Dec 4, 2015

15 Best Tech Gifts Under $100.

Collection of 'Best Tech Gifts Under $100' for everyone in your life from all over the world.

Salt: Salt is keyless entry for your smartphone, when you are near your smartphone it unlocks, and automatically locks it when you leave. Salt will unlock your smartphone when the Salt card is within 10 feet of it and you don't have to enter your PIN or do anything aside from turning your screen on. Its said that one spends 52 hours annually on just entering their pin. Buy - $20.00.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 1

Pebblebee Stone: Pebblebee Stone is a smart wireless shortcut button that can be attached to any surface or taken along to text friends, control music, take selfies and more. You can choose from built-in app shortcuts, thousands of IFTTT button recipes, or create your own. Pebblebee Stone - $24.99.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 2

Food Warmer by Crockpot: This food warmer is a lunch tote and food warmer in one and it warms your food while you work; it comes with 20-ounce capacity. Buy - $28.90.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 3
FLEXiT Light: The FLEXiT is ultra thin and flexible light that bends, folds, and wraps in any direction. It features 16 high intensity lights with three brightness functions and strong neodymium magnets for attaching to metal surfaces. Its perfect for car or bike repair, workshop, trailer, camping, working under the washbasin, walking at night and more. Buy - $29.99.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 4

Megalo Mini: The Megalo Mini is a portable recharger with a capacity a 1400 mAh - powerful enough to recharge your smartphone for the whole day. Buy - $39.99.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 5
Dual Jet Bath Spa: Just place this Dual Jet Bath Spa over the edge of your bathtub and turn your ordinary bath into a relaxing one. Buy - $39.99.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 6
Kitchen Safe: The Kitchen Safe is a time-lock container for food (gadgets or any other item); all you need to do is set the timer, press the button and till the timer reaches zero you're locked out. Buy - $49.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 7

Schwinn CycleNav Bike Navigation: The Schwinn CycleNav is a smartphone powered bike navigation that's compatible with both iOS and Android (4.1 or later) and provides you with turn-by-turn spoken and visual directions. Buy - $50.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 8
L8 Smartlight: The L8 Smartlight is an illuminated notification system that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and displays light codes for incoming calls, text messages, Whatsapp and more. Buy - $69.00.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 9

Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner: The cool Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner from Japan is a colorful furball that moves around your house cleaning. Unlike most of the vacuum cleaners that requires you to change the bag or empty the canister, its here that the sophisticated piece of technology and simplicity lies; all you need to do is just clean the ball using its special brush and its good to go again. Buy - $72.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 10
Solar Window Recharger: This cool solar recharger sticks to your window and recharges your gadgets. Buy - €69,95.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 11
Powerbag Messengerbag: It features built-in PowerVine System capable of giving a 3000mAh recharge; its easily accessible pockets features dedicated Apple and M2 connectors with micro and mini USBs that allow you to recharge Android, Blackberry, and other portable gadgets. Buy - $89.88 - $99.99.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 12
Aroma Plus Home Planetarium: Now enjoy aromatic experience while you star-gaze in complete relaxation while bathing. Buy - $ 90.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 13

Drivebot: It monitors your car's health and alerts whenever there's a problem with your car. It also keeps track of your driving behavior and tells you how to save more money. Buy - $99.95.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 14

Heated Hat: This beanie-style hat provides heat in wide zones directly over the ears up to five hours. It features a simple temperature control under the brim and color-coded lights indicate the temperature level selected. Buy - $99.95.

Best Tech Gifts Under $100 (15) 15
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