Aug 15, 2015

15 Best Smart Home Automation Gadgets.

Collection of 'Best Smart Home Automation Gadgets' from all over the world.

Nuimo: Nuimo is a wireless programmable controller for your connected devices. This universal controller integrates with your devices and apps to make your home smarter. It features capacitive touch, gesture recognition, and a 360-degree analog ring that gives you control over your smart devices. It supports Sonos wireless speaker, Nestthermostat, Hue smart lights, smart locks, Smartthing Smart Home Hub, and more. It supports apps such as Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo and more. Nuimo is built on an open platform and already has 30+ integrations.

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Hive Active Heating™ 2: The Hive Active Heating™ 2 is a smart thermostat that allows you to control your heating and hotwater at home or remotely from your smartphone, smart device, and laptop. It keeps you comfortable while saving you money, you can set schedules; it uses your smart phone's geolocation and turns heating on before you get home and comes with frost protection and a Holiday mode. It's compatible with iOS/Android devices.

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Buddy: Buddy is an adorable robot that protects your home, entertains your kids, serves you as your personal assistant and lets you stay connected with your family. It's capable of hearing, speaking, seeing and coinciding moving head and of interacting with each member of your family. It's fully mobile with its three wheels and comes with numeroussensors that allows him to travel, learn and interact with the world around him. It's capable of connecting your smart home devices, and giving you voice control and remotely app control.

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Sensibo: Sensibo turns any a/c smart and reduces its energy usage. This tiny device connects your air conditioner to the Internet and can be used with any A/C that has a remote control. The connected smart home a/c cools or heats your home before you arrive, turns off automatically when you leave, optimizes temperature and humidity levels, lets you control it from anywhere and most importantly saves energy and reduces your electricity bill.

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Awair: Awair is a smart device that monitors indoor air and communicates with your other smart home devices to improve it. It measures temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, and dust. Its capable of understanding your behavior patterns and finds out what's causing poor air quality as it's happening and its app provides you with recommendations. It works with connected devices such as air purifier, humidifier, smart thermostat, air conditioner and more.

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Countertop: Countertop is a smart kitchen system that shows you how to eat right and get most out of your appliances. It works with devices you already own, like your Vitamix blender, Crockpot slow cooker and fitness trackers like Jawbone's UP, and gives you delicious meal recommendations. As you prep your ingredients using Countertop, it automatically logs exactly what you are eating and lets you know how your food affects you. It also learns what you like and don't like, what ingredients you're likely to have and gets better and smarter over time, which means meal recommendations get more precise.

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Tado - Intelligent AC Control: Tado Cooling turns your AC unit into a smart device. It connects your existing AC to you smartphone via home Wi-Fi, turns your AC when you are away and pre-cools before you arrive. It's compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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Flic: Flic is a smart button that lets you create a shortcut to your favorite actions on your phone. You can create a shortcut to control your lights, play music, take a picture, set as timer, send a text message with your location to your family, snooze button, activate navigation, integrate with smart locks to unlock door, set to speed dial, find your phone, adjust the temperature, send texts and more.

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Ecoisme: Ecoisme is an intelligent energy monitoring system that lets you monitor your home's electricity usage and provides recommendations to reduce energy usage. It even provides alerts when devices are left turned on. It integrates with smart devices and makes your home smarter and also works with solar panels.

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Webee: Webee is a smart home learning system that connects and controls your home appliances through one simple app. It provides personal suggestions customized to you, to save money and improve efficiency. It's compatible with any other smart technology.

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Aumi: Aumi is a smart night-light that you can control from your smartphone. It's a Bluetooth enabled, portable, multi-colored nightlight that provides over 16 million color options. You can use your smartphone to set a timer for your night-light, adjust its brightness, and change notification settings.

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Phin: Phin is a smart device for your swimmingpool that lets you monitor pH, chlorine, total alkalinity, total hardness and more, using your smart phone from anywhere in the world. The company also provides premeasured chemical pods that you can put in the water to maintain the balance.

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Peeple: Peeple is a small camera that can be placed on your existing peephole or sticks on the glass of your door and connects to your home WiFi and sends notifications to you when someone knocks or opens the door. Its app is compatible with iOS or Android smart phones.

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90K Smart Lock: 90K Smart Lock lets you control it via your smartphone (iOS and Android devices). When a visitor presses the bell on the 90K Smart Lock, you get notified on your smartphone with a video call. It features a high definition camera and a microphone that allows you to communicate with your visitors. Apart from this you can even unlock your door with a fingerprint.

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Gate: Gate is a smart mailbox that learns local mail distribution patterns and notifies you when your mail arrives. Using its predictive system it gives you an expected time of arrival every day. You get notification on your phone via text, email or Twitter. Its compatible with Z-Wave home automation networks and connects to your home network to send notifications to your smartphone. Its app is compatible with iOS/Android phones and supports IFTTT. It consists of a MailBox Unit and a Home Unit.

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