Oct 20, 2015

15 Must Have Smart WiFi Routers and Repeaters.

Collection of WiFi routers, boosters and repeaters from all over the world to bring WiFi to every part of your home to keep you connected.

iVi: iVi is a small, mobile, wireless, micro-cloudserver that enables seamless, on-demand media browsing and streaming between all your digital devices, in HD. It supports advanced mesh networks for file sharing between all units in range, multiple Internet connection modes and a wide range of formats. It features WiFi hotspot and repeater, cloudstorage (you can create your own cloudstorage network), and network gaming (create your own private game network with much faster speeds than the internet). You can share your 3G, 4G, or LTE wireless broadband connections with a wireless USB adapter and your mobile service. It also encrypts and decrypts files to be shared or stored in the public cloudserver. It also comes with three USB ports for connecting and recharging devices, and an Ethernet port for connecting to a wired broadband router.

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Smaug X: Smaug X is a home security router that protects your privacy and security online. All you need to do is connect the device to your home WiFi network; the privacy of you and your family are under protection. It supports all your devices; keep them safe on the Internet. You can even watch TV, movies or sports, games and all other programs "Not Available in your country".

Must Have Smart WiFi Routers and Repeaters (15) 2
Flexcharger: This versatile recharger can recharge five devices at one go; it provides wireless recharging, features 2 retractable cables, tiltable dock connector, USB 3.0 port, fold out tray and more. What more, it double as a Wi-Fi repeater.

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OnHub: The OnHub wireless router from Google makes it easy to manage a fast network. The Google On app lets you see who's on your network, troubleshoot at home or away and control your network from anywhere. Its 13 high-powered antennas provide better Wi-Fi coverage in more directions in your home. Its auto updates lets you have the latest features and security upgrades. You can prioritize a device for fastest Wi-Fi, run a network check, has 4GB of storage space and uses a dimmable light ring that uses one of four color indicators to give you feedback. It supports both 2.4 and 5GHz frequencies, Bluetooth® Smart Ready, 802.15.4 and Weave.

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Gramofon: Gramofon is a smart device that turns your sound system into a WiFi music player. You can stream music wirelessly from your favorite music services, Internet radio stations and music stored locally. Just connect it to your home network and sound system, use your smartphone as a remote. You can play different music on each speaker around the home or play the same music on every speaker around the home. You can set it up as a wireless extender.

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Anonabox: The anonabox is an embedded Linux device that provides a robust layer of anonymity and privacy while browsing online via the TOR network.

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Keewifi Router: Keewifi Router isn't just another router; it makes connecting devices to Wi-Fi easier. All you need to do is simply hold your Wi-Fi enabled gadgets close to the Keewifi syncing panel, and it will authorize it in seconds. It requires no password or configuration, it works right out of the box. It features the latest wireless standard 802.11ac and enterprise networking technology to ensure that your Wi-Fi signal is strong, stable, and fast. The device uses proximity technology, supports simultaneous dual-band transmissions (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz) with Wi-Fi speeds up to 867Mbps. It uses Beamforming technology to boost signal strength in the direction of your WiFi devices. It also features a Zenbutton that allows you to resolve common WiFi issues. Its Keewifi app supports both iOS and Android.

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Sengled Boost Dimmable Bulb: This smart bulb doubles as a Wi-Fi repeater. It supports Client and Access Point modes, extends your Wi-Fi signal coverage and comes with an iOS/Android app. It's compatible with smartphones, smart devices and computers. You can remotely turn it on/off, has a range of 100 feet, and you can dim a single bulb or by group.

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eero WiFi System: eero is a Wi-Fi system designed to provide a reliable Internet connection in your home. A set of three eeros are capable of creating mesh network and covering a typical home; these work in unison to provide hyper-fast, super-stable Wi-Fi to cover every inch of your home. The setup is quite easy; just plug your first eero into your existing cable or DSL modem, just download the app and it will instantly recognize your eero, and prompt you to create your own network name and password. Rest of the eeros can be plugged in standard wall outlets around your home with the guidance of the app. It runs checkups regularly to know exactly what's going on with connected devices of your network, speed, if neighbors' networks are causing any interference, and how your modem and cable service is performing. You can share your network's login information with your guests from your phone via a text message or using its app. The device also alerts you whenever a device joins your network and sends you a weekly digest of all the devices that have connected to your network. eero comes with built-in Bluetooth, which means your home is blanketed in both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth making it easier to integrate it with your smart home.

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D-Link AC3200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router: The D-Link DIR-890L/R router features tri-band Wi-Fi, smarter bandwidth, advanced AC smartbeam, and a 1GHz dualcore processor to create reliable and fast home network. It allows you to stream HD multimedia across your home without interruption. Smarter Bandwidth selects the fastest Wi-Fi for every device and prevents older devices from affecting optimal performance. Tri-Band Wi-Fi provides faster Wi-Fi speeds of up to 3200Mpbs (600N on 2.4GHz + 1300Mbps + 1300Mbps on 5GHz). The Smart Beam Forming improves coverage by directing bandwidth to your devices as you move around your home. The router provides parental controls, device blocking, activity monitoring, and more.

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Apotop Wireless Travel Wi-Fi Router: The Apotop Wireless Travel Wi-Fi Router easily creates a Wi-Fi hotspot from a wired source and allows multiple devices to go online simultaneously. You can power it using an external power adapter such as an iPad recharger or by USB connection to a computer. Its compact size makes it convenient for travel and it has wireless speed up to 150Mbps.

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Inplug: Inplug is a smart socket that connects to your home Wi-Fi network and lets you control your appliances from anywhere in the world. It also functions as a WiFi repeater.

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Almond+: Almond+ wireless router can be setup entirely from its built-in touchscreen and doesn't require a PC or Mac, or web browser. It has a WiFi range upto 5,000 sq.ft, and comes with a highly capable smart home hub. It can act as a versatile smart home security and automation hub; all you need to do is install compatiblesensors. Using its app you can remotely access the router, receive various alerts - when your doors/windows open or close, control lights, locks, or thermostats and more. It's compatible with iOS and Android.

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Domus: Domus is a plug and play affordable smart home automation solution. It provides a Wi-Fi controlled electricity socket and remote unit; using a smartphone app you can remotely control or pre-schedule the activity of all your existing electrical appliances. It is also a Wi-Fi repeater.

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Satechi Smart Travel Router With USB Recharging Port: The Smart Travel Router from Satechi acts as a router, creating your own wireless network and can also be used as a repeater to amplify an existing Wi-Fi network, or connect to a wired source and broadcast a wireless network that your gadgets can connect to. It features an AC power port and USB for recharging your devices.

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