Oct 3, 2015

15 Smart Storage Gadgets for your Smartphone.

Nowadays none of us can stay away from our smartphone for more than few minutes, but the issues most of us face are storage and running out of juice. We are sure this collection of 'Smart Storage Gadgets for your Smartphone' from all over the world is going to be useful.

PowerClip: This portable multi-functional device features key and phone finder, phone recharger, data storage, activity tracker and more. You can attach it to your keychain, is compatible with iOS, Andriod and Windows smartphones, and comes with 4GB of storage for the micro, 8GB for the Pro, and 32GB for the Pro32. Access to the device is password-protected via the smartphone app. Your photos can also be saved automatically to the device wirelessly, keeping them safe and private.

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Mosaic: Mosaic is a compact device that makes your smartphone better, it gives you more storage, longer backup, and the ability to share and save all of your experiences anywhere, anytime.

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NextDrive Plug: The NextDrive Plug looks like a simple plug, but is powered by "Link2" P2P technology, works on Wi-Fi networks and wirelessly expands your smartphone's storage. This micro IoT computer connects your favorite USB devices wirelessly to your smartphone in seconds. All you need to do is plug your USB device into the NextDrive Plug, install its app on your smartphone and you are good to go. You can access your NextDrive Plug anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. You can use your NextDrive Plug for expanding your smartphone's storage, back up your photo library to a hard drive, stream video from any web camera wirelessly, music streaming and more. Its storage capacity is limited by the size of the USB harddrive you connect and it supports up to 6TB single HDDs. Authorized devices can only access the NextDrive Plug, and all data transfers are secured and authenticated by bank-level security mechanisms and encryption chips.

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Infincase: Infincase is a modular case for your smartphone that will ensure your gadget never runs out of juice and your storage is never full. All you need to do addon the module (storage, power, sound) onto your smartphone for extra functionality when you need it.

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WonderCube: This super tiny and lightweight device comes with '8' functions in a one-inch cube. It features a built in cable, recharger, phone stand, OTG USB, flashlight, and more. It's compatible with your iOS and Android device.

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iFlashdrive: This device gives you up to 64 GB storage for your iPhone (4S - 6 Plus), iPad and iPod. It features 2 built-in micro SD and SD memory cardslots, a micro USB connector for faster transfer to and from Mac or PC. It also encrypts pictures and videos that can play straight from the Super iDrive.

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KiiTAG 2: KiiTAG 2 provides functionality of multiple devices in one compact and sleek solution. It features a power bank, USB drive, recharging cable for iOS and Android, flashlight, key finder, and shortcut functionality.

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MemoriesCable: MemoriesCable combines two most needed things for your smartphone into one sleek device; it stores and manages data, automatically backs up your iPhone/iPad while recharging it.

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Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick: The Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick is a smart drive that connects wirelessly to your smartphone and smart devices and lets you save and access your photos, videos and files. It can stream up to 3 devices at one go, connects to your computer via USB port, is compatible with iOS and Android devices and is available in 32, 64, and 128 GB version.

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Nexpaq: Nexpaq is a smart modular smartphone case that lets you to easily customize, and enhance features to your smartphone through the case. You can mix-and-match from a variety of modules to increase functionality of your phone, like additional power, an amplified speaker, a temperature and humiditysensor, storage, card reader, breathalyzer and more. It is available in black or white for iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Nextear: Nextear is smart ultra-small wireless earphones that connect with any Bluetooth smart device to play studio quality music. It comes with a multi-purpose rechargeable storage case; it can recharge your smartphone, hold 16GB storage, has a built-in Android and iOS recharging cable and a flashlight.

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Robin: We can't miss Robin, can we? Robin is cloudfirst smartphone that gets smarter every day and makes running out of space a thing of past. It has integrated cloudserver into Android OS, and provides storage online. Its secure, your personal data is transmitted encrypted and stored encrypted on their servers and additionally you can choose to encrypt even your local storage.

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Raverr: The Raverr smart case features dual speakers, a multi-colored front flashlight, a kickstand, capable of recharging two phones at the same time, built-in USB drive, and extents batterylife. It supports iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices (S4, S5).

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Kingston DataTraveler microDuo OTG USB: The Kingston DataTraveler microDuo is a USB device that features microUSB and USB 2.0 connectors and expands storage for smart devices (supported by OTG functionality) up to 64GB. This plug and play device makes it easy for you to store large files.

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Bleep: Bleep is a smart recharging cable that backs up your data.

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