Nov 9, 2015

15 Coolest Gift Ideas For Campers.

Collection of 'Coolest Gift Ideas For Campers' from all over the world.

Cinch: Cinch is an easy to set up tent that comes with solar power and lighting. The solar power pack (optional) can recharge your USB gadgets; it sits on the roof of the tent. Its waterproof, features superflex fiberglass poles, double-taped seams, side windows, full tent length storage pockets and more. The kit includes two lanterns, four light tentpegs, 20 light reflective guylines, two canopies, and more. It has lots of space, has two entrances and is available in 2, 3, and 4-person capacity. Buy.

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Nanogrid Lighting and Recharging Hub: The Nanogrid Lighting and Recharging Hub by Biolite is a compact lighting and energy hub. It features 4,400 mAh power source that can be recharged from any USB source or Biolite stoves and lets your recharge your USB rechargeable gadgets. The entire system runs for up to 22 hours. Buy.

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Outdoors Integrated Camping Blanket: The Outdoors Integrated Camping Blanket is perfect for three seasons, its design and is adjusted for camping or backpacking and can even be adapted to the climate. Buy.

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Flex 4 Cooking System: It's a perfect cooking set that contains the basic cookware needed for cooking while camping. And it features space saving design as you can keep them in one another. Buy.

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Travelmate Kit: The Travelmate Kit is an all-in-one food prep tool for campers on the go. It features a space saving design, can cut, spread, chop and even be used as a spatula; it takes care of most of your basic meal prep needs. It also features 4.87 inch blade, its fork doubles as a bottle opener, can opener, flathead screwdriver and grill scraper. Buy.

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Matador Pocket Blanket: The Matador Pocket Blanket is small enough to be placed into your pocket and unfolds into a 55" X 44" blanket. Its backside is waterproof to keep you clean and dry. Its also puncture proof to keep you comfortable when placed over twigs and small rocks. And it features weighted corners for improved performance on breezy days. Buy.

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VSSL Flasklight: The VSSL Flasklight is a stainless steel flashlight that can also hold your beverage. It features a flashlight that can provide over 20 hours of lighting in 'Bright' mode, two compact stainless steel travel cups featuring a telescopic, leakproof design that folds flat for easy storage, bottle opener and removable oil-filled compass. Buy.

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Sugru: Sugru is a really cool thing that you should consider taking along on your next camping. It allows you to improvise things and fix them too. It's perfect for outdoors; is strong and durable and can withstand the weather. Sugru can be used to fix anything, which includes your camping gear. All it needs is 24 hours to turn it into a durable, flexible rubber that stays stuck once you use it to build, seal, fix, create, and stick things together. Its flexible, comfortable to touch and also grippy, can withstand temperatures from -50°C (-58°F) to +180°C (356°F), waterproof and removable. Buy.

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Flamestower: The Flamestower is a compact device that uses a thermoelectric generator to recharge your smartphone, camera, GPS or any other USB-connected device while you cook your food. Buy.

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Minipresso: Minipresso from Wacaco is a compact, portable and handpowered espresso machine. Buy.

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Steripen: This portable water purifier makes your water drinkable; it purifies 16 ounce of water in less than a minute and it can filter up to 50 times on a single recharge. Buy.

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Zerohour: This rechargeable flashlight features a USB backup to recharge your iOS and Android smartphones. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, it features a 3400 mAh USB backup and its variable control ring allows you to choose brightness from 0 to 1000 lumens. Buy.

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Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot: This portable WiFi hotspot makes sure you stay connected from anywhere in the world. You can make calls, use email, send messages, or enjoy your favorite social media apps. You can place the satellite unit outside and facing the satellite and use your smartphone in indoors. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Buy.

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Survival Laces: Survival Laces are made with 550 paracord that serves as firestarter, tinder, and fishing line embedded in paracord laces. Buy.

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BioLite BaseCamp Stove: The BioLite BaseCamp uses branches or small pieces of firewood to work. It transforms heat into useable electricity via a thermoelectric generator. It provides 5W of electricity via a standard USB port. You can cook your meals and recharge devices all at the same time. Buy.

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