May 4, 2015

15 Smart Gadgets To Find Your Lost Keys.

Collection of 'Smart Gadgets To Find Your Lost Keys' from all over the world to make it easy for you to find your keys.

TrackR Bravo: This quarter-sized device will make sure you find your misplaced keys in no time. Using its app you can quickly locate your misplaced items in seconds. Its distance indicator lets you know how far away you are from your items and find the exact location. If you can't see them (hidden under the couch), then just make it ring by a tap on your smartphone. You can use its 2-way finding capabilities to find your phone, just press the button on your TrackR, and your phone will ring. It's supported by Crowd GPS Network, which makes things a lot easy if you happen to leave behind your keys. You can track multiple items on its app and its fully customizable that means you set the app to ring a certain tone when you leave something behind. Its app is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. It has many more uses apart from keeping track of your keys, use it to find purses, iPads, and more.

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XYFindit: It is a stylish, convenient, and affordable Bluetooth Tracking tag for iPhone and Android smartphones that makes finding things easy. You can attach these tags to your keys, purse, luggage or anything that's important to you and it syncs with your smartphone and allows you to keep track of all the things. Once you activate Find-It mode, you can track any tag that is within range of your smartphone and an on-screen indicator shows you as you get closer to the tag. If you activate Keep-It mode, your smartphone will alert you if you move out of range of the tag. And in Lost-It mode, you can mark any tag as lost from your smartphone app that allows others to inform you if they happen to see the tag.

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Motorola Keylink: The Motorola Keylink connects with your Android or iOS smartphone using the Motorola Connect app and makes it easy for you to find your phone and keys. To find your phone just press a button on Keylink and your phone rings if it's up to 100 feet away. And to find your keys tab on the app or use the app to see where your keys are on a map. It keeps your Moto X (2nd gen.), Droid Turbo or a phone running Android 5.0, Lollipop unlocked when your keys are nearby.

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Duet: Duet by Protag is a smart device to have along; it measures 2.8 cm X 2.8 cm, and can be easily attached to keys. Its app will alert you when you leave your Duet behind and record its location. All you need to do is retrace your steps to that location and use its smart radar to determine if your item is within 30m (100 feet) from you. And if your phone is separated then your Duet alerts you immediately. Use the Protag Trace to track your phone's location and retrace your steps back to that location and press the button on Duet to ring your phone once it is within 30m from you. Its smart, with Wi-Fi Safe zones it knows when to alert you, and when not to, useful especially in classrooms. Apart from keys it can be easily attached to your laptop sleeve, bag and more. Its available in 5 colors, its app can track up to 10 duets, and is compatible with iOS and Android smart phone.

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StoneTether: This compact Bluetooth tracker is capable of tracking items to a range of 500 feet. Just attach this device to your gadget or anything that you want to track, and if you misplace it, then use the StoneTether app on your smartphone (iPhone and Android devices), it will show you the location and how far it's from you. Just attach the StoneTether to your kid and set the tether distance up to 500 feet; if they go beyond the set distance you get a notification immediately on your smartphone. You can either locate them or extend the tether further. You can tag your luggage, notebook or any other necessities to an event on your calendar and you will get a reminder if you move or miss anything. If your lost thing (marked as lost) comes within range of another StoneTether then you will receive a GPS update of where your item is.

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Nokia Treasure Tag: The Nokia Treasure Tag connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0. If you leave your keys behind, the tag alerts you by beeping. You can also use its app to locate you keys, with visual and audio guidance, or using location data on a map.

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GOkey: The Gokey keeps your smartphone juiced up and can also be used as a cable, store your data, remote, locate your keys and to find your phone.

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Pally Smart Finder: Pally Smart Finder comes with an effective range up to 150ft/50m, uses Bluetooth 4.0, and features a Virtual Leash function. The Virtual Leash function ties your smartphone to the keys attached to a Smart Finder and buzzes your smartphone, Smart Finder or both when the keys are moved out of range or if comes back in range. Its firmware can be upgraded to support additional features, e.g. iBeacon micro-location, remote for smartphone, home automation, office security, and more. Its app is compatibility with Android and iOS smart phone.

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GateKeeper: GateKeeper features auto-lock ability that allows sign in and out of computer just by walking away and returning. It duals as a Bluetooth location tracker along with Android and iOS apps so that you don't waste time looking for the items that always gets misplaced. It allows you to track down the items or set an alert for when items are out of range.

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Zomm Wireless Leash: Zomm Wireless Leash alerts you when your phone is more than 30 feet away from your keys (attach to a Wireless Leash). It also works as a Bluetooth speakerphone, alerts you of the incoming call, either you take call by push of the center Z-button or press the button twice to direct it to voicemail. It also functions as a personal safety device, allows you to call a preset number and plays a pre-recorded message if you are in a situation where you cannot speak and need assistance.

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Hiro: Hiro is a Bluetooth thing finder that works along with your smartphone, can be used up to 200ft away, and is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. It beeps and alerts you about its location when you press the locate on the smartphone app. And it also allows you to locate your smartphone from the unit itself.

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Elgato Smart Key: The Elgato Smart Key connects your key to your iPhone. It gives a notification whenever you leave your key behind and plays a sound to find your key.

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Click 'n Dig Key Finder: The Click 'N Dig key finder works using radio frequencies, and comes with one finder and four tags. To find your keys all you need to do is press the color-coded button on the radio transmitter and the receiver beeps to find the item up to 60 feet away.

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Cobratag: The Cobratag attaches to your keys (laptop, bag or other gadgets) and makes sure you wont loose them. The Cobratag app uses a 2-way communication and enables you to locate your keys using a smartphone.

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Hone Keychain: Hone for iPhone and iPad; never lose your keys again. If you misplace your keys use the Hone app to make it beep from up to 150 feet away.

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