Sep 3, 2015

15 Smart Projectors For You.

Collection of 'Smart Projectors For You' from all over the world for your home and outdoors.

LoLo: LoLo is a 3D hologram projector for smart phones. All you need to do is play a holographic video on your smartphone, place this compact device on the middle of your smart phone screen and enjoy the amazing 3D hologram experience.

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Touchjet Pond: Touchjet Pond is a smart projector that turns any surface into an oversized touchscreen. It lets you stream movies, download any app from Google Play and use as normal, or use it as a presentation tool. Its compact and portable Android PC, comes with Wi-Fi, audio output, SD card, HDMI input and more. You can control your apps right off the wall with a stylus or remote.

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Immersis: It's a premier virtual reality solution to experience videogames and panoramic video in 180° immersion in the comfort of your living room. It lets you project your videos and photos at 180° or your vacation and sports adventures at 360°. It's compatible with your existing videogames and hardware and can be setup in your bedroom, the living room and its calibration software adapts the image to the room. It folds away for convenient storage and transport.

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Flicks: Flicks is a portable boombox projector that streams your favorite tunes from your smartphone or watch movies (via HDMI) from media devices like Roku, Google Chromecast and more. This Bluetooth enabled device can display an amazing 100-inch image at just over 8 feet away.

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JmGO G1 Smart Hometheater Projector: The JmGO G1 3D projector features a native resolution of 1280x800 pixel and 4K ultra HD video playing, supports Wi-Fi and wired Internet connection, USB2.0+3.0, RJ45, AV In, HDMI and Audio+S/PDIF. It also features built-in speakers, runs on Android 4.3, and comes with a remote control. It gives you 300 inches display and a cinematic-quality viewing experience within the comfort of your living room.

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Lumo Interactive Projector: Lumo is an interactive projector that transforms your kid's room into an interactive room. The kids can play on 6' x 4' interactive surface by jumping, moving, or waving. It can also be used as a regular projector to play movies.

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Android 'Smart' Projector: This compact and portable device is Android powered and provides visual and sound anywhere. You can stream movies from Netflix and Hulu, access files from Dropbox or Skydrive, surf the web on a Chrome browser, use Google Docs and Office 365 to work by connecting a keyboard and mouse, and play Xbox on a big screen. You can also stream music from your phone to the Bluetooth speakers.

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Keecker: Keecker is a smart computer entirely designed for home to share real life moments, share content, share experiences. It comes equipped with a 360° audio and video camera and a powerful video projection system that moves up and down at 90°. It allows you to project movies and images, listen to music, browse the web, make video calls, home monitoring, create home decoration and more. It turns your wall into screens, your room turns into concert hall, and much more. It's mobile and moves so you can enjoy the highest quality entertainment wherever and whenever you want. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

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ZTE Spro 2: The ZTE Spro 2 is a smart projector that features 5" touch screen, 720p projection, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, speaker, portable power source (6300 mAh), HDMI and USB ports. Its hotspot can support up to 10 devices, you input video, photos and other content wirelessly, use its app on your smartphone to control it or its remote controller, runs on Android 4.4 KitKat, gives you access to apps from Google Play and others to run right through device.

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UO Smart Beamlaser Projector: This portable cube shaped projector projects clear images onto almost any surface. It features built-in speakers, high definition 1280x720 resolution, on a full recharge runs for 2 hours, displays size starts at 20" and maxes at 100", supports wireless (AirPlay, Miracast) and wired (HDMI/MHL) connection.

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G-Color: G-Color is a 3D smart projector and a portable device that lets you watch your favorite films and shows whenever you like on much bigger display. You can change the size of your display (maximum size of 120") according to the space you're in. You can switch from 2D to 3D with a press of a button, its just 3.0 cm thick, features 1280P high definition, built in speakers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, wireless (AirPlay, DLNA, Miracast), runs on Android 4.2, and is compatible with most of your devices.

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WR1 Kickstand HD Projector: The Bem Kickstand WR1 is a HD wireless portable projector that lets you stream your favorite movies from the web using its built-in WiFi. You can watch the movies with HD resolutions of 1920 x 1280. It features a built-in Android system that makes navigating all your media easy. It folds up flat (apx. the same width as an iPad) for easy transportation.

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RIF6 Cube: The RIF6 Cube is a compact device that provides 120 inch viewing screen. It features Micro SD, MHL and HDMI connectivity; speaker, portable power source, and works with your laptops, smartphones, and smart devices.

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Adayo Smartphone Projector: This Smartphone Projector mirrors your Android phone via Miracast or iPhone via Airplay, projecting your screen up to 60 inches via WiFi. You can even connect to more devices with plug-and-play cables.

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Beam: Beam is a smart projector that can be fixed into any light socket and it turns any flat surface into a big screen. It assists you in your daily activities, controlled with your smartphone. Its app is compatible with your Android and iOS smart devices and it supports IFTTT.

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