May 8, 2015

15 Smart and Awesome Surfing Gadgets.

Collection of 'Smart and Awesome Surfing Gadgets' from all over the world to make your surfing more enjoyable.

Ultratide: The Ultratide by Nixon is a smart watch designed for surfers. It syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and provides you the most accurate and real time surf conditions like tide, time, wave height, swell direction, wind direction and speed, water and air temperatures directly to your wrist. It's powered by Surfline, gives you 10 data points updated in real-time and provides information for over 2700 locations. You can create customized alerts for your favorite spots, and get notification when the conditions are favorable. It automatically locates the nearest surf spot to your current location. Apart from all these you can even share your sessions with your friends.

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Sharkstopper: The Sharkstopper is lightweight, rechargeable and automatically turns on when submerged in water. All you need do is wear this device below your knee, and it emits an acoustic signal that keeps away the sharks up to 60 feet away, with a minimum protection of approximately 20 feet.

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Surfears: Surfears are designed for surfers, swimmers and other water athletes, to protect the ears without affecting hearing and balance. Said to measure close to zero acoustic loss, these keep the ears duly protected from the elements while letting so much sound through that its easy to forget you're wearing ear protection.

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Self-Inflation Vest: The Self-Inflation Vest by Patagonia is designed for big wave surfers to be worn under a wetsuit. You need to pull the cord to activate the air release, and the vest inflates quickly and lifts the athletes to the surface.

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Ripcurl Search GPS Watch: The Search GPS watch is your personal surfing logbook. The watch along with its app lets you track your wave count, speeds reached and length of rides. You can set tide date for your favorite spot or 1,360 other surf spots with our simple one-touch auto-set function. It syncs using Bluetooth with your iPhone, iPad or desktop computer. You can check out your surf and share it with friends using its app.

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ZR Hoverboard: The ZR Hoverbaord is capable of reaching 23 miles per hour while propelling the riders up to 16 feet above the water's surface.

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Rinse Kit Portable Shower: This impressive portable shower system requires no power source to generate pressure; all you need to do is fill it with water right at your home and it recharges the kit with the same water pressure you have at your home. It comes with 6 different sprays on the adjustable nozzle and weighs just 15 lbs when fully filled with water.

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Skywatch Windoo: Skywatch Windoo is a weather station for iOS and Android; it plugs into your smartphone's headphone jack and you have a functional anemometer. The Windoo series can measure wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity and pressure readings. It can track wind speeds up to 93.2 mph (150 km/h) with +/- 2 percent accuracy.

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Trace: Trace is an advanced tracker for action sports like surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.

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HD Hero2 Surf Camera: The HD Hero2 Surf Camera is a 1080p HD on-board video and still photo surfing camera. This smallest, lightest, powerful and versatile camera is wearable and board fixable, capable of taking 170° wide-angle 1080p video and 11 megapixel photos at a rate of 10 photos per second.

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Handirack: The Handirack inflatable roofrack is a cool alternative to the permanent roof racks. Keep it in your trunk and when needed install it and its ready to take your board or for that matter other things too.

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Surfboard Carrier: This clever idea makes it easy for you to take along your board. Take your board over your shoulder to your favorite surf spot and once you reach just fold it up and pack it away.

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Indoek Wax Kit: Indoek Wax Kit is a beautiful and functional case to hold your sticky bars. Its about 2.75 inches and perfect for holding most circular wax, and the comb tines are on the bottom edge and the scraper is a removable cover.

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Wheele Longboard Surfboard Bike Trailer: The Wheele Surfboard Carrier is a lightweight, versatile bike trailer that attaches to your bike's seat post. It can accommodate shorter boards about 7' 6" below and once you extend the trailer it can take up to 10 feet.

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Vaavud Wind Meter V 2.0: It plugs into your smartphone's headphone jack and allows you to measure both wind speed and direction.

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