Sep 23, 2015

15 Smart Car Gadgets For Techies.

Collection of 'Smart Car Gadgets For Techies' from all over the world.

Exploride: This smart device turns your car into a smart car. It features a transparent display, provides safer and smarter way to use maps, listen to music, call, text or access infotainment in your car. You can stream music from Spotify, Pandora, and other music services. It supports gesture and voice commands, Wi-Fi hotspot (inbuilt 4G/LTE), cloudserver enabled and lets you record video on the road.

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Ohm: This smart carbattery never needs jumping, works on cool winder days, lasts twice as long and weighs 6 lbs. It's smart enough to automatically turn itself off if you forget to turn off your lights and monitors and regulates itself to last you longer.

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Fobo Tire: Its a smart tire pressure monitoring system that features Bluetooth 4.0 and works with your Android and iOS device. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) also features an intelligent in-car monitoring unit that works with your smartphone and even alerts you when you don't have your smartphone. It even works when your car ignition is switched off, providing 24x7 monitoring of your car tires. You can monitor up to 20 cars using its app, and also share its information with friends. It's really easy to install.

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AwareCar: This smart system uses context awareness to make cars smarter; it contextually connects your car and smartphone. Just place the compact device into your glove box and you are good to go. Its app can remember parking levels/floor and understands when you park or drive your car and does tasks automatically. It reminds you to enter a time when you park in a metered spot and notifies before time expires. It also features Do Not Disturb mode, comes with IFTTT integration and supports iOS and Android.

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Radar Detector: The DSP 9200 BT is a Bluetooth radar detector that detects radar and cameras. It provides real-time alerts to upcoming speed and red light cameras, radar and more reported by others in the area. Its powerful servers and algorithms provide you with accurate data. Its Advanced Frequency Display Mode determines exact frequencies of signals and alerts you with an intuitive graphic display. It also features voice alerts, SpeedMute and QuietDrive mutes, and alerts when you are driving below your required speed limit.

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Squair Mobile: The Squair Mobile is a portable air cleaner that can be placed in the cup holder of your car, and provides up to 250 square feet coverage area. It measures PM 2.5, and temperature, and filters 38 cubic feet or 1 cubic meter per minute. Its Squair Satellite connects via Bluetooth or WiFi to its app and lets you monitor air quality on your smartphone.

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Evenflo DLX Infant Car Seat: The Evenflo DLX Infant Car Seat comes with Sensorsafe technology. It features a wireless receiver and smart chestclip and works along with cars OBD and reminds you with gentle tones that your baby is present in the your vehicle. Apart from this it even notifies your when the chestclip becomes unbuckled during travel.

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CANBus Triple: CANBus Triple is like an Arduino for your car; its your personal, programmable CAN node.

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Mifold: Mifold is an advanced, compact and portable booster seat for kids that's 10x smaller and just as safe.

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Smart Tire Repair: With this Smart Tire Repair you can seal a tire puncture and inflate a flat in eight minutes.

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Smackattack: Just put "Re-Inventing The Wheel" (RITW) on your steering wheel, start the smart phone app and transform it into a drum kit. You can drum away on your steering wheel with your favorite music wirelessly streaming from your smart phone's music library and use the FM transmitter to hear both your drumming and your song on your vehicle's existing speakers.

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Roadtrip Car Recharger: This portable car recharger comes with USB-A and USB-C ports, provides 5V / 3.0 amp (1.5 amp per port) to recharge your smart devices. It features a built in 3,000mAh backup that juices up your gadgets on the go.

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Radmo: Radmo is an ultra-durable holder for smartphone, smart devices and GPS devices that fixes right into your car's CD player.

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SUV Air Bed: SUV Air Bed is perfect for a roadtrip, is suitable to SUV, MPV, beach, camping, hiking, outdoor, and more.

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iPadket: iPadket is a iPad holder for car seat headrest that keeps people in the backseat entertained.

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