Sep 10, 2015

15 Smart Pocket Gadgets for You.

Collection of 'Smart Pocket Gadgets for You' from all over the world.

DxO One: DxO One is a compact professional-quality camera that connects with your iPhone and lets you take amazing photos anywhere. Its advanced image processing automatically enhances every photo you take.

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Smart Powerbank: This portable and powerful power bank features an AC outlet, 2 USB outputs, 24000 mAh power source, and is capable of powering and recharging your devices anywhere. Its capable of powering devices up to 100 W, comes in two models 110V 60Hz AC (US) and 220V 50Hz AC (EU) standards. You can recharge it by plugging in to AC outlet, micro USB, or solar light.

Smart Pocket Gadgets for You (15) 2

Android 'Smart' Projector: This compact and portable device is Android powered and provides visual and sound anywhere. You can stream movies from Netflix and Hulu, access files from Dropbox or Skydrive, surf the web on a Chrome browser, use Google Docs and Office 365 to work by connecting a keyboard and mouse, and play Xbox on a big screen. You can also stream music from your phone to the Bluetooth speakers.

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Minim: It's a pocket-sized wireless instrument designed for mobile music making. You can use it with your favorite music creation apps with tactile control that goes beyond the touchscreen. It features expressivepads, 3D motioncontrol, and touch sensitive technology. You can play any sounds like guitar, drums, synths, or samples all on one device. It connects wirelessly to iOS and OSX devices.

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Sunowallet: This smart wallet will make sure your smartphone never runs out of juice. It's a USB solar recharger, features RFID blocker, light multi-tool card and Bluetooth 4.0 tracker.

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Nimbus: This portable lamp is small, bright and ultra-functional, can be comfortably placed in your pocket. You can use it anywhere, can be powered from USB, Micro USB, or AC adapter.

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Kole: It's a handmade thermalflask that lets you keep your beverage in your vest pocket. It's beautiful, practical, and portable device that keeps your beverage in perfect state and lets you take it on your bike ride, commute, or a stroll in the park.

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Pocketsun: This smart device recharges your smart devices wirelessly (and wired) using heat, solar light and even recharges when you move around.

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Mini Multi-tool 16 in 1: It's a pocket sized multi tool that can be taken anywhere, features 16+ functions. It's made with 3/16" gleaming brushed stainless steel, or grade 5 titanium.

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Stojo: The Stojo Pocket Cup is an ultra-portable, leak-proof, foldable, sealed travel cup that can be placed comfortably in your pocket.

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LightMan: This versatile pocket light includes six powerful neodymium magnets, a heavy-duty clip, and a retractable reel.

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iMpulse Controller and Key Finder: This multifunctional keychain is a wireless controller for mobile devices, a key finder and media controller.

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Kick: The Kick is a pocket sized lighting studio for iPhone that lets you take better pictures, and make better videos.

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Aud Mini: Aud Mini is an ultra slim pocket sized portable Bluetooth speaker for your smart devices. It connects to your smart phone wirelessly and gives full-range sound.

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Mobo: Mobo is a pocket air pump and a compact solution that provides impressive psi, and is compatible with standard valves.

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