Aug 31, 2015

15 Must Have Smart Bike Gadgets.

Collection of 'Must Have Smart Bike Gadgets' from all over the world.

Fly12: Fly12 is a 1080p HD camera and 400 lumen front light that can record and store your ride in case anything happens. You can connect your Fly12 with your smartphone app, review the footage, save it, and even share it on social media.

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Varia Rearview Bike Radar: The Garmin Varia Rearview Radar alerts you of vehicles approaching from behind up to 140 meters. And its smart bike lights adjusts as per your speed to keep you visible and safe.

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Rideye - Bike Black Box Camera: Rideye is fixed on your bike's handlebars to record any event in full high-definition (1280 x 720) video onto its internal memory, which can hold 2.5 hours of video and comes with 24 hours power backup.

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Lumos: Lumos is an innovative helmet that features automatic brake and turn signal lights to keep you visible and safe on the road. It comes with white lights in the front that are arranged in a distinctive pattern, and red lights at the back form a triangle to keep you visible. Using a wireless remote you can activate the turn signals. Lumos features an accelerometer that detects when you are slowing down and automatically activates your rear lights. Its waterresistant, rechargeable and looks just like a regular bicycle helmet until you turn it on.

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SmrtGRiPS: SmrtGRiPS are connected bike grips that provide you eyesfree navigation, haptic feedback notifications, and a bike locator. All you need to do is replace the old grips with these smart grips. These connect to your iOS or Android device, and using haptic technology provides you turn-by- turn directions through your left and right grips. Find your bike in no time using its app; you can quickly locate your bike using the distance indicator or by tapping the "Ring your ride" button. Apart from these, it gives you community-sourced information, like bike lanes, trails, popular routing, nearby friends and more

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Schwinn CycleNav Bike Navigation: The Schwinn CycleNav is a smartphone powered bike navigation that's compatible with both iOS and Android (4.1 or later) and provides you with turn-by-turn spoken and visual directions.

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Stellight Bike Light: Stellight Bike Light's front light has the brightness of 360 lumens to make you safely visible on the road. Its front knob lets you turn on and change the light pattern of rear light. It comes with 6 built-in light patterns, you can download more patterns or use its app (iOS/Android) to create your own.

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Cobi: Cobi is a smart connected biking system that comes with over 100 intelligent features that lets you get more out of your riding experience. It allows you to call friends, listen to music, track your fitness, improve your performance, check the advance weather forecast and much more. Apart from these you get auto brake light and turn signal, signature light with auto dimming light, recharging smartphone dock, thumb controller, remote audio control, hub with security system and much more.

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Byxee: Byxee is a smart device that's capable of scanning the road up to 80 feet ahead and detecting potholes, tarmac patches, and other issues and alerting you ahead of time. It's also capable of detecting moving obstacles and uses an acoustic system to alert before hand.

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Cookee: Cookee is a smart watch for cyclists that makes your bike smarter. It's capable of recording speed and mileage that can be stored on your smartphone and in the cloudserver. It provides you with notifications of incoming calls and messages; lets you reject unimportant calls with a click. It can be placed on the handlebars or worn on your wrist.

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Hammerhead Navigation System: Hammerhead is a bicycle navigation system that attaches onto the front of your bike and wirelessly connects to the included app on your smartphone to guide you to your destination using cues and signals similar to those used by pilots and racecar drivers.

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Noke U-Lock: This smart lock is exceptionally strong, smartphone compatible, features an integrated alert, and has a full-featured app. Using your smartphone's Bluetooth Smart connection and the Noke app (iOS, Android, or Windows smartphone) you can lock and unlock it. It works similar to your car security system, you can activate it when you want and automatically deactivate with the app or the quick-click code. At the press of a button, the device wakes up and searches for your smartphone and if you are within a few feet, it instantly unlocks. If someone tries to gain an unauthorized access to your bike, it activates a sound alert getting the attention of anyone within about 50 meters. It even works with your Apple Watch, and in future its said to be compatible with other smart watches (Pebble and Android watches).

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Lumigrids Bike Projection System: Lumigrids is a concept light projector for bikes that projects a square grid onto the ground, allowing you to see the terrain ahead. On rough surfaces, the grid is broken, allowing you to adjust your bike accordingly.

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Helios Handlebars: These handlebars have a built-in headlight and blinkers system for bicycle. It comes with built-in navigation, and can track your bike location via the GPS on your smartphone.

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Rearview Camera: The Rearview Camera attaches to a bicycle's seat post while the color monitor attaches to the handlebar giving you rear-facing 75ยบ field of view. On a two-hours of recharge, you get about 10 hours of working and its weatherproof.

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