Jul 14, 2015

15 Essential Travel Gadgets for You.

Collection of 'Essential Travel Gadgets for You' from all over the world to make your travel more comfortable.

Space Case 1: This smart suitcase features digital biometric lock, global tracker, digital lift-less weighing system, power bank, Bluetooth speakerphone, proximitysensor, and personal concierge that you can control through your smart phone using its planet traveler app.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 1

Baubax Jacket: This smart travel jacket comes with 15 features that include built-in neck pillow, eye mask, earphone holders, gloves, handwarming pockets and more. The jacket holds your drink, iPad, stylus, smartphone, sunglass, passport and more. And it comes in four styles.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 2

Collar Perfect: Collar Perfect is a pintsize travel iron that speeds up the ironing process through spot treatments of the garment and transforms into a full iron when you need it.
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Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 3

Tooletries: The Tooletries Bathroom Travel Case is a compact and lightweight toiletry case that features heavy-duty exterior and is designed to protect your toiletries from the rigorous traveling, and your clothes and personal items from any leakages.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 4

ShelfPack: The ShelfPack features built-in shelves that keeps your clothes and belongings organized. It comes with 4 built-in shelves and 3 outer pockets; the shelves drop into the base but are stable when taken out.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 5

Airhook: The Airhook holds your beverage and electronics while letting you enjoy additional legroom by keeping your tray table locked.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 6

SeatSnoozer: SeatSnoozer is a portable support solution that provides adjustable, vertical and lateral head and neck support. It prevents head bobbing while trying to sleep seated making it ideal for sleeping during prolonged air travel.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 7

Natsu: Natsu is a minimalist RFID blocking leather wallet that holds your cards, bills, coins, and keys. It weighs 9.5grams/0.335oz, measuring at 9cm by 6.5cm, with 0.03cm thickness when empty. You can seal it with one simple swipe.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 8

5 Water Socks: The 5 Water Socks balances comfort with breath ability and water repellency. These aren't waterproof but are good enough when it comes to low-pressures of water.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 9

Thrive Traveler Skate Luggage: The Thrive Traveler features 70mm longboard wheels and all the components are easily interchangeable and replaceable with actual skateboard parts. Its durable construction can easily take drops off curbs and fall down stairs without any issue. Its simple yet stylish while the exterior of the bag is shaped so that it would easily contour to a plane's overhead storage. The front of the bag has a padded pocket for a 17" laptop to keep it safe, while the top pocket let's you store your boarding passes, passports and smartphone. The access to the top pass-through-pocket gives you quick access to your toiletries and any other travel gear you may need while on the go.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 10

ClampHero: ClampHero is a compact device holder that holds your smartphone and ereader right in front of your eyes while traveling.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 11
PowerFold Wallet: With PowerFold Wallet you can juice up your gadgets on the move. It beautifully combines ultrasoft, extra thick genuine leather with the most energy dense power bank. It comes with built in Micro-USB and hidden iPhone 5 and 6 adapter, 2500mAh of power capable of recharging 80% of an average smart phone and 100% on most iPhones.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 12

bKey: bKey is a compact device that can be placed comfortably in your keychain and is ready to recharge your smartphone when you need it the most.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 13

Breccia: Breccia is an ultimate travel backpack that's designed for traveler's needs and takes the best aspects of a suitcase, hiking pack, and duffel bag in one carryon size backpack for all your adventures. It comes in carryon size, weatherproof construction, modular expansion, and features both front access and top loading. It comes with 40L capacity and for more capacity, you can use both Clast Daypack and side pocket attachments for an additional 15L and total pack volume of 55L.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 14

SIMPLcase: With SIMPLcase you can travel the world taking all your SIMs safely and securely. This ultra-slim iPhone 5s/5 case features onboard storage for iPhone SIM ejecttool (included) and three SIMs (nano or micro) on the inner side of the case. It also turns your bank or credit card into a stand. And if you are interested in iPhone 6 / 6 Plus SIMPLcase, then you can pre-register for it.

Essential Travel Gadgets for You (15) 15
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