Aug 27, 2015

10 Smart Waterleak Detectors For Your Home.

Collection of 'Smart Waterleak Detectors For Your Home´ from all over the world.

Knut: Knut is a smart water detector that can also monitor temperature and humidity. It records everything around, its app keeps you updated by displaying these recordings in an easy to read graph. All you need to do is place this Wi-Fi connected device in the area you want to monitor. It keeps you updated using its app on your smartphone and connects directly to a folder in your IMAP email account and stores its data there. It supports iOS, Android, Windows smart devices.

Smart Waterleak Detectors For Your Home (10) 1

Fibaro Floodsensor: Fibaro Floodsensor is Z-Wave based, provides audio and sound alerts when detects water, features temperature and tiltsensors, a built in Z-wave network range tester, sends notifications via wires or wirelessly, works on 12 or 24 volts, and can be integrated with any alarmsystem. It requires Fibaro's Home Center 2 or another Z-Wave hub.

Smart Waterleak Detectors For Your Home (10) 2

Floodbuzz Waterleak Detector: Just place them next to washing machines, washbasins, water heaters, radiators, bathrooms, basements, boats, sump pumps or anywhere you think there can be waterleak issue. Whenever it detects a small waterleak, the detectors play a loud alert and let you know that you have a water problem that needs your immediate attention.

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SmartSense Moisturesensor: Just place this wireless ZigBee device in areas of your home you want to monitor for waterleak. You will receive an alert on your smartphone at the first sign of excess moisture. You receive multiple alerts, audio and light if there's any issue. If you have a smart water valve set up in your home, you can automatically shut off the water as soon as a waterleak occurs. It can also measure temperature and it requires a SmartThings Hub.

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Wally Waterleak Detection System: It detects waterleaks and alerts you via text message, email and push notification on your computer and mobile device. Apart from this it monitors temperature and tracks humidity.

Smart Waterleak Detectors For Your Home (10) 5

Insteon Water Leaksensor: Just place the Insteon 2852-222 Water Leaksensor on the floor you want to monitor, and it sends you alerts via texts and/or emails using Insteon system. Multiple devices can be placed in the house to monitor using Insteon Hub.

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Utilitech Waterleak Detector: The Utilitech Waterleak Detector works with Iris smart home system, comes with a three-foot long cord and runs on three triple-A.

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Overflow: This Quirky Overflow is a smart watersensor that comes with a 6' cable, sends you real-time notifications on your smart device whenever standing water is detected. Requires a Wink hub and is powered by two double A.

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CHK2O Smart Waterleak Detector: It's a sensorless waterleak detection device that measures the water pressure within the home in the event of a pipeleak or appliance failure. It sends notifications on your smart device (iOS and Android) and you can control it using a smartphone or by logging on to CHK2O's web portal.

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mydlink WiFi Watersensor: The mydlink WiFi Watersensor (D-Link Systems DCH-S160) is a smart device that detects water and alerts with push notifications on your smartphone. It comes with a removable cable that can be placed as you need, connects it to your existing home network, and with its app monitors what is going on at home from anywhere. Apart from notification, it also gives sound alert when it detects waterleak.

Smart Waterleak Detectors For Your Home (10) 10

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