Sep 9, 2015

15 Smart Car Gadgets for Tech Savvy.

Collection of 'Smart Car Gadgets for Tech Savvy' from all over the world.

RayGo: RayGo is designed so that you can respond to messages while driving without looking at your smartphone. It lets you safely use your favorite apps like Messenger, Whatsapp, Gmail, Skype and Pandora while driving or biking. A 5 key Bluetooth controller fixed on your steering wheel makes things a lot easy for you. When you begin driving, the RayGo's app senses and automatically transforms your favorite apps to DriveMode.

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Advicy Drive: The Advicy Drive is a smart wearable device that keeps you alert and prevents you from falling asleep at the wheel. Its app on your smartphone detects your attention level and lets you know if you're driving safely. If the app detects you are not paying attention on the road it sounds an alert, and if the sound alert isn't stopped within 20 seconds the app notifies your contacts.

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LyfeLens: This smart device allows you to keep an eye on your car. It features dual-facing HD cameras, detectionsensors, built-in GPS, 4G LTE WiFi hotspot and cloudstorage. The device allows you to monitor your car from your smartphone. Its app provides you with a live videofeed and lets you know what's happening inside and outside the car. And if you miss anything, it stores the footage on the internal storage or sends it to the cloudserver. The built-in GPS provides real-time speed, location information of your car and stores your tour data securely to the cloudserver. It provides a push notification to your smartphone if anything goes wrong with your car. Its 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot keeps all your gadgets connected while you're on the move.

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Caruma: Caruma is a compact and portable smart connected car device that connects your car to the cloudserver. You can control it using your smartphone, it sends you an intelligent notification when it senses anything out of the ordinary. It features dual wide-angle lens cameras with HD video and lets you see what's happening inside your car and out. It features a built in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, gyroscope, accelerometer and proximitysensors, GPS, Bluetooth LE, MicroSD, light, microphone, speaker and !Alert (press to send an urgent notification to anyone on your contact list). Its app records video, receives intelligent notifications, improves safety, and more.

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BlackVue DR600GW-HD: The BlackVue DR600GW-HD Car Dashcam features full HD video recording capability, built-in Wi-Fi, GPS and more. Using its app on your smartphone you can communicate with the device.

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Satechi Bluetooth Home Button: This compact gadget connects to your iOS/Android smartphone via Bluetooth and allows you to activate Siri or Google Voice Search with the press of a button. Just install the device on your steering wheel, and while you're driving, the button gives you access with a simple press, even if your phone is out of reach.

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Vinli: Just plug Vinli into your car's data port and turn your car into a smart, connected car. It provides in-car WiFi via a 4G LTE network. You can access its apps and tools such as SmartThings, Dash, MileIQ, Parkhub, SafeDrive and more. You can customize your Vinli experience with apps for safety, entertainment, savings, and more.

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Passport Max2: Passport Max2 comes with built in Bluetooth technology, gives you access to its award-winning app. This real-time ticket-protection network, informs you of upcoming alerts received and reported by others in the area. It also gives you access to local speed limit data for over-speed alerts. It comes preloaded with red light and speed camera locations throughout North America.

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Truvolo: Truvolo Drive plugs in to your car's OBD and connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth. It collects data while you drive and sends to a secure platform where all the number processing happens and the raw data transforms into information that is actually useful to you. It also connects all the cars and drivers in your family. It makes it easy for you to manage all cars and drivers in your family in one place. It can save your favorite locations and receive location alerts when your car reaches a location and customize alert settings for each driver in your family. Apart from these it lets you know if your car is being driven safely, and if it is safe to drive, detect unsafe driving and alert you, tells you why your check engine light is on and shows you a driving score, so you can work on driving safer. It also provides you maintenance reminders, low fuel alert, commute suggestion and a way to classify your business and personal tours separately.

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My Driving Pal: My Driving Pal is a multi-purpose device that lets you keep a track on variety of everyday things that includes your car, bike or even a kid.

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Akolyt: Akolyt plugs into your vehicle's OBD port, uses built-in Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect with your smartphone, and using its app will tell you what's happening with your car. It keeps track of your driving data, and advises you on your driving behavior.

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Magellan MiVue 658: MiVue 658 is a smart dash camera that connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi and shares it on Facebook or YouTube. It comes with a 2.7" touchscreen display, a 150-degree wide-angle lens and its capable of recording 1080p video. It also provides GPS location and time stamp on playback video. It also features 3 - axissensor to record any event and its photo mode lets you take close-up photos.

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Fuse: Fuse makes your car smart and gives it a voice and connects it with your world.

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Voyo: Voyo connects to the OBD-II port of your car and its app links your smart phone to your car and your car to the Voyomotive cloudserver. Its app lets you to lock/unlock car doors, detects malfunctions, sends alerts to other drivers, and increases your car's security and fuel efficiency.

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X-Vue K3: This compact video camera is designed to be used as a black box video recording system for your car. Using a 2-gigabyte SD memory card that comes included, it can hold up to 2 hours of video footage. It measures 4 x 1.6 x 3 inches and weighs 3.3 ounces and can be installed behind your rear-view mirror.

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