Aug 24, 2015

15 Smart Gadgets for Travelers.

Collection of 'Smart Gadgets for Travelers' from all over the world to make your travel more comfortable.

iBackPack: The iBackPack is a smart backpack that functions as an electronic power house, a communication hub, storage space and more. Its made of weatherproof material and features 4 USB ports, GPS, WiFi, 3G/4G, retractable power cord, Bluetooth sound system, power bank up to 40000 mAh and is app controlled (iOS and Android devices). With its GPS Tracking system and Bluetooth Proximity Locator you can know where your bag is, and its antitheft system keeps your bag safe.

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GlocalMe: GlocalMe is a 4G global Wi-Fi hotspot that features CLOUDSIM technology, lets you connect your smart devices and laptops to the best network no matter where you are. It keeps you online wherever you are without roaming cost. Its app lets you manage your data usage smartly and effectively. It gives you access to different operators' networks, coverage to more than 100 countries in the world without worrying about signals.

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Live Comfy: Live Comfy is a travel jacket that features a smart pump, built-in USB port and an audio jack. Using its app on your smartphone you select a precise level of pressure to inflate or deflate the hoodie, the audio jack lets you enjoy your music while traveling, and its USB port recharges your smartphone devices on the go.

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Bugatti Travel Desk: Bugatti Travel Desk is a mobile workstation and approved carryon size suitcase in one. This suitcase features an adjustable computer desk, a pouch, file divider, a business organizer and more.

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Agua: Agua provides protection for the camera against severe weather conditions, allows quick drawing of the camera, and features adjustable strap. You can transfer RAW and JPEG images via an existing Wi-Fi network or via Mobi Pro's own private Wi-Fi network.

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HoodiePillow Beach Towel: The HoodiePillow 5-in-1 Beach Towel is a beach towel that features a protective hood and inflatable pillow. It conveniently folds up into a shoulder bag.

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Laptop Carryon: Laptop Carryon is designed to make it easy for travelers to sail through security checkpoints. It features an exterior storage that zips open and folds down, giving you can access to your laptop without opening the suitcase itself. The padded sleeve protects up to a 15" laptop and its separate zippered mesh pocket keeps a smartphone, passport, and boarding passes within fingertip reach.

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Belkin Travel Rockstar: The Belkin Travel Rockstar is a portable device that features two AC outlets, 2A USB port and 3000 mAh power bank to recharge your gadgets. It turns a single AC outlet into dual-outlets and allows you to recharge two of your devices simultaneously. Its 2 amp (10 watt) USB port allows fast recharging, its power bank lets you recharge devices on the move, and it also provides 615 Joules of surgeprotection for your devices.

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Nikola Smartphone Case: This smartphone case juices up your smartphone (iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6) using the RF energy. Similar to the solar panels' technology, this phone case uses the specific radio wave frequencies (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, 3G and 4G) and transforms it into DC power.

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Nipper: The Nipper is a tiny phone recharger that measures 17mm x 17mm x 17mm cube and it weighs just 10g, can be placed on your keyring or into a pocket or bag. To make it work all you need is a set of double A.

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Rolopower: Rolopower is a smart luggage that features a built-in generator that keeps your gadgets juiced up while you are on the move. The wheel rotates and starts generating electric power that is stored and recharges your smartphone. It also features a phone holder to keep it secure, and its app lets you monitor the power bank, distance covered, and more.

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Kingston DataTraveler microDuo OTG USB: The Kingston DataTraveler microDuo is a USB device that features microUSB and USB 2.0 connectors and expands storage for smart devices (supported by OTG functionality) up to 64GB. This plug and play device makes it easy for you to store large files.

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Bracelet Recharging Cable: It's a wearable cable handmade from quality leather, for your iPhone or Android device.

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Nomadsuitcase: It's a desk-suitcase combo that lets you work anywhere. It's designed for globetrotting businessmen, its "desk" section is compact and light and folding seat can be pulled out from the suitcase pouch to complete your work station.

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Nut Mini Smart Tracker: Nut Mini is a compact size device that has multiple functions like smart anti-lost, bi-directional alert, one touch find, location record, and a network for finding things.

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