Nov 14, 2015

15 Gift Ideas For Photographers.

Collection of 'Gift Ideas For Photographers' from all over the world.

Light Cube: Light Cube is a portable and interlocking flashlight and light for filmmaking and photography. It comes with adjustable flashlight speed, can 'freeze time' at speeds of up to one eight-thousands (1/8000) of a second. It doubles as a video light and a flashlight, can be upgraded by adding more Cubes to create large studio light banks. Buy.

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Super Lens: This cool super lens turns 360 degrees to let you take 90-degree candid photographs in any direction. Buy.

Gift Ideas For Photographers (15) 2
Kula Deeper: Kula Deeper lets you take 3d photographs with DSLR cameras. All you need to do is place the Kúla Deeper in front of a camera lens for taking stereoscopic photographs. Buy.

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Smart Flashlight: It is a Bluetooth off-camera iPhone flashlight for iPhoneographers; it gives an ambient illumination from 40 points of diffused light which can be controlled using its app. Its shaped like a credit card and can be comfortably placed in your wallet. Buy.

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Relio: Relio is a tiniest USB light with ultra-high color rendering index, and is best suited for professional photographic use. Buy.

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MIOPS: MIOPS is a smartphone controllable cameratrigger for taking high-speed photos automatically. Buy.

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Gorillapod: Its lightweight and compact, has extra flexibility in placing your camera or camcorder just about anywhere you want. Buy.

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Piconizer: Piconizer is a pocket-sized library for your iPhone/iPad, it organizes your photos and videos while making room for new ones. Buy.

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Looxcie 3 Lifestreaming HD Video Camera: The Looxcie 3 is a compact design video camera that records, streams, and shares simultaneously. This wearable device can be fixed to your backpack, t-shirt, or anywhere you want, it features built-in Wi-Fi and connects to your smartphone wirelessly. You can use your smartphone as your viewfinder, and as remote control to record, or "live" stream your broadcast to a selected audience over mobile networks and even on Facebook. Buy.

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Cloak Bag: This unique camera bag allows you to take photographs from inside the bag. Buy.

Gift Ideas For Photographers (15) 10
Camera Clip: This durable metal clip lets you take your camera on any backpack strap, belt or bag. Buy.

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Lumu: Lumu is a coolest gadget for creative photographers and it plugs into the iPhone's or Android's headphone jack, turns your smartphone into a state of the art light meter. Buy.

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Camera Bag: Once you remove the strap, the bag functions as a protective camera insert and bag organizer inside of a larger bag. Buy.

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Flipbac Angle Viewer: Attach the flipbac to your camera's display screen and it will let you take some great photographs every time. Buy.

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Double Straps: This sleek designed double straps is perfect for two cameras. Buy.

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