Dec 26, 2015

15 Coolest Outdoor Coolers.

Collection of 'Coolest Outdoor Coolers' from all over the world to keep your beverages chilled outdoors.

Kreweser: Kreweser is a motorized cooler that lets you ride it in style. Comes with a 500w hub motor inside the front wheel that provides you with a quiet ride. Comes with 400 lb load capacity, has top speed of 18mph and when folded measures 36" x 23"x 25." Sets you back by $ 1,199 - $ 1,349.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Kreweser (15) 1

Solar Cooler: Solar Cooler is a portable solar-powered refrigeration cooler that uses solar energy and keeps your food and drinks cool.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Solar Cooler (15) 2
Kelty Folding Cooler: The Kelty Folding Cooler keeps your beverage cool and also folds for easy transportation. It comes with a price tag of $46.95 - $91.50.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Kelty Folding Cooler (15) 3
Rollingcooler: Its perfect for beach, or a backyard party, comes with foldout table on the sides and pair of chairs. Features spacious cooler area with convenient top shelf, cup holders, and folds out easily and packs up within minutes. Priced at under $140.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Rollingcooler (15) 4
Icemule Coolers Pro Cooler: Designed for extreme adventure, keeps lot of things cool for up to 24 hours. It's comfortable and is wearable like a backpack, yet high-performing as a hard cooler, features insulated drybag design and even floats. Costs you $119.95 - $139.95.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Icemule Coolers Pro Cooler (15) 5

Yetihopper 30 Quart Cooler: It is a 100% leakproof portable cooler, features HydroLok zippers that are completely waterproof and airtight closures, can hold up to 18 cans cool for days. Price - $307.86 - $429.99.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Yetihopper 30 Quart Cooler (15) 6

Coolest Cooler: The Coolest Cooler keeps your beverages cool, features a removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a USB recharger for your smartphone and other gadgets, a blender, bottle opener and more. Comes under - $380.00.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Coolest Cooler (15) 1

Cooler Picnic Backpack: This cooler picnic backpack features compact thermal shield insulation and includes acrylic glasses, napkins, corkscrew, bottle stopper, cheese knife, and hardwood. Sets you back by $54.40.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Cooler Picnic Backpack (15) 8
Tailgate Backpack Cooler Chair: The Tailgate Backpack Cooler Chair can comfortably hold 250 lbs while the cooler can take in a case of beverages.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Tailgate Backpack Cooler Chair (15) 9
Brutebox Outdoors Cooler: This cooler features two heavy-duty rubber latches with cantilever hinge system, thick insulated walls for maximum cooling retention, leakproof rubber gasket for sure tight seal and dual drainplugs. All these make it perfect for your next camping.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Brutebox Outdoors Cooler (15) 10
Portable Freezer With Lights: Its a small picnic-hamper-sized freezer unit; its useful for keeping your beverages and salads chilled and fresh.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Portable Freezer With Lights (15) 11
Swimming Ring: Cool drinks on summer days are no longer an issue; the swimming ring will make sure that all beverages are kept nice and cool.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Swimming Ring (15) 12
Nipi: Nipi is a smart solar powered cooler that features a recharging hub for your gadgets, has internal and external lighting, lockable dry storage area for your things, and 50-quart cool storage area. It also features cup holders that come complete with drainage points, its divider doubles as a cutting board, has all terrain wheels and keeps icefrozen for 6 whole days.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Nipi (15) 13

Menu Cooling Bag: Menu's Cool Bag keeps your beverages chilled, while its 100% waterproof inner bag keeps your food fresh.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Menu Cooling Bag (15) 14
Chiller Beanbag: Its designed for people who like to party; measures 50 cm in diameter, and has 4 spots for bottles and one large spot.

Coolest Outdoor Coolers - Chiller Beanbag (15) 15
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