Oct 14, 2015

12 Smart Voice Recording Gadgets.

Whether you are a filmmaker, a musician, a blogger or a student attending class, this collection of 'Smart Voice Recording Gadgets' from all over the world is sure going to get your attention. These are perfect for lectures, call recordings, business meetings, voice memos and more.

Mikme: Mikme is a wireless recording microphone that records high quality 24-bit/96 kHz audio with the press of a button. This smartphone-enabled microphone comes with built-in audio recorder; once you are done recording, the same can be sent to its app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. Its gold-plated 1-inch condenser provides you with high-quality recording. It comes with 8 GB of storage that gives you 180 hours of recording time.

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Instamic: Instamic is a smart and compact microphone and audio recorder that's easy to use. You can recharge it using any USB port, you can turn it on with a single touch, install its app on your smartphone and it syncs via Bluetooth 4.0, record, plug in and transfer. It records in 96 kHz/24-bit, has mono and dual-mono, and more. The lanyard clip lets you place it around your neck or wrist with ease, let you have an ultimate handsfree recording experience.

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Myle Tap: Myle Tap is a touch-activated wearable voice recorder that lets you record your thoughts, analyzes them, and sends them to the application that you use to manage your life. All you need to do is tap it and speak; it works with many popular apps such as Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

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Kapture: Kapture is a wearable audio recording device that functions as a 60-second buffered loop. The loop continuously overwrites itself until you tap the device to save a clip. Once you tap your wrist to save a clip, its downloaded to your smartphone where the duration can be shortened and you can name, tag, filter, and even share it.

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Recap S2: This smart device makes recording your phone calls directly into your computer really simple. Its simple, secure and private as recorded calls are stored locally and never leaving your premise. It records incoming/outgoing calls and both sides of the phone call conversation. It's compatible with Android, iPhone and most smartphones.

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Bluewire: Bluewire is a Bluetooth headset that is capable of recording both sides of a smartphone or VoIP conversation and store the recordings securely on the headset itself. Even if you are using another Bluetooth-enabled headset or device, as long as Bluewire is connected to your smartphone and in range, it'll record whatever conversation is passing through the phone and store the recordings on its built-in memory. Using its app you can access these recordings.

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i-Microphone Voice Recorder: The Edutige EIM-001 i-Microphone turns your smart device into a powerful audio recorder. It records up to 12dB louder compared to standard built-in mics on most smartphones.

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U2 Mobile Phone Recorder: The U2 Mobile Phone Recorder is a compact device that plugs into the 3.5mm headphone jack of your smartphone, and instantly record both sides of a phone conversation at the flip of the switch. It comes with 4GB storage, that lets you store up to 144 hours of audio, provides up to 20 hours of recording time on a single recharge and plugs into your Mac or Windows computer to instantly view, transfer, and listen to recorded files.

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Qmote: Qmote is a multifunctional, single-button remote that allows you to perform actions on your smartphone, even when it's out of reach. It uses predefined click patterns to control functions on your smartphone; your smartphone acts as a smart hub, while Qmote provides you easy and intuitive functionality, all at the click of a button. You can use it to control music, take photos, record videos, find your phone, record audio, take screenshots, make calls, send location and texts, and more. And Qmote is fully IFTTT integrated.

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StoryHome: StoryHome is a connected storytelling device that connects kids with their grandparents. StoryHome is an effort to reduce the distance between kids and their grandparents as families have spread over different continents. It makes it easy for grandparents to tell great stories. With a simple push of the button, the story starts recording and is sent to another device at the bedside of their grandkids. It glows just before bedtime, notifies kids that its time to hear a tale from their grandparents. The kids lift it up from its base and bring it out of sleep-mode, holding it in their hands, and listening to their grandparent's voice and fall asleep. To get started, power up the device and connect it to the Internet by plugging it with a LAN cable into your router or set up Wi-Fi using our app for Android and iOS. The device connects to its cloudserver and it will light up, it's your cue to tell a first story. You can also answer one of the 1000 life questions, read a book or just tell your own tale. The device will then automatically send the stories to the rest of the family. Your stories are sent through the StoryHome Family Cloudserver. Using your computer you can access these stories, edit, organize and save all your stories. Apart from these you can manage accounts, change the time when stories arrive, push or block stories to devices, and invite the extended family to listen. Using its app, your extended family and friends can also connect, listen to stories, ask questions and even tell their own stories using their smartphone.

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Bluetooth Cell Phone Voice Recorder: The Bluetooth Cell Phone Voice Recorder uses Bluetooth Sync for quick and easy recording, 4 GB storage records up to 283 hours of audio, supports up to an 8 GB mini SD card and doubles as an MP3 player.

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Rode smartlav Plus Lavalier Microphone: The smartlav+ is a broadcast-grade wearable microphone that connects to your smartphone using headset jack and records via its app or any other audio app of your choice. Best suited in a wide range of film, television and broadcast scenarios, or wherever broadcast quality audio is required without the complication and expense of additional wireless equipment.

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