Oct 15, 2015

15 Best Travel Gadgets For You.

Collection of 'Best Travel Gadgets For You' from all over the world to make you travel more comfortable.

Bag++: Bag++ is a waterproof smart laptop bag that comes with Clip&Go device featuring distance indicator, separation alert, and records last location of your bag. It also comes with 9000-mAh power bank inside to recharge your gadgets. It also comes with a compass carabiner and a flashlight.

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WonderCube: This super tiny and lightweight device comes with '8' functions in a one-inch cube. It features a built in cable, recharger, phone stand, OTG USB, flashlight, and more. It's compatible with your iOS and Android device.

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Eazypac: Eazypac is a versatile foldable container best suited for snacks, liquids, or even your toiletries on the go.

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PowerClip: This portable multi-functional device features key and phone finder, phone recharger, data storage, activity tracker and more. You can attach it to your keychain, is compatible with iOS, Andriod and Windows smartphones, and comes with 4GB of storage for the micro, 8GB for the Pro, and 32GB for the Pro32. Access to the device is password-protected via the smartphone app. Your photos can also be saved automatically to the device wirelessly, keeping them safe and private.

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Quest: The Quest by Osyb Travel Backpack is a a moto-inspired, all-weather, multi-functional travel backpack. Its superior-quality, handmade, rugged, and a heavy-duty backpack designed for practical use.

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Anywhere Backpack: Anywhere Backpack features a folding chair to let you have rest anywhere. The chair folds easily and can be stored in the backpack. It comfortably holds notebook, bottles and folding umbrella. It also features waterproof pocket for poncho and many storage pockets.

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Xtron: Xtron is a USB-C power bank that power up your new MacBook, iPhone 6s, Nexus 6P/5X and all your USB-C devices at super fast-speeds. It features 13400-mAh power bank and power output at 4.2A making it perfect for business and leisure travelers and for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and more. It recharges itself while recharging other connected devices. It lets you to recharge 2 devices at the same time with super fast speed.

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Strone Roam: The Strone Roam is a smart device that let you keep your mobile number while you are traveling internationally, without incurring global roaming charges. It lets you make and receive calls and messages on your phone in another country while eliminating roaming charges. All you need to do is download its app on your iOS or Android smartphone, connect the device to your home network, takeout the Sim from your smartphone and insert it into the device and while away, calls and messages will find you on it smartphone app.

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Sidecar: The Sidecar is a toiletry bag customized for your travel habits and style. You can expressing your style on the outside of the bag, choose the inside pockets for the items you bring with you, and keep things organized by selecting the right combination of organizing solutions. Its waterresistant, lightweight, flexible, stands open on countertops, and more.

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Aquv: Aquv is portable water purification that purifies on the go.

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Jawns Wallet: Jawns Wallet holds your cards, cash, comes with an integrated (and replaceable) notebook, can even accommodate your passport and has a utility pocket for extra things too.

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Catch All: Catch All is a stainless steelhanger that comes with nylon webbing and can hold up to 100 lbs.

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Skyroll Overnighter: Skyroll Overnighter is an ultra lightweight garment bag that takes a minimalist approach and gives you only what you need and making your travel easier on you and your suit. Its perfect for a short 1 or 2 day travel, is flat when empty, for easy storage, while its large outside zippered pocket holds airline tickets, keys, magazines, etc. It opens all the way up for easy packing of a suit, the upper dual pocket holds shoes and socks, while the lower dual pocket holds toiletries and small clothes.

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Tagonce: This next generation luggage tag lets you tag your luggage with contact information by using your smartphone. You can also update your contact information at any time and from anywhere using your smartphone. Just attach the Tagonce tag with a unique QR code (NFC available too) to your luggage, install its app on your smartphone. All you need to do is enter your basic information once. Enter where and when you are going; you can also enter multiple future destinations, to and from dates and you are good to go. It's compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.

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Travel Pillow: This Travel Pillow makes your air travel more comfortable. This compact device is easy to assemble, and lets you lean forward and sleep comfortably.

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