May 6, 2015

12 Must Have Gadgets For Modern Kitchen.

Collection of "Must Have Gadgets For Modern Kitchen" from all over the world to make your kitchen smart.

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster: The Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster is a smart elegant device that roasts your coffee at the push of a button. It works with any green coffee, comes with iOS and Android compatible app that lets you adjust the recipes easily.

Must Have Gadgets For Modern Kitchen (12) 1

Neo Smart Jar: The Neo Smart Jar turns your kitchen into a smart one. All you need to do is fill up Neo with ingredients and access them from anywhere. The Neo app suggests recipes based on ingredients you already have. It uses real-time measurement to keep track of nutrition and syncs with your fitness devices. It gives you information on calories, fat, carbs, and protein. Neo keeps track of your ingredients, provides freshness alerts, works with Amazon and supports on iOS and Android smartphones.

Must Have Gadgets For Modern Kitchen (12) 2

SmartGrill: The SmartGrill by Lynx is an intelligent grill that automatically cooks food based on your preference. The grill connects to an online database to determine the optimal grilling time and technique. It also lets you know where to place each item to get the best result. Its learning module updates recipes based on your input and allows it remember the personal tastes and customize the doneness to your personal preference. You can use your smart device or voice commands to grill the perfect meal. It incorporates mobile connectivity, voice recognition, online notification and easy to use interface to bring best grilling to you. It sends notifications via audio, visual alerts, and text to mobile platforms. Its iOS/Android app has hundreds of recipes for you to choose from.

Must Have Gadgets For Modern Kitchen (12) 3

Countertop: Countertop is a smart kitchen system that shows you how to eat right and get most out of your appliances. It works with devices you already own, like your Vitamix blender, Crockpot slow cooker and fitness trackers like Jawbone's UP, and gives you delicious meal recommendations. As you prep your ingredients using Countertop, it automatically logs exactly what you are eating and lets you know how your food affects you. It also learns what you like and don't like, what ingredients you're likely to have and gets better and smarter over time, which means meal recommendations get more precise.

Must Have Gadgets For Modern Kitchen (12) 4

Smart Kitchen Assisstant: It is a voice-controlled assistant designed to assist you in the kitchen. This smart kitchen assistant lets you gain culinary knowledge in more natural and intuitive ways. It provides step-by-step instructions for recipes and explanations of methods and techniques that let you cook better. You can also request recipes by ingredients, nutritional facts, and much more. It also analyzes the composition of food in order to provide detailed nutritional information about recipes that allows you to eat better.

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Gaswatch: The smart Gaswatch is a propane tank scale with a level indicator that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. This smartphone compatible device lets you know how much propane is left in your tank so that you never unexpectedly run out of propane while grilling again. Its app is iOS and Android compatible.

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Penguin: Penguin is an organic food safety checker that checks for elements in your food in an easy and fast way.

Must Have Gadgets For Modern Kitchen (12) 7
LivBlends Smoothie Maker: The LivBlends machine is a smart, self-cleaning blender that makes great tasting smoothies in 30 seconds with zero cleanup.

Must Have Gadgets For Modern Kitchen (12) 8
Somapitcher: The Somapitcher is a refined water pitcher that features a coconut shellcarbon and a plant-based casing to give you clean water. Its filters last 40 gallons that means you can fill it every day for two months.

Must Have Gadgets For Modern Kitchen (12) 9
Mesa: Mesa is an all-in-one cooking platform that brings the chef back to the table, and lets the whole family participate in crafting a well-balanced meal. This indoor grill station features a primary griddle that can be used for general-purpose heating, along with a second customizable cooking surface that accommodates a variety of dishes.

Must Have Gadgets For Modern Kitchen (12) 10
Electronic Kitchen Scale: This electronic kitchen scale is for the cooks who want precise measurements of ingredients for the perfect cooking.

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Pizza Box Oven: The Pizza Box can cook up to a 12-inch pizza, comes with adjustable thermostat with a maximum temperature of 525 degrees Fahrenheit and a 30 minute timer.

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