Nov 23, 2015

15 Best Smartphone Gadget Gifts.

Collection of Smartphone Gadget Gifts under $100 from all over the world for you.

Chatlight: Chatlight clips on to your smartphone, smart device, or laptop to beautifully illuminate all of your video chats and selfies. You can plug it in to a standard wall outlet or any USB port and recharge in only 15 minutes. You can adjust its brightness and swivel up or down depending on where and how much light you need to look your best. Buy - $29.99.

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Vrizzmo Headset: The Vrizzmo headset turns your smartphone into a virtual reality headset. It lets you watch spherical, panoramic, 2D and 3D videos and play VR games using your smartphone. It features dual lens system that creates less image distortion and provides 105-degree field of view. It comes with two built-in buttons and you can also customize your headset. Buy - €59.99.

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Ten-Digit Touchscreen Gloves: These gloves let you use your touchscreen; made from special conductive fibers so you can use your smartphone with gloves on. Buy - $30.

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Hybridpower Case: This smart case gives you more power, better sound quality, more protection, is light weight, features a kickstand and takes out the need of extra cable to recharge. It protects and improves the performance of your iPhone 6. It gives 200% extra batterypower with the push of a button, its dual integrated speaker canals in the base of the case redirect the audio towards you, and its light-weight design enhances the appearance of your iPhone 6. Buy - $ 99.99.

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Jump Recharging Cable: It consists of a recharging cable and portable power source that provides your smartphone the much needed juice wherever you are. Buy - $49.99.

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Nexpaq: Nexpaq is a smart modular smartphone case that lets you to easily customize, and enhance features to your smartphone through the case. You can mix-and-match from a variety of modules to increase functionality of your phone, like additional power, an amplified speaker, a temperature and humiditysensor, storage, card reader, breathalyzer and more. Available in black or white for iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S5. Buy - $65.00, plus modules extra.

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Qmote: Qmote is a multifunctional, single-button remote that allows you to perform actions on your smartphone, even when it's out of reach. It uses predefined click patterns to control functions on your smartphone; your smartphone acts as a smart hub, while Qmote provides you easy and intuitive functionality, all at the click of a button. You can use it to control music, take photos, record videos, find your phone, record audio, take screenshots, make calls, send location and texts, and more. And Qmote is fully IFTTT integrated. Buy - $24.99.

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Chargetech: Chargetech is capable of recharging your smartphone twice as fast. It features two hi-speed USB ports, provides an output of 2.4-amp/12.5 watt, and is capable of recharging two devices at a go. Buy - $25.

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iblazr 2: iblazr 2 is a wireless flashlight for iPhone, iPad, Androids and digital cameras, and works with native camera apps. Connect it with your smart device using Bluetooth and using its app, it works as a remote flashlight with a range of up to 80 feet (25 meters). And by tapping the iblazr device twice, it beams a powerful 300 LUX on 1m flashlight synchronically with your camera's shutter. Buy - $59.99.

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Recap S2: This smart device makes recording your phone calls directly into your computer really simple. Its simple, secure and private as recorded calls are stored locally and never leaving your premise. It records incoming/outgoing calls and both sides of the phone call conversation. It's compatible with Android, iPhone and most smartphones. Buy - $99.00.

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Pulseplay: Pulseplay is a smart wearable device that functions as scorekeeper, announcer, ranking system and more. It's designed to work seamlessly with all racquet sports. Buy - $75.

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Dscvr Headset: Dscvr Headset is a roadworthy Virtual Reality headset for smartphones that lets you take your VR adventures with you. This portable headset has an innovative and retractable chassis; its 34 mm biconvex lenses provide a clear view of the action. The headset can accommodate a wide range of phone models and sizes- up to Nexus 6 and iPhone 6 Plus-sized units. Buy - $29.99.

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Pocket Spotlight: The Pocket Spotlight is a continuous light source that can be placed into your smartphone's headphone jack. It's bright enough for your photos and small enough for your pocket. It recharges via included USB. Buy - $30.

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Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick: The Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick is a smart drive that connects wirelessly to your smartphone and smart devices and lets you save and access your photos, videos and files. It can stream up to 3 devices at one go, connects to your computer via USB port, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices and available in 32, 64, and 128 GB versions. Buy - 32 GB - $39.95; 64 GB - $39.99; 128 GB - $99.99.

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Fitholster: This smart case for fitness is engineered for athletic performance and designed to move and work with your body. It features reversible magnetic clasp above the protective case that allows you to move unrestricted. It uses neodymiummagnets to stay in place. Buy - $ 39.99.

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