Sep 19, 2015

15 Must Have Tech Gadgets for Connected Home.

Collection of 'Must Have Tech Gadgets for Connected Home' from all over the world.

Touchjet Wave: Touchjet Wave is a smart device that turns your TV into an oversized touchscreen and lets you download apps, stream movies and music, play games, share content, create interactive presentations and a lot more. It features Wi-Fi connectivity, works with any TV or display with a HDMI input, compatible with your iPhone and Android smartphone and you can use your fingers, stylus, or an app to interact with it.

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Butterfleye: Butterfleye is a smart, simple, wireless home monitoring camera that connects to your smartphone and keeps you updated of what's happening in your home while you're out. It features Activity Based Recording™ that records only when it detects sound or anything moving; this saves energy, storage, and bandwidth. It features 12 hours of internal storage space (16GB); if no WiFi connection is available it will record internally and then upload once connection is back.

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Quicklock: The Quicklock is a Bluetooth + RF/NFC Auto Lock that provides personal security and privacy for your home. You can put these locks on the inside and these protect entry points to other things you don't want to be accessed by outsiders, kids, guests, etc. You can access the lock using its app on your smart phone (iOS and Android). It can also be accessed using RF and NFC keys such as keyfob, key card or ring. Its Persistent Lock feature locks automatically after 4 seconds if you leave the door unlocked. It also allows you to give temporary access to family members or friends to your private space.

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Cujo: Cujo is a smart device that connects to your router and protects your entire home network. It acts as a gateway between your devices and their connection to the Internet. It analyzes behavior and secures all devices connected to your network from Smart Things, smart devices, wearables, monitors and more. It provides you with alerts on your iPhone or Android devices.

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iHome Control Smart Plug: iHome Control is a smart plug that lets you manage your small appliances (up to 1800 watts) wirelessly. You can control window air conditioners, portable heaters, coffee makers, most lights, home audio systems and more. Its compatible Apple HomeKit and Android, you can use Siri to turn on your lights, music and more. Using its app you can create your own scenes and rooms and manage multiple plugs. Its Wi-Fi enabled and doesn't require a hub to work.

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Soap: Soap lets you manage and control everything on your network with an app on your smartphone. It lets you manage network security, adding and removing of devices, or setting up time limits for your kids. It also supports home automation. It works with Smart Things, Insteon, Wemo, and many more.

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Danalock: This smart lock can be retrofitted on almost any door, lets you to lock and unlock using the userbutton, the TwistAssist function or using your smartphone and its app on your smart phone and you are good to go. It unlocks when you approach your home and lock once you entered the home. You can give time-limited or recurring access to you friends or housecleaners or guests, and get notifications when anyone of them access the lock. It works with your other smart home devices giving you total control of your home. It features Bluetooth and Z-Wave technology.

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Curb: Curb is a home energy monitoring system that connects to the breaker box and allows you take control of the energy usage of your home. It lets you know exactly how much each of your appliances and items plugged into outlets are costing you in real time. It connects to your home router, sends you alerts when you go over budget or if you leave something on, like the iron, or when you leave a freezer or refrigerator open. Using its app on your iOS and Android device you can see what is going on in your house and how much things are costing you. Apart from these, its weekly personalized alerts enable you to set a power budget and stay on track.

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Sensly: Sensly is a smart, portable device that lets you check the indoor air quality of your home and connects to your smartphone for real-time updates.

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iGia: This smart home security features central control unit, HD camera, motionsensor, door/windowssensor, smokedetector and more. You can customize it by increasing or decreasing the number of smartsensors. This 7x24 smart home security kit comes with no annual fee.

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Mycroft: Mycroft is an open source, open hardware home A.I. platform based on Raspberry Pi 2 and Arduino that lets you play media, integrates with your smart devices and lets you to control the Internet of Things and more.

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OMO+: This smart device puts on a light show, plays your music and recharges your devices. It features 4 speakers, 2 subwoofers and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, 11,000 mAh power source, and a waterproof enclosure. This portable device can recharge 2 devices and is compatible with iOS, Windows and Android devices.

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Nixie: Nixie is a highly customizable and privacy-enhanced personal robot for you. It features HD camera and 1080p video, powered mic and speaker, dual USB ports, remote security camera, voice-enabled web searches, story-telling, on-screen games, and more. It also features privacy mode, audio player, web-based configuration, automatic backup, automatic updates, speech recognition, location recognition and self-navigation.

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Microbot Push: Microbot Push is a wireless roboticfinger that can push switches to power on and off remotely using a smartphone or computer. Just place it above any switch, and you are set; use it to control your lights, coffee machine and everyday appliances.

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Fibaro Floodsensor: Fibaro Floodsensor is Z-Wave based, provides audio and sound alerts when detects water, features temperature and tiltsensors, a built in Z-wave network range tester, sends notifications via wires or wirelessly, works on 12 or 24 volts, and can be integrated with any alarmsystem. It requires Fibaro's Home Center 2 or another Z-Wave hub.

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