Oct 2, 2015

15 Useful Wallets for You.

Collection of 'Useful Wallets for You' from all over the world.

Living Wallet: The Living Wallet lets you spend money wisely. This smart wallet is capable of reacting to your financial situation. It works along with its app on your iPhone and collects your financial situation in real time. It automatically changes its mode depending on your balance; when its in deficient budget, saving mode gets activated and for favorable balance it activates consumemode. When saving mode is activated the wallet uses its wheels to move off when you try to reach for it, and complains if you catch it. And when its set to consumemode, it lets you shop better by calling out Amazon's top products.

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Articulate Wallet 2.0: The Articulate Wallet 2.0 uses full grain imported Italian leather, has six cardslots with slanted corners for quick access, and is .35in thick. This minimalist wallet also features a special RFID blocking lining and lining on the back pocket wraps over itself.

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Keplero Luxury Wallet: This magnetic luxury wallet is made of pure carbonfiber, its thin, lightweight, and simple yet durable, modular and exclusively stylish. Its incredibly easy to use, can even be used with only one of the hands, features RFID-blocking system, money clip on the back and as its modular you can decide how many credit cards it should hold making it as thin as you want.

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Natsu: Natsu is a one piece of folded leather; provides easy access to your cards and bills; holds coins and keys.

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Slim 360 Wallet: The Slim 360 Wallet is designed to allow the wallet to be flipped open 360° either way. This 360° reversible bifold wallet comes with optional RFID blocking.

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Minima: The minimal wallet is no bigger than your bank cards, and is made from high quality anodizedaluminum/stainless steel and industrial grade heavy stretch elastic. It holds anywhere from 3 to 15 cards, features a cash strap on the reverse side and RFID blocking.

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Slim Wallet: The Slim Wallet is crafted in full-grain leather, features a removable carbonfiber money clip, holds 1-10 cards and cash, RFID-blocking technology, and its smarttab lets you accesses up to 8 cards instantly.

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Roam™ Passport Wallet: The Roam™ Passport Wallet is designed to hold your passport, notebook, cards and a pen.

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Militarygrade Wallet: Militarygrade Wallet is a minimalist wallet, its sleek, slim, extremely durable and features softtouch technology.

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Steel Wally: Steel Wally is designed for minimalists, its simple, effective, with safe RFID-blocking wallet.

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Vinco: This ultrathin minimalist wallet provides elegance and security (RFID-blocking); it holds up to 7 cards and a few folded bills.

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Jawns Wallet: Jawns Wallet holds your cards, cash, comes with an integrated (and replaceable) notebook, can even accommodate your passport and has a utility pocket for extra things too.

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PowerFold Wallet: With PowerFold Wallet you can juice up your gadgets on the move. It beautifully combines ultrasoft, extra thick genuine leather with the most energy dense power bank. It comes with built in Micro-USB and hidden iPhone 5 and 6 adapter, 2500mAh of power capable of recharging 80% of an average smart phone and 100% on most iPhones.

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New Wallet: The New Wallet is an all-in-one organized wallet with RFID blocking, and protective smart phone case, with integrated tracking technology.

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Smartphone Recharging Wallet: The Smartphone Recharging Wallet is a trifold leather wallet with a 680 mAh portable power source to recharge your smartphone. It can hold up to 9 cards, a full-length bills and a fastener.

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