May 27, 2015

15 Must Have Gadgets For Dog Owners.

Collection of 'Must Have Gadgets For Dog Owners' from all over the world.

iFetch Too: iFetch Too is an automatic ball thrower for big dogs. It can throw tennis balls up to 40 feet, perfect for indoor and outdoor play. As soon as your dog drops the ball it launches it automatically. It works fine with any dog balls as long as they are about the same size as a standard tennis ball.

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Lucky Tag: It is a colorful and cute on-collar tracker that gives you detailed insights into your pup's activity level, behavior pattern and trends over time. It is also capable of recognizing the temperature your pup is in, locates his or her whereabouts and more. You can find your dog via Lucky Tag community; once you send out a notification to the community, all Lucky Tag app owners within the network get notified and work together to locate your pup. The app lets you exchange contacts and engage conversations with other dog owners and start building new friendships.

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Modular Dog Toy: This modern puzzle treat toy from Up Dog Toys engages your dogs on multiple levels. It features a geometric design and 4 differently sized holes to hold different sized treats. It gives out treats as your dog plays with it. You can even connect multiple toys to create variation and increase difficulty.

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Dogtelligent's Connected Collar: The Connected Collar comes with health and location tracking, virtual fence and leash technology, built-in anti barking, dynamic assisted training, 2-way communication, and more. It also features built-in buzzing and an ultrasonic whistle. Using its app, which comes with pre-programmed commands like sit, stay, down, and come makes training easier. You can configure the ultrasonic whistle to automatically detect and deter excessive barking. Its Virtual Leash allows you to keep your dog safe anywhere, at any time and you get notified if your dog goes beyond the approved zone. The Connected Collar leverages Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile networks to make it easy for you to know where you dog is.

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Arden Collar: This advanced tracker features GPS and Global Iridium satellite tracking, GSM LTE backup system, Bluetooth LE, NFC, high-intensity lighting activity monitor and wellness tracking, and more.

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Foobler: Foobler is a puzzle ball toy that dishes out dog treats at set intervals. It features 6 timer pods that can be set to 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes on the switch. At the preset time pods activates, the metal bell chimes and releases the treat. Now the dog needs to rotate the ball to get the treats out of the hole. It can hold up to two cups of kibble, enough for even a large dog's daily nutritional needs.

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DogsSense: DogsSense is a smart device that lets you track your dog's health, activity, and location. It also sends you notifications if your dog goes beyond the approved zone.

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Lishinu: Lishinu is a compact and lightweight retractable leash that straps around your wrist. It's perfect for multitasking walkers and dog owners. Its auto-locking mechanism ensures your dog's safety while its overall design provides maximum ease of use.

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Hydrosurge Rapidbath For Dogs: The Hydrosurge Rapidbath combines washing and shampooing processes into one and makes bathing up to 70 percent faster while cleaning thickest coat right down to the skin.

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Beagard: Beagard is an activity tracking collar for dogs that lets you track your dog's activity and calorie intake and keep him/her healthy.

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Electronic Dog Door: This electronic door automatically opens when a dog approaches. When the ultrasonic collar worn by your dog comes within 1' to 10' from the door, it automatically opens or closes. This airtight door locks with a deadbolt ensuring a secure and weathertight barrier.

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Smart Dog Collar: This full grain leather dog collar comes with an option of NFC tag that lets you to easily store your dog's information or a tag - personalized with your dog's name and contact info. Its buckle and D-ring are machined out of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum.

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Petchatz: Petchatz allows you to connect with your dog from anywhere using your smartphone. It allows you to see it (they can see you on the video monitor), hear, speak to, provide tasty treats and soothing scent.

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Uknekt: Uknekt allows you to connect with your dog, talk to them, give them treats and give them food from anywhere. It features twin speakers, webcam, microphone that allows you to talk and take photos and videos of your dog. You can schedule it to serve any size serving as often as you want. Its water station connects to internal watertank or external main supply. It connects to Wi-Fi, and also has 3/4G capability and can work for five days without power supply.

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Dog Leash Belt: The Leash Belt features a comfortable, 2 inch wide belt strap that spreads your dog's pulling force around your waist - right at your center of gravity.

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