Aug 7, 2015

15 Best Gadgets For Tech Savvy.

Collection of 'Best Gadgets For Tech Savvy' from all over the world.

Gnarbox: Gnarbox is a mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing your HD footage from any GoPro Hero® or DSLR camera in seconds without the need of a laptop.

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Remix Mini: Remix Mini is a compact PC that gives you an Android experience unlike anything on a PC and a PC experience unlike anything on Android. Its powered by Remix OS, comes equipped with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB.

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Wearsafe: Wearsafe is a wearable personal safety device that instantly alerts, informs and connects your most trusted network with the press of a button. When activated, an alert is sent to your contact list with your location, speed of travel, and streaming audio. It has a range of up to 200 feet and is compatible with your smartphone.

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Haz Motorized Smart Umbrella: This smart umbrella opens, closes, and retracts automatically. It connects to your smartphone using the built-in Bluetooth and sends you location reminders and also notifies you of the latest weather information.

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Piece: Piece is the future of Dual Sim technology; it's a credit card sized device that holds any GSM, EGSM, DCS, or PCS card and allows you to addon an extra number to your existing smart device via Bluetooth. Which means you can have two numbers active at the same time in a smartphone. It provides up to 150 hours stand by time and is compatible with almost all iOS devices.

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Smart Tracker 2: The Smart Tracker 2 is the improvised version of Smart Tracker; this real-time GPS tracker comes with pre-installed Sim that works worldwide (except two countries) up to 2 years, improved audio quality up to 47%, two way communication, no monthly fee and its 2GB integrated memory can store over a year of tracking on board.

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Keezel: Keezel is a portable device that gives you online privacy, lets you visit blocked websites all over the world, allows you to watch the TV shows, sports games and other programs you want but can't reach, and it secures all your devices with just one device. It requires no installation, and allows you to be part of the worldwide Keezel network, combining the best providers into the largest and most resilient VPN network.

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Power Tube: The Power Tube 3000 is a smart and portable smartphone recharger that doubles up as selfie shutter, PowerPoint slidecontroller, comes with JuiceSync App and features smart control - Find me, Track me, and Ring me.

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Bumbee Seat: The Bumbee Seat features patented adjustable RUSS (recreational utility seat system) folding leg strut design that gives it numerous uses.

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Trakkies: Trakkies is a tiny multifunctional microcomputer that's capable of telling you what you're forgetting and much, much more. It alerts you if you are about to leave something behind. You can connect anything, from keys, wallets, bags, laptops, and more. It works autonomously, forms a network of your things, requires no smartphone, and you can program your own functions into the multi-action Bluetooth button.

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Saent: Saent is a smart device and software designed that blocks out distractions and makes you more productive. Once you press the button on the device, its app locks you into apps and websites (based on a predefined list) that are productive for your work, and blocks out distractions (like social networking sites or app notifications). It optimizes your work cycle by letting you work in 30, 50 or 90 minutes blocks with breaks in between.

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Spreedbox: Spreedbox is designed for secure video conferencing, file sharing, text and video messaging. It places the control of your data into your own hands.

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Sparkblocks: Sparkblocks is an infinitely customizable modular speaker system that allows you to build your own system. The Main Block, can be used as a stationary or portable system, depending on your lifestyle. The Smart Block is an in development Linux-based module, that allows you to directly interact with their audio system and lets you directly answer calls, download apps, change songs, and get notifications. The Visualizer Block is an 8x16 bit Bi-color light audio visualizer that generates real time images based on your music. Its USB Block allows you to recharge your devices.

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Sunport: Sunport is a plug-in device that enables you to use solar energy on demand, without panels.

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Mojobox: This smart box is a solar powered recharger, features Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers, flashlight and power bank to recharge your gadgets on all your adventures.

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