Dec 24, 2015

15 Smart Bike Safety Gadgets.

Collection of 'Smart Bike Safety Gadgets' from all over the world.

Commuter X4: Commuter X4 is a wearable, fibreoptic bike light that keeps you visible to other drivers at night and makes it easy for them to judge your distance, width and speed.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - Commuter X4 (15) 1

HueRay: HueRay bicycle grips give out bright, lateral lights that enhances your safety and make you visible at night. These are rechargeable, and can be placed over most standard handlebars.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - HueRay (15) 2

Lumos: Lumos is an innovative helmet that features automatic brake and turn signal lights to keep you visible and safe on the road. It comes with white lights in the front that are arranged in a distinctive pattern, and red lights at the back form a triangle to keep you visible. Using a wireless remote you can activate the turn signals. Lumos features an accelerometer that detects when you are slowing down and automatically activates your rear lights. Its waterresistant, rechargeable and looks just like a regular bicycle helmet until you turn it on.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - Lumos (15) 3

Nori Lights: Nori Lights consist of a set of 4 activating pods and 30 feet of Nori Lightstripes. You need to fix the pods on the front and rear forks and align with the lightstripes. As the wheel rotates lightstripes continuously pass by the pods that provide wireless power to them and instantly light up creating a bright and solid ring of light emitting from both sides of both wheels.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - Nori Lights (15) 4
Livall: Livall is a smart bike helmet that simplifies your ride and keeps you safe. It features a microphone, Bluetooth speaker, lights and a three-axis Gsensor. Using its built-in microphone and Bluetooth speaker you can take calls and stay connected with your teammates. Apart from these you can also listen to music on the go. Its three-axis Gsensor can be of great use in case you fall when cycling alone, it detects you had a problem and alerts your contacts. The lights on the top and back of the helmet keep you visible and serve as direction indicators. The Bling Jet is a multifunctional remote control that can be attached to your handlebar and it interacts with both your helmet and smartphone and lets you use various features of the helmet.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - Livall (15) 5

Loud Bicycle: It seems the drivers react to car horns, to get you at par here we have a car horn for your bike to keep you safe out there. This bicycle horn produces 112 decibels, like a typical car horn and is designed to sound just like a car horn.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - Loud Bicycle (15) 6
Magnic Light: Magnic Light is a compact contactless bicycle dynamo that needs to be placed next to your wheel and transforms the eddy currents created by strong magnets into juice.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets -Magnic Light (15) 7
Revolights Wheels: These Revolights are built permanently into wheels; these second generation Revolights are permanently installed - riveted - right into the rims and have the same 360 degree visibility + forward projection as before, but requires minimal installation.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - Revolights Wheels (15) 8

Fortified Bike Lights: These MIT-engineered front and rear lights are designed to live on your bike in the toughest conditions.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - Fortified Bike Lights (15) 9

Fly6: This HD Camera and Taillight combo records what happens behind you so you can enjoy the ride ahead.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - Fly6 (15) 10
Double O Bike Lights: The Double O Bike lights attaches to your bike magnetically and recharges with USB.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - Double O Bike Lights (15) 11

Orp Smart Horn: Orp creatively combines high-decibel bike horn and front beacon light and makes you more visible and audible.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - Orp Smart Horn (15) 12
Scootrix Bike Noise Maker: The Scootrix bike noise maker provides awesome sound effects and makes an announcement of your arrival in style.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - Scootrix Bike Noise Maker (15) 13
Light Gloves: Use these light gloves as direction indicator while riding your bike.

Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - Light Gloves (15) 14
Magnetic Bike Lights: These minimal bike lights by design studio Kibisi attaches to its magnetic bases that are permanently fixed to your bike. When not in use you can remove the lights and these connects to each other transforming into a compact device for easy storage.

 Smart Bike Safety Gadgets - Magnetic Bike Lights (15) 15
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