Whistle: If you are concerned about safety of your family members or your friends when they travel or out alone, then Geko Smart Whistle personal safety device is for you. Geko Smart Whistle when activated sends notification via texts, emails, voice recording to your pre-selected contacts. It includes your current location / closest address and updates it every 3 minutes until you de-activate the alert. It also provides continuous location tracking on Google Maps. It works using GPS tracking and Bluetooth technology, and supports iOS or Android device. Buy Now: $49.99.

Geko Smart Whistle
Zeeq Smart Pillow: A good night sleep is a must for an active day and if you disturb the other person sharing your bed, Zeeq Smart Pillow can make things a lot comfortable. Zeeq Smart Pillow plays your music that makes it easy for you to fall asleep, monitors your sleep and reacts by gently buzzing. It analyzes your sleep and intelligently wakes you up. This app enabled pillow records your sleepmovements that you can view on your smartphone. Now with Zeeq Smart Pillow you can sleep smarter. Buy Now: $249.

Zeeq Smart Pillow
Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator: Star Trek The Original Series Communicator Bluetooth Handset is a fully working wireless Communicator that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and lets you make calls or stream music. It features wireless recharging, and comes with wide range of sound effects and voice clips. Buy Now: $149.95.

Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

Nope 2.0: These days with our continuous presence on social media most of our data is available online without much of a hassle. And what more, most of us can't be away from our smart devices for more than a few minutes. What if some one makes an unauthorized access to your devices and turns on the camera without you even knowing it? You dont want your private moments to be shared with anyone, would you? To protect your privacy you need to cover the camera when you are not using it. This is what Nope 2.0 does for you. Nope 2.0 is a simple yet elegant magnetic privacy shield for your desktops, laptops, smart phones and smart devices. It features a subtle design that matches the beautiful aesthetic of top devices. More info.

Nope 2.0
Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch: Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch is here to make your life more comfortable with its touch of technology and simple design. This smartwatch has most or all of the things you need. It features voice integration, touch control, Tickle, Flip and Knock, stealth mode, health and fitness tracking, handsfree assistance and more in a neat design. It's compatible with both iPhone and Android. Buy Now: $199.99.

Ticwatch 2 Smartwatch
Renegade: If you are among those who want to reuse your plastic bottles, or who uses excessive 3D pen and had enough of buying the expensive filaments then Renegade is for you. Renegade is a 3D pen that runs on plastic bottles. It provides you with a great 3D printing experience, lets you create sculptures, draw in the air and more without spending on overpriced proprietary filaments. Pre-order: $80 (£65).


Hello: Looking for an affordable alternative to high-end video conferencing systems? Then check out Hello, it's an advanced video communication device that easily connects to any TV and provides an all-in-one, voice-controlled smart-home or office-device for: video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting, securitysurveillance with motiondetection and more. Pre-order: $169.

Hello high-end video conferencing system

Estream: Estream is a portable water power generator that works with any moving water and uses it to store energy to recharge your USB devices. It produces 2.5W - 7W of energy, takes about 4.5 hours to fully recharge 6,400mAh by running water and can recharge up to 3 smartphones, GoPros or more, twice as fast as a regular outlet. Pre-order: $180.

Estream portable water power generator

Cowarobot R1: Cowarobot R1 is a robotic suitcase that can follow you autonomously. It's capable of avoiding obstacles in its path, and maneuvers to stay in your line of sight. Its multiple smartsensors gather data from its surrounding area and ensure it returns to its place next to you. It has a max speed of 4.5 miles per hour, and runs for 12.5 continuous miles when fully recharged. Its active wheels retract when you turn its Autonomous Mode to Manual Mode. It features GPS tracking, obstacle avoidance, portable power bank, TSA approved smart lock and more. Pre-order: $699.

Cowarobot R1 robotic suitcase

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