Oct 23, 2015

15 Smart Self-Learning Gadgets for Your Home.

Collection of 'Smart Self-Learning Gadgets for Your Home' from all over the world to make things easy for you.

Prizm: Prizm is an intelligent device that plays the perfect music on your speakers, based on the people in the room and the context. It turns your speakers into a learning music player; it remembers your habits and learns about your preferences, the more you use it, the smarter it gets. It streams music directly from the Cloudserver, removing the need of a phone or a computer. All you need to do is install its app on your smartphone, connect your music accounts (Spotify or Deezer or Soundcloud), and connect your speakers. You can listen from your library or playlists or random music.

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Luna: Luna turns your bed into a smartbed and integrates with your smart home. It learns about your regular bedtime and manages the temperature of your bed for a good night sleep. Its dual zone feature allows you to set different temperatures for each side of the bed. It comes with advanced sleep tracking, that tracks the quality of your sleep including sleep phases and monitors your health conditions without you having to wear anything to bed. It comes with a built-in smartalarm and its sensing technology identifies the correct moment in your sleep cycle to wake you up at your highest energy level. And when you go to sleep, the device makes sure your smart door is locked, smart lightbulbs are turned off, smart thermostats are adjusted for night, and activate your smart security system. And when you wake up, it makes sure your smart coffee machine keeps fresh cup of coffee ready for you.

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Sentri: Sentri is a smart home security system that gives you visibility and control of your home from anywhere. It features a HD video camera, night vision, microphone, speaker, motiondetector, lightsensor, accelerometer and more. It gives you a 360-degree view of your home and is also capable of measuring and displaying your home's temperature, humidity levels, and air quality. It's capable of learning from you and adapts to your personal preferences. Its real-time alert system alerts you of any irregularities that matter to you and your home. It connects to other smart devices and allows you to control them, all from one single destination. Use its app on your smartphone to remotely lock your door or know the stats and trends of your home. It requires no professional installation service, just plug in, power on, and connect to your home's WiFi network.

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BedJet v2: BedJet v2 is an intelligent climate control system that keeps you comfortable in your bed. It's capable of learning from you and makes adjustments to your sleep temperature profile to keep you comfortable. It makes it easy for you to fall asleep and wakes you up refreshed. Its wake up feature is capable of changing your body's temperature in the morning at the time of your choice. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices.

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eCozy: eCozy is a self-learning heating solution with touchsensor and remote control. Its special energy-saving heating algorithms will save almost 30% of your annual heating bill, making it a smart choice for your home.

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Goldee Light Controller: The Goldee Light Controller can replace your existing light switches; it features touchscreen console that doubles as a message center for displaying other information. Apart from these, you can use touchfree gestures - swipes up or down for turning lights on and off or sideways to change to a new light scene. It can also be used to control smart lights, comes with smart features and modes. When it detects lights are low outside, it automatically turns on the lights inside a room, or when no one's around it turns off the lights, and it dims them along hallways when everyone goes to bed. It learns how you want to use lighting units and programs them accordingly.

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SmartGrill: The SmartGrill by Lynx is an intelligent grill that automatically cooks food based on your preference. The grill connects to an online database to determine the optimal grilling time and technique. It also lets you know where to place each item to get the best result. Its learning module updates recipes based on your input and allows it to remember the personal tastes and customize the doneness to your personal preference. You can use your smart device or voice commands to grill the perfect meal. It incorporates mobile connectivity, voice recognition, online notification and easy to use interface to bring best grilling to you. It sends notifications via audio, visual alerts, and text to mobile platforms. Its iOS/Android app has hundreds of recipes for you to choose from.

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Planty: Planty is an internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants using its smartphone app. All you need to do is repot your plants in Planty, plug it in, fill the water tank and connect it to your home network. It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and monitors your plants' soil, temperature, light and water levels. Using its app on your smartphone, it will notify you if your plant needs anything. Its algorithms enable it to learn more about the perfect conditions for your plant to grow and provides you suggestions.

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Monolyth: Monolyth is an Internet connected device for your AC unit that makes it smarter. It optimizes air temperature and quality for your comfort and saves you money on your energy bill. Its compatible with iOS/Android smart devices, and lets you control your AC from anywhere in the world. It comes with smart learning features, which means the more you use it more smarter it gets; it learns about daily schedule and temperature preferences to keep you comfortable. It sends push notifications to provide alerts and reminders. It monitors indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity levels and air quality, features geofencing, cloudenabled and easy scheduling.

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BeON: BeON is a smart preventative home security that provides 800 lumens of white light output, features smart modules, BLE, microphone, sound processor and rechargeable power source. These smart modules are capable of learning and communicating with each other and protect your home. All these are hidden inside bulbs that provide beautiful light. You can control it with switch or your iOS or Android app.

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BroadLink SmartONE Kit: BroadLink SmartONE is designed to give you a smarter, and a more secure home. The kit comes with 4 components - SmartONE, a doorsensor, a motionsensor and remote. It allows you to customize various monitoring and smart home settings and notifies you on your smartphone if it finds anything unusual. Its capable of learning from your routines, even giving you suggestions to better tailor your smart home schedule to your daily life.

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Ambi Climate: Ambi Climate allows you to sync your AC with your smartphone and gives you complete access and control from anywhere. It learns about your habits and home, auto adjusts the cooling for ideal temperature and energy savings.

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Oomi: This smart home system features noise detector, glassbreak detector, night vision camera, motiondetector, and vibrationsensor. It also features a lightsensor, a remote control emulator with 360-degree range, temperaturesensor, humiditysensor and more. Oomi connects to all sorts of things in your home from devices that control and monitor power outlets to devices that monitor the air quality and safety of your home. It learns and makes your life easier. Its cube allows you to control and monitor your home when you are away from it. The set consists of Oomi Cube, Oomi Touch, Oomi Plug, Oomi Bulb, and Oomi Multisensor. The Oomi Touch allows you to control your smart home comfortably; while the Oomi Plug is a Z-Wave enabled plug that provides you wireless control over your devices. Use Oomi streamer to watch movies from Netflix or YouTube, stream music from Pandora, or surf the web. It features Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth Smart and Z-Wave and its app supports iOS and Android smart devices.

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Countertop: Countertop is a smart kitchen system that shows you how to eat right and get most out of your appliances. It works with devices you already own, like your Vitamix blender, Crockpot slow cooker and fitness trackers like Jawbone's UP, and gives you delicious meal recommendations. As you prep your ingredients using Countertop, it automatically logs exactly what you are eating and lets you know how your food affects you. It also learns what you like and don't like, what ingredients you're likely to have and gets better and smarter over time, which means meal recommendations get more precise.

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Buddy: Buddy is an adorable robot that protects your home, entertains your kids, serves you as your personal assistant and lets you stay connected with your family. It's capable of hearing, speaking, seeing and coinciding moving head and of interacting with each member of your family. It's fully mobile with its three wheels and comes with numeroussensors that allows him to travel, learn and interact with the world around him. It's capable of connecting your smart home devices, and giving you voice control and remotely app control.

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